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Integrated Marketing - What Is It and Why Do You Need It


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- Prioritisation and alignment in this climate is the gift your team needs
- Integrated Marketing is all about getting more bang for your buck and forcing the org to get on the same page
- Learn about the power of the alignment and prioritisation matrix
- Campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single channel campaigns by 300%
- There's a trend of specialisation in marketing but this also leads to silo's

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Integrated Marketing - What Is It and Why Do You Need It

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing What is it and why do you need it?
  2. 2. & In This Together Series “Integrated Marketing - The Alignment Super Power” Ashley Stepien - VP Marketing @ Webflow Christina Koch - Director, Integrated Marketing @ Pendo Marketing Teams Webinar will be live at 4pm UK Time presents
  3. 3. & Ping questions into the chat for a Q&A at the end We love your faces but please keep them hidden for now! Feedback is the breakfast of champions! Let us know how we’re doing when the poll pops up You can catch up on demand at any time...well, from tomorrow! Housekeeping:
  4. 4. Meet your Speakers… Ashley Stepien Vice President of Marketing, Webflow Christina Koch Director of Integrated Marketing, Pendo
  5. 5. A G E N D A What is Integrated Marketing Why do you need it? How? When? 1 2 3 4
  6. 6. What is Integrated Marketing?
  7. 7. Orchestra conductor “Integrated marketing exists to eradicate the silos of traditional marketing and bring together a cohesive campaign experience.” - Hubspot "Integrated marketing is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the viewpoint of the customer." -Philip Kotler
  8. 8. Demand Sales Brand Product Integrated Marketing
  9. 9. Why?
  11. 11. Focus and organize your teams around the right priorities. INTERNALLY
  12. 12. Campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single- or dual- channel campaigns by 300%. -Gartner Research EXTERNALLY
  13. 13. How?
  14. 14. Marketing Program Effectiveness Alignment & Prioritization Campaign Framework & Instrumentation Marketing Program Effectiveness PILLAR 1 PILLAR 2
  15. 15. PILLAR 1 : Alignment + Prioritization IMPACT What would the impact of this program be on the business? How does it align with business objectives & goals? EFFORT How resource intensive is the effort to execute? (team, $, IP) LOW-HANGING FRUIT BIG BETSWASTING YOUR TIME ANKLE-BITERS HIGH HIGHLOW
  16. 16. PILLAR 2: Campaign Framework & Instrumentation Identify Core Team Build the Foundation Initiate Cross-functional Plan Launch Measure & Optimize
  17. 17. Identify Campaign Core Team Demand Sales Brand Product Integrated Marketing
  18. 18. Build the Foundation
  19. 19. Cross-functional Planning
  20. 20. Map Execution Timeline AdvertisingPR Email Promotion Virtual Event
  21. 21. Launch.
  22. 22. Measure & Optimize
  23. 23. When?
  24. 24. It is a challenge to achieve... campaign bliss with the typical disarray of the tactic treadmill. However, it’s a challenge that marketing leaders must undertake, not just for the sanity of their teams, but to deliver better outcomes for the business. - Sirius Decisions
  25. 25. PHASE 1 Mindset PHASE 2 Infrastructure
  26. 26. Real Examples
  27. 27. DIGITAL PRODUCT SOCIAL/PR SALES CONTENT CUSTOMER Planning Campaign Kick-Off Established core cross-functional team defined goals planning timeline Audience research/messaging channels identified Development Campaign & Creative Build - Promotional creative - Content - Enablement - Channel copy and plans Launch Campaign Launch -Product announcement onsite -Press Release -Solutions page -In-app promotions -email promotion -Ebook -blog post -organic social Execution -Advertising -Partner programs -Sales incentives -Customer Webinars -Community Engagement Know what to build next Product Campaign
  28. 28. SMB COVID Resources Campaign OBJECTIVE: AWARENESS We are supporting SMBs impacted by the downturn of COVID-19 by providing ● Free 3-month subscription to a Standard Ecommerce plan ● 3 free website templates ● Free or discounted access to experts in our community ● GOAL: 300 new businesses live by 5/30 3/23/20 Project Kick-Off with Stakeholders (Marketing, Product, Customer Support) -defined objectives, timelines, channels 4/3/20 Soft Launch (Part 1) -company wide enablement -microsite live -Social campaign live 4/8/20 Full Launch (Part 2) -community push -supporting education content -customer stories live -email stream launched -press release 4/20/20 Partner Launch (Part 3) -Partner co-marketing efforts -Expert stories showcase -SMB to expert matching begins 4/22/20 Customer Showcase (Part 4) -launch customer showcase on microsite -social push part 2 Quick stats (as of 5/5) ★ 34,356 unique pageviews ★ Over 4385 social engagements/shares ★ 264 applications ★ 186 businesses live DIGITAL PRODUCT SOCIAL/PR CUSTOMER SUPPORT CONTENT COMMUNITY Major Learning
  29. 29. Q & A