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Lessons in Rapid Experiments and Learning From Failure


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How comfortable is your culture with rapid experiments and failure - that's discussed in this slide deck from Bromford and Bromford Lab

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Lessons in Rapid Experiments and Learning From Failure

  1. 1. Forcing a different way of thinking Lessons in Rapid Experiments and Learning from Failure Paul Taylor , Innovation Coach, Bromford
  2. 2. What happens if we think Bigger?
  3. 3. Skunk Works- Changing Belief Conducting ‘Impossible Missions’ for over 70 years
  4. 4. Set a stretch goal Frame it with intelligent constraints Select a special team Secede from the main operation Set to work
  5. 5. Rewiring your Organisation Where to start
  6. 6. 1: Test and research 2:Pilots demonstrate customer value/improved cashflows 3:Scale up 130 roles and a transformed £3.5 million service
  7. 7. Is your organisation resisting the herd like regression to the mean?
  8. 8. Mismatch in our Organisations We still reward and promote based on results - not experimentation and deviation
  9. 9. “We must selectively forget the past. That means not accepting current practices but challenging underlying assumptions, our solutions and mindsets, and the way we tackle the problem. We need services designed as people need them – not as we have learned to do them” Bromford Design Principle 1
  10. 10. Getting rid of the old is harder than introducing the new Manage the Present Abandon ideas that inhibit innovation The future: convert breakthrough ideas The Three Box Solution: Vijay Govindarajan
  11. 11. Our Philosophy Innovation ISN’T everyone’s
  12. 12. Innovation = 5% Idea and 95% Implementation
  13. 13. Continual renewal. Provoker of change. Maker of new products and services. Problem Definition Design Test Pilot Phased Implementation Delivery Sharing the evolution of how we work
  14. 14. definition 12 weeks max Coaching Think 10x bigger prototype Test Evaluate Fail? Prepare exit resource for scale
  15. 15. To invent you have to experiment, and if you know in advance that it’s going to work, it’s not an experiment. Most large organizations embrace the idea of invention, but are not willing to suffer the string of failed experiments necessary to get there - Jeff Bezos
  16. 16. Moving to Rapid Experiments
  17. 17. What happens if? You stick Amazon Alexa in the office? You put Google Glass on customers for home viewings? You give people access to 3D Printing? You install home sensors that can track the occupancy of homes? You make video gaming available at work? You get kids to redesign communities with Minecraft? You use Whatsapp in place of email? You let your development team use drones to photograph land?
  18. 18. Building the minimum viable test to answer your biggest question Days!!! Weeks!!! Months???
  19. 19. The sharing of ideas and experiences is what moves us forward
  20. 20. The second incarnation of our Trello public dashboard
  21. 21. Weak Signals Driving Innovation Is your eye on the trends as the signals get stronger?
  22. 22. Planned obsolescence - a strategy in which the process of becoming obsolete— unfashionable or no longer usable – is planned and built into it from conception.
  23. 23. Innovation maturity Generalised Continual Localised Random Instinctive, happens at will, unfocused Happens according to business area, siloed, pockets of excellence Processes and structures (e.g Labs and accelerators) operating across functions and products Ever present assessment and evaluation of innovation efforts and culture linked to strategic objectives
  24. 24. All transformation involves change - but not all change is transformational
  25. 25. Your Challenge: Go away and ask your team to conduct a safe to fail experiment Then discuss what you learned and how you could reduce the time it took 10x
  26. 26. Thanks! Lessons in Rapid Experiments and Learning from Failure Paul Taylor , Innovation Coach, Bromford @paulbromford
  27. 27. CREDITS Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ∎ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ∎ Photographs by Unsplash