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Academic exercise: Slideshow for children to learn some vocabulary in English.

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Betty's lesson

  1. 1. By Paul © 2010 WELCOME TO BETTY’S LESSONS Click on here to follow the lesson The lesson for today is 'adjectives', but What is an adjective? Let's see my explanation on the next slide.
  2. 2. Let’s remember what an adjective is!... Just click on here An adjective is a word used to express something or someone’s characteristics. For example: This is a beautiful woman! (click here to listen) This is a fantastic guitar!
  3. 3. Remember! You use adjectives to express people’s characteristics, but also characteristics the things have My father has a very old car I like my new car Your cousin is very tall He is a very short boy CLICK ON HERE TO LISTEN!
  4. 4. In English you have adjectives and also opposites which mean the opposite thing. For example: 'Strong' and 'Weak. Click on here to listen to some sentences where we can use these adjectives. John is very strong, but Mark is quite weak.
  5. 5. Now you know what an adjective is, and understand what an opposite adjective is. Let’s learn more easy adjectives And their opposite adjectives Heavy Light Beautiful Ugly Boring Funny Now, click on here tolisten how to say each of these adjectives ADJECTIVES OPPOSITES
  6. 6. Big Small Clean Dirty Easy Hard ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 1 2 3 4 6 5 Put you cursor right on here and activate the menu, choose a marker or a pencil to write on the parentheses the correct number for each adjective. Then ask your teacher to correct your mistakes…If you have no mistakes… Well done! Now , let’s match the pictures with the correct adjecives
  7. 7. Empty Full There are many more adjectives to learn… Betty, my cup is empty, your cup is full Click on here to listen
  8. 8. LongShort That one is my pencil, and it is too longThis is Betty’s pencil. It is too short
  9. 9. Wet Dry But these other are dry These clothes are wet… Dry
  10. 10. It is too high It is too low
  11. 11. Far Close That duck is too far from me. This duck is too close to me. You also use adjectives to express someone’s or somethin’gs distance from you CLICK ON HERE
  12. 12. THAT’S ALL DEAR CHILDREN!!! Thanks a lot for your attention. I hope you have had fun with this short lesson. Remember; English is very easy to larn. Blesses. Betty