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History of fashion


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History of fashion

  2. 2. INDEX• 1920/30 -> Coco Chanel• 1940 -> Christian Dior• 1950 -> Yves Saint Laurent• 1960 -> Givenchy• 1970-> Vivienne Westwood• 1980 -> Versace• Questions
  3. 3. 1920-1930• Revolutionary times• Swimsuit for woman• No more Corset• Androgyny• The rol of women was changing• Hats• Red lipstick and eye shadow
  4. 4. COCO CHANEL• Created fashion as we know it today• Was poor -> Hat shop• Designed as a hobbie• Recomended to take of the Corset• Become Iconic with-> Black & White Tweed Jackets Pearls and Camellias 2.55 bag -> February 1995
  5. 5. 1940• Impossible to bring back the luxury• Second World War :Main influence• Poverty• Creativity in Hairstyle, Gloves…• High Quality material for high society• The states decided to create its own fashion
  6. 6. CHRISTIAN DIOR• 1946• Marcel Boussac• 20 years• Created the new look• Return of the luxury
  7. 7. 1950• flight skirt with a very tight belt• floral patterns• diamonds• velvet and strapless dresses• palette with predominance of pastels and neutral colours• Marilyn Monroe -> Curves-> special swimwear
  8. 8. YSL• 3rd in a design contest• surprised the editor of Vogue• With 18->started working at Dior• Created his brand years later -> Smoking for women -> Prêt a porter collections
  9. 9. 1960• Shorter Dresses• Ponytail• Long dresses for the night• No more curves• Audrey Hepburn• Twiggy
  10. 10. GIVENCHY• 1953• Become famous in the 60’s• Breackfast at Tiffany’s• Ricardo Tisci
  11. 11. 1970• two main fluents• Bellbottons• platform shoes• crearion of the punk• main colour was the black• T-shirts had aggresive messages
  12. 12. VIVIENNE WESTWOOD• British• principal responsable asociated to the punk and new wave• local shop called ‘’let it rock’’• reivindicative signs
  13. 13. 1980• decade of ostentation• jacket and puckered skirts• jackets with shoulder pads• Lycra tight skirts• influence of movies• Madonna
  14. 14. VERSACE• Gianni Versace 1978• Murdered -> Donatella Versace• Versace look• 1990-> The pattern
  15. 15. SUMMARY• Coco Chanel took of the corset• 1940 was influenced by the war• 1950 was the return of luxury• 1960 no more curves• 1970 creation of the punk• 1980 influnce of movies and music in fashion
  16. 16. QUESTIONS1.In which decade women showed power?a)1930b)1990c)20102.Which designer started in 1946?a)Yves Saint Laurentb)Gianni Versacec)Christian Dior
  17. 17. 3. Wich women is a fashion icon of the 1960’s?a)Audrey Hepburnb)Marilyn Monroec)Yoko Ono4.Who was the creator of the punk?a)Molly Sodab)Courtney Lovec)Vivienne Westwood