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DIVE+: Explorative Search for Digital Humanities

DIVE+ is an event-centric linked data digital collection browser aimed to provide an integrated and interactive access to multimedia objects from various heterogeneous online collections. It enriches the structured metadata of online collections with linked open data vocabularies with focus on events, people, locations and concepts that are depicted or associated with particular collection objects. DIVE+ is result of a true inter-disciplinary collaboration between computer scientists, humanities scholars, cultural heritage professionals and interaction designers. The tool allows humanities scholars to explore unexpected relations between entities and media objects and to construct and share navigation paths to develop research narratives.

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DIVE+: Explorative Search for Digital Humanities

  1. 1. DIVE+ INTO THE EVENT-ENRICHED LINKED OPEN CULTURAL HERITAGE @johanoomen #lodlam2017 Venice, June 28 2017
  2. 2. how can we describe heritage data better?
  3. 3. machine computation can do a lot
  4. 4. recognise objects & concepts
  5. 5. unlock rich semantics from their metadata
  6. 6. link similar heritage objects
  7. 7. all this will make cultural heritage search better
  8. 8. but we need more …
  9. 9. SEARCH vs. EXPLORATION / helps only when you know what to search for / assumes you understand a topic / accuracy driven / click-through driven / helps when you don’t know what to search for / helps you understand & deepen in a topic / serendipity driven / focused on engagement
  10. 10. Access to Integrated Online Multimedia collections using Linked Open Data to integrate metadata of various heritage collections Interactive Exploration & Discovery in Context linking objects to events and entities building automatic storylines (narratives) DIVE+
  11. 11. • Digital Hermeneutics: 3 user studies with historians • Narratives: 3 user studies with historians • Infinite User Interface: 6 user studies – second prize Semantic Web Challenge (2014) • testing of the LOD usefulness enriched with events • provision of cultural heritage data to lay people, professionals and scholars Towards DIVE+: user studies
  12. 12. OPENIMAGES.EU 3,220 news broadcasts Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision GTAA thesaurus DELPHER.NL 197,199 Scans of Radio bulletins 1937 – 1984 AMSTERDAM MUSEUM 73,447 cultural heritage objects AM Thesaurus TROPENMUSEUM 78,270 cultural heritage objects SVNC thesaurus Collections and Vocabularies
  14. 14. Crowdsourcing for Events in Texts & Videos
  15. 15. DIVE:MediaObject Nieuws uit Indonesië: opheffing van het KNIL dive:depictedBy sem:hasTimestamp sem:Event ANP:1950-08-11:50 dive:isRelatedTo dive:relatedPlace sem:hasPlace dive:isRelatedTo dive:relatedActor sem:hasActor dive:isRelatedTo dive:relatedPlace sem:hasPlace sem:Time 25 Juli 1950 dive:depictedBy sem:hasTimestamp DIVE:MediaObject Mannen bij het huis van Paul Spies aan de Parapattan 42, Djakarta dive:depictedBy dive:depictedBy dive:depictedBy DIVE:MediaObject ANP:1950-08-11:50 DIVE:MediaObject Schaal sem:Time 11 Augustus 1950 sem:Event ontbindingsceremonie sem:Place Djakarta sem:Place Indonesië sem:Actor Mohammad Hatta Integration of Heterogeneous Collections
  16. 16. 4 Collections, 3 Thesauri 274,831 Media Objects 199,264 Events 439,158 Event-Actor relations 219,669 Event-Place relations … 15 Million+ RDF Triples In DIVE+ triple Store
  17. 17. DIVE+ UI: INFINITY OF EXPLORATION / Support exploration and serendipity / / Visual inspection of media objects and entities / / Lets user build, save and share storylines/
  18. 18. filters results ordering
  19. 19. filter on media objects order media objects by date
  20. 20. filter on events
  21. 21. explore event related entities
  22. 22. explore event event related entities
  23. 23. place entity exploration
  24. 24. narrative
  25. 25. bookmarking
  26. 26. / makes heterogeneous cultural heritage material available as linked open data / showcases various data enrichment strategies to construct explorable knowledge graphs / features innovative UI for deep exploration by DH experts DIVE+ / is based on extensive user studies with various users / has impact through the national research infrastructure CLARIAH and relations to DH initiatives and media professionals
  27. 27. / / / DIVE+