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Global planned success in marketing communications and public relations.

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Paula Menna Barreto Hall

  1. 1. Paula Menna Barreto Hall Global planned success in marketing communications and public relations
  2. 2. Paula Menna Barreto Hall Seasoned communications professional. Successfully and proactively developing integrated strategies for organizations, governments, multinational corporations and financial institutions. 9/2/2013 2
  3. 3. Paula Hall – Walt Disney World International Marketing Manager Leading consumer Media/Public Relations efforts in Brazil, also develops communications plans and executes broadcast productions and promotional tactics for Disney Destinations in Latin American markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. 9/2/2013 3
  4. 4. Paula Hall – Walt Disney World 9/2/2013 4
  5. 5. Paula Hall – HMA Public Relations 9/2/2013 5 Communications and Public Relations Proposal AVerMedia Technologies in Sao Paulo and Mexico City HMA Public Relations is glad to present this proposal to define the services to be provided by the agency in order to support AverMedia’s efforts to expand business and bring public and media awareness of its educational products in both Sao Paulo and Mexico City. HMA Public Relations have a team already in place that is excited about the possibility of supporting AverMedia reach its communications goals. The team includes HMA Public Relations in Phoenix, Guerra Castellanos & Asociados in Mexico City and S2 Comunicacao Integrada in Sao Paulo. Each firm is a member of the Public Relations Global Network. It is HMA’s desire to make AverMedia’s efforts in Mexico and Brazil as seamless as possible and to provide one-stop shopping. SCOPE OF WORK Translation to Portuguese and Spanish of AverMedia’s contents Market research in order to identify and select potential education institutions Institutional relations to introduce AverMedia product to selected education institutions Generate case studies from the experience of such education institutions Disseminate news releases Organize field visits to journalists Identify specific education and technology media Produce articles about education technology products Identify opportunities to generate business awards to AverMedia
  6. 6. Paula Hall – US–Asia Expo Arizona 9/2/2013 6 by Max Jarman - Sept. 18, 2009 The Arizona Republic Entrepreneurs, business owners and investors from India, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore visited Phoenix this week to learn about business opportunities in the Valley and around Arizona. The US-Asia Expo at the Camelback Inn on Thursday and Friday followed on the heels of the U.S.-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum that two weeks ago drew a delegation of 200 business leaders from China to Phoenix. The forum resulted in $13 billion in tentative deals with companies in Arizona and other Western states. One of those was an agreement with Tempe's First Solar Inc. to build a 2,000-megawatt solar power plant in Ordos City in Inner Mongolia valued at about $6 billion. Xinyuan Zhu, president of Renhe New Technology Co. in Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, was a member of the Chinese delegation that came in August and stayed on to attend the US-Asia Expo and learn more about energy opportunities in Arizona. "I am very impressed with the solar-energy technology, and I see opportunities to invest," she said. "I would like to see more collaboration between U.S. and Chinese companies." Vijay Kapoor, president of Chandler software developer TCC247 and an Expo organizer, called the event a success, noting that the Internet creates opportunities for large and small companies to do business in Asia. Donald Cardon, director of the Arizona Department of Commerce, said that growing markets in China and India are key sources of new capital for the state's economic expansion. China is Arizona's third-largest trading partner behind Mexico and Canada, purchasing $1.2 billion worth of electrical machinery, aerospace products, optics and cotton in 2008. Arizona companies' strengths in aviation and aerospace technology, biotechnology, renewable energy and environmental protection make the state an attractive trading partner for Asian companies, Cardon said. Arizona Republic
  7. 7. 9/2/2013 7 Paula Hall – FSB Communications FSB
  8. 8. 9/2/2013 8 On an interview to a national newspaper, the President of Philips in Brazil compared the country to one of its smallest's states, saying that if it were to disappear nobody would notice it. What is was initially a negative press it became an opportunity to discuss the advances and importance of the region. Paula Hall – FSB Communications Results: during that week the metrics about Piaui state increased 90%. An equivalent return of investment of millions, if the state were to pay for placed advertisement. The case almost cost the President of Philips his job, and he had to make a public apology on national television and newspapers.
  9. 9. 9/2/2013 9 Paula Hall – FSB Communications
  10. 10. Multimedia Presidential correspondent, travelled internationally with the President of Brazil • National reporter and editor. Coordinated 22 reporters and 15 interns, meeting urgent deadlines, multi-tasking, prioritizing and scheduling. 9/2/2013 Paula Hall – Public News Agency
  11. 11. Paula Hall – Public News Agency 9/2/2013 11 Brazil Wants an Easier Way to Send Money One of the proposals of the Brazilian government, in New York, at a meeting attended by over 58 heads of state is to give special treatment to money sent by immigrants. The group formed by Chile, Spain, and Franceand led by Brazil wants the developed countries to adopt measures making it easier for foreign workers to have inexpensive access to financial institutions. The group formed by Chile, Spain, and France and led by Brazil wants the developed countries to adopt measures making it easier for foreign workers to have inexpensive access to financial institutions The idea is for immigrants not to have to pay a lot in taxes when remitting funds to their home countries. "This money is normally used for basic expenses, such as food and housing, and therefore constitutes a secure, alternative source of funds for developing countries," states the report delivered at the UN meeting. According to data from Brazil's Ministry of Foreign Relations, there are currentlyover two million Brazilians living abroad, equivalent to more than 1% of the country's population. Figures from the Central Bank show that approximately US$ 2.6 billion are transferred to Brazil every year. For Maria Sargento, a Brazilian who has been living in the United States for six years, the money she sends to Brazil has the character of an investment. "I always send money to buy an apartment or a house," she says. On the other hand, for Antônio Carlos Almeida, who is 38 and has lived inthe state of Connecticut for 15 years, the money he transfers to Brazil serves the family. "I have to help my parents and brothers and sisters," he points out. Agência Brasil Reporter: Paula Menna Barreto
  12. 12. Paula Hall – New York and Washington D.C. 9/2/2013 12 NY – 2004 television interview: Mary Findley on elections; Bush and Kerry. White House, Washington D.C.
  13. 13. Paula Hall – Public News Agency 9/2/2013 13 England and France voice support for Brazilian Security Council seat 23/09/2004 21:11 New York - During a speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday, British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, said that Brazil should be a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Straw went on to say that the council should be reformed, with membership expanded from the present 15 members to 24. Among the new members, said Straw, should be Brazil, Germany, Japan and India. This is the first time an official of the British government expresses support for a Brazilian seat on the council. In his remarks, Straw said the council continues to reflect the world after World War II and that important nations such as Japanand Germany should now be allowed to join the council because of their economic importance. India, he said, should be on the council because it has one-sixth of the world's population. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Relations reports that France hasalso publicly come out in support of a permanent seat for Brazil. On Tuesday, Japan, Germany, Brazil and India joined together to form the G-4 and mutually support each other in the quest for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Agência Brasil Reporter: Paula Menna Barreto 09/24/2004
  14. 14. Paula Hall - Volunteer 9/2/2013 14 Paula, I am so excited that you will have a group here to record on the 14th and that we will be airing on the 18th to promote Brazilian Day! We would prefer to have just one spokesperson and one performing Capoeira group (no more than 10 performers). If they have drummers that they dance/fight to that is fine or they can dance/fight to a CD whichever they are used to using. We will not have time or space to accommodate dancers, bands etc if we are doing the Capoeira performance which is my top pick. We will need all of the dancers/fighters here ready to record two performances at 10am (if they need time to rehearse they can arrive at 9:45 but must be mindful that there are other tapings going on for news and must adhere to the instructions of the staff on when and where they can practice and play music). I will need the name and title (and pronunciation)of the 1 spokesperson: I will need the names of all of the performers (no more than 10): I will need 3 suggested questions about the event: I will need event details to be put on a graphic: Who, What, When, Where: I will need a phone number and/or websitethat people can go to for more information about the event: I will need all of this information by noon on September 7. I am really excited about this… it will be fabulous! Please call or email me if you have any questions.Thanks! Danielle Baker Producer - Arizona Midday KPNX Channel 12 1101 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 523-3190
  15. 15. Paula Hall – US Elections Covering elections in Arizona 9/2/2013 15 2008 – Obama Campaign Headquarters' in Phoenix
  16. 16. Paula Hall – Volunteer 9/2/2013 16 GOOD MORNING ARIZONA 5555 N. 7 th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. 85013 (We’re on the East side of 7 th Avenue, North of Missouri, between Bethany Home & Camelback… look for the 3TV/CW 6 sign) News Desk: 602-207-3443 Segment: Air Date: Arrival time: Segment Time: This Guest Segment Form should be completed and sent to or faxed to 602-207-3237. Name(s) of Speaking Guest(s) Miguel Ivery – DJ Seduce Media/PR Contact - Paula Hall – 480-335-2313 INFO YOU WOULD LIKE ON OUR AZFAMILY.COM WEBSITE & HOTLINE (Example: name, business address, phone, website, upcoming events, etc.) Brazilian Day Arizona September 18 th , Saturday – at Club 910 Live – 910 N. McClintock, Tempe, Arizona Topic of Segment: Brazilian Day Arizona 1st Brazilian Day Arizona, a night of astonishing performances showcasing exhilarating spirited percussion and vocals in a display that is a breathless vibrant swirl of motion and music, celebratingthe essence of the Brazilian people and culture right here in the Valley of the Sun! Main Talking Points of Segment: Brazilian Community in Arizona Music performances Capoeira performance Dancers Brazilian Cuisine Questions You Would Like The Host ToAsk: a) Why Brazilian Day in Arizona? b) Who’s behind the organization of the event and what’s planned for the evening of September 18th? c) So people coming out to Brazilian Day Arizona can expect to have a great time? Visuals/Props you will be bringing or would suggest that we supply: (Example: file video, full screen graphics, etc.) We’ll bring Capoeira performers for a live performance– we do not have video files as this is the first event of its kind in Arizona. Thank you for being a part ofFOX 10 Arizona Morning. In order to make your appearance on the show smooth, please fill out the sheet belowwhere applicable and return no later than 48 hours before your scheduled segment(s). Segment name: Brazilian Day Arizona Date: 9/15/2010 – 10:30 a.m. Contact info: (please include a cell phone number we can reach you in the event of breaking news) Paula Hall - 480-335-2313 Address of segment: (cross streets,parking and any special instructions, locations, which floor etc... note: for live segments the truck must be right next to the building or event) Club 910 Live- 910 N. McClintock, Tempe, Arizona How far is the cabling?(note: we can cable up to about 600ft from our live truck)good – recommend to park on the back of the parking lot, side gate. Segment Content:Brazilian Day Arizona– Music band playing, Capoeira performers dancing, food court, dancers, art and etc. Interview spokesperson Miguel Ivery– DJ Seduce a) Why Brazilian Day in Arizona? b) Who’s behind the organization of the event and what’s planned for the evening of September 18th? c) So people coming out to Brazilian Day Arizona can expect to have a great time? Speaker(s): Miguel Ivery – DJ Seduce How many people demonstrating?Between 15 and 20 people– music band, Capoeira performers, dancers, food court, drinks and etc. Number of kids/adults, animals?All adults Website and/or viewer contact info: For in-studio guests please arrive 45 minutes prior to the segment. Our address is 511 W. Adams Phoenix, 85003. Please enter off of Washington Avenue between 5 th and 6 th Avenue. Let the guard know you are here for the morning show. Local Name, National Acclaim Project for the Arizona Centennial Hey Team – I’ve just met with Karen Churchard to get clearer on her vision for the project that we’ve all volunteered to work on. I want to first check in with all of you to introduce myself as the project lead and to let you know what the next step will be. Karen wants to include businesswoman Kimber Lanning in our first meeting, so she’s working on getting some dates when Kimber would be available for a happy hour where we can all get acquainted and share ideas. That doesn’t mean we have to wait. I’m sure you’ve all come up with local names/national acclaim candidates already, so keep building your lists and start researching if you haven’t already. Karen believes our target audiences for these stories will be school kids and people who have moved to Arizona from elsewhere (most of us, I imagine). When we meet we can talk about various delivery methods, including social media, video, wall posters, web postings, etc. We aren’t limited at all, so we can cite people, places and things that fit the category. I look forward to meeting all of you and to pooling our talents to deliver great results-- and to have fun doing it. Cheers! Jan Miller VP, Corporate Communications Avnet, Inc. 480-643-7642
  17. 17. 9/2/2013 17 Paula Hall – 12 News Arizona 2011 - KPNX 6pm newscast