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Assignment 17 draft 2 part 1


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Assignment 17 draft 2 part 1

  1. 1. Psychological Thriller Opening Sequence Assignment 16: Group Presentation (Draft 2 Final Part A Draft) Group work is GreyPaula D Mickella S Cerise CRed Green Blue
  2. 2. Part B Part B (Paula) 1st Idea For Opening Sequence • Starts with the mother of the main character having a go at her, asking what • WWW does she plan to do with her future. • It was a good concept and we had a ideal plan • Girl storms to her room and writes in her of how it was going to be filmed. diary all the anger, depression and loneliness she is experiencing and breaks • But we resulted in not using this idea for the down. opening sequence. • She phones her friend to tell her she needs someone to talk to as she is feeling very • EBI down, However she has a argument with her friend and her friend tells her to just • This was a good idea but it didn’t quite match leave her alone. our genre. • She runs home and as she steps out in the • It was more of a drama sequence, but it could road she gets knocked over. have been better if we had more of a “psychological” concept • Introduce the film title at the end of opening sequence to let the audience calm down after seeing the accident.
  3. 3. Part B (Mickella) 2nd Idea For Opening Sequence • Starts off with main character on her way to WWW school. There is a lot of suspense and mystery which are conventions of psychological thrillers. • She arrives at the school and sees her best The storyline was very interesting and it would have friend they have a conversation together kept the audience entertained and everything seems normal. • A car drives up in slow motion towards them and the scene turns black and white. EBI It would have been better if there was more action, • Then the car purposely runs over the main it was almost too basic. character and drives off. Because of how this opening sequence is set it would have been a low grade because it wouldn’t have had a range of shots. • The best friend starts smiling at laughing and the scene ends.
  4. 4. Part B (Cerise) 3nd Idea For Opening Sequence • Girl is working on her laptop in WWW her house alone Good concept of the genre, it also has • She receives a letter through the elements of making the eerie and letter box • The letter contains little bits of EBI paper that spell out “Knock Knock” • Then gets a knock on the door but when she goes to open no one is there • She Opens the door And Finds A Creepy Doll Sitting On Her Doorstep
  5. 5. Part C Chosen Genre :Psychological Thriller WHY ? • WHAT ?• We choose this genre Mind because its doesn’t Games Psychological thriller is a sub genre of only make the Thriller it often involves the elements of audience jump like mystery, suspense with a few mind other thrillers it has a games sense of mystery that the human mind needs to solve. Mickella Swaby 5
  6. 6. Examples Of Some Psychological ThrillersPart C Mickella Swaby 6
  7. 7. Conventions Of A Psychological ThrillerPart C Tension Mystery Suspense Secrets Violence Conflict Mickella Swaby 7
  8. 8. Part C Psychological Thriller They Are A Sub-Genre of Horror And Thrillers Psychological – Elements that are related to the mind or processes of the mind Thriller- A book, film or play showing crime, mystery, or espionage in an atmosphere of excitement and suspense. Devices and Techniques; Stream of consciousness First-person narrative Back-story
  9. 9. Part D Our Inspirations
  10. 10. Films we got inspired by and why (FunnyPart D Games) A range of shots theyI like the concept of used wouldplaying games to make suit with ourprotagonists feel sequence.threatened in their ownhome.Mentally and physically It relates to our openingtorturing the innocent for sequence because it allpleasure. happens in the comfort of Psychological thrillers don’t somebody’s home. always end in harmony.
  11. 11. Part D Funny Games (Print Screens) Protagonists – Vulnerable family moving into a new house. Mum, Dad and Son (Nuclear Family) Hostile scared behaviour (close up shot) showing emotion of fear or disturbed Antagonists – Unknown neighbours, young men who want to have fun. Possibly looking for trouble I liked the characterisation between 2 groups. So you know who the “baddies” are.