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Design Thinking as new strategic tool


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Design Thinking as new strategic tool. Presentation made to spark the discussion about innovation & inspiration and new business opportunities. And how to introduce Design Thinking as a strategic tool in your company.

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Design Thinking as new strategic tool

  1. 1. Design Thinking as new strategic toolPresentatie Bloei Creative Innovation, 28 februari 2012
  2. 2. !Paula BuitStrateeg
  3. 3. Automotive: Renault, Dacia. Finance: Rabobank, ING, Eureko, BNP Paribas. FMCG: Arla, Pepsi, Mars, Snickers, Sheba, Oral-B, Vicks, Garnier, Plenty, Edet, Tempo, Malibu. Non-profit: Waterschap, Medair, Nederlandse Hartstichting, Oxfam Novib, Stivoro, Maison de la France. Overheid: Ministerie van Verkeer & Waterstaat, KoninklijkeEneco Shell Landmacht. Pharma: Sanofi Aventis, Wyeth / Pfizer, Servier. Zakelijke dienstverlening: Shell, Schiphol, Eneco, Orange, Hewlett Packard, Centric.
  4. 4. We’re in the game of influencing and shaping behavior
  5. 5. Insights from Designing for innovation Thinking about new meanings Designing for decision making people could love ⤶ Art of persuasion ⤶
  6. 6. Behavioral change by design thinking • Think about new meanings people could love • Think of creative ways to improve human lives. • Think about persuading people to act in a certain way
  7. 7. Let’s give an exampleThink about new meanings people could love
  8. 8. Let’s give an exampleThink about creative ways to improve human lives
  9. 9. Let’s give an exampleThink about persuading people to act in a certain way
  10. 10.
  11. 11. # What’s design thinking?
  12. 12. Design based on a craft
  13. 13. The intrinsically human nature of “Part of my job is to move [a goodWhen design is stripped from design thinking points to the next idea] around, just see whatforming, shaping and styling, here step: we can use our empathy and different people think, get peopleis a process of critical thinking and understanding of people to design talking about it, argue with peoplecreative solving at the very core of experiences that create about it, get ideas moving amongthe opportunities for active that group of 100 people... get engagement and participation.” different people together to Tim Brown, IDEO explore different aspects of it....” Steve Jobs, Apple
  14. 14. • design thinking is bottom-up strategy: you start with a broad viewpoint and a profound understanding of human behaviour to craft and shape opportunities, ideas and solutions. You derive your strategy from this understanding• design thinking is a dynamic process, and less about steps• design thinking is gaining insights through rapid prototyping• design thinking seeks to find (new) meaning of things, create new stories• design thinking is making complicated things simple• design thinking is agile strategy: deepening the strategy often emerges after prototyping.
  15. 15. # It all starts withprofound understanding ofhuman behaviour
  16. 16. Little fly, Schiphol Amsterdam Airportimage DavidZerlin -
  17. 17. Nudge.You can change your behaviour by making a choice. But the choicewe make sometimes depends on the way a problem presented.People are lazy, don’t really want to get to the bottom of things. Thatis why understanding of choice architecture and nudges will lead tocreative ways to improve human lives (with respect to freedom ofchoice).
  18. 18. People are most likely to need nudges for decisions that aredifficult, complex and infrequent and when they have poorfeedback and few opportunities for learning
  19. 19. !
  20. 20. “Market? What Market!We do not look at market needs.We make proposals to people”Ernesto Gismondi, Chairman, Artemide “It isn’t the consumers job to know what they want” Steve Jobs, Apple
  21. 21. Design-driven innovationInnovation strategies1. Quantum leaps in productperformance enabled by radical Technology pushbreakthrough technologies2. Improved product solutions Design-drivenenabled by better analysis of incrementalusers’ needs Market pull (user-centered)3. Design-driven innovation:Radical innovation of meaning adaptation new meanings(values, function)
  22. 22. Understanding user needs Interpreter Organisation User Organisation Person Current context of use Envisioned context of life User-centered design Design-driven innovation Model by Roberto Verganti
  23. 23. What other companies in other industries are targeting the samepeople in the same life context?And can help me to envision how people could give meaning tothings.Why? To understand people’s unmet aspirations, make somethingpeople could love.
  24. 24. Bicycle industry - How do people relax?Sportswear, portable music players, music producers, street food,wireless services, tourist services, outdoor experiences, magazines /media, universities, design schools, supplier of raw materials.Food industry - How do people live in their kitchens?Winemaker, professor designing restaurants, entrepreneur cateringservices, sociologist, president slow food, food critic, supplierkitchen utensils etc.
  25. 25. Alessi
  26. 26. So... be courageousThe biggest obstacle to changeis not your competition,it’s the way you currently do things
  27. 27. Thanks!Paula Buit | Merkstrateeg met focus op slimme encreatieve oplossingen voor marketingcommunicatie % Service%Design%is%new%and%exci>ng,%explore%and%help%define%it%here:%www.PaulaBuit.nlMail: