1960S Batman TV Sequence , Season 3 Thoughts...Component 1


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1960S Batman TV Sequence , Season 3 Thoughts...Component 1

  1. 1. 1960S Batman TV Sequence , Season 3 Thoughts...Component 1Im going over season 3 of The batman 1960s tv show. The 1960s William Dozier Batman show wasreally my first exposure to Batgirl, before your woman appeared on the Animated series and batman& robin Movie in the 90s.Adam West: Bruce Wayne/BatmanBurt Ward: Dick Grayson/RobinYvone Craig: Barbra Gordon/ BatgirlNote: Only for the first 13 episodes of season 3• Batmobile• Bat Helicopter• Bat sleep spray• Listening Bug• Bat shield• Bat Computer• Bat Shark Repellant• Recollection cycle Batrestorer• Batmobile Bat Tracker• Anti mechanical Batray• Bat File• African Death Bee antidote• Pipe of fog , Bat Reverser• Wrist watch alarmBatgirl• Batgirl Cycle• Anti-eavesdrop device (telephones )Enter Batgirl, leave Penguin:Penguins scheme this episode is to force Barbra Gordon, the Gotham town Librarian, to Marry him orher. Thinking that hell be able to exploit his wife-to-bes connection to police Commissioner Gordon,so that GCPD can no longer lock him up. After getting Barbra, hes his goons grab the priest, howeverAlfred takes his location instead. Barbra frees himself and runs away to wear the Batgirl costume andso Batman, robin , and Batgirl team up as well as fight it out. The Penguin attracts Batman as well asRobin away guard as well as takes these phones his hideout. Thankfully Batgirl arrives to keep thePenguin and his henchmen busy long enough for the softball bat and the boy Wonder to get free andprevent the Penguin.
  2. 2. • Alfred very easily figures out that batgirl is really and becomes the secret liason between batman , Robin, as well as Batgirl.• Batgirl retains on tugging the "batman " disappearing act on the powerful duo.• During fights Batgirl doesnt throw any kind of punches, rather only utilizing kicks• Batman, Robin as well as Alfred obtain thrown out the window , and on to a truck.• When saving batman and robin , Batgirl apparently smashes with the door, just like the kool-aid guy.Ring round the Riddler:The Riddler plans to take over the Professional boxing scene, beginning with Gotham town. Hepresents as a foreign boxer that leads up to an actual boxing complement between The Riddler andbatman. All it took was calling batman a coward over the Gotham City radio waves. What Batmandoesnt know would be that the riddler setup a Super magnetic under the diamond ring , oncedispersed with metal filings, Batmans feet are stuck in position. Batgirl will save the day again bytaking the super magnetic out of perform , and batman does his thing in the ring.• Bruce david is part from the Gotham town Boxing commissionWail associated with the SirenA female villain with the ability to location men below her manage. The first guy she will go after isactually Commissioner Gordon. All in the hopes of finding the location of the Batcave. She has him orher setup a gathering with batman and robin , but when Gordon doesnt show, the duo head for home, for a quick break. Gordon, still underneath the Sirens mean , climbs from the Batmobile trunk , butAlfred is there utilizes Bat resting Spray to knock Gordon out. The Siren moves onto her next target ,Bruce david. We see that the Sirens capability works over the telephone as well. Because sheincreases control more than Bruce david , Getting him or her to indication over his wealth to her.RObin and Batgirl team up to save Bruce david and battle the Sirens men on the rooftop from theWayne foundation building.• Be careful when watching this episode. The sirens wail is a bit uncomfortable. A high-pitched , long tone• Robin punches Bruce david , knocking him or her off his feet.• We find out the softball bat Computer fails when digesting information about "great Guys"• Listening bug is used on this episode.
  3. 3. The sport of PenguinsThe Penguin has returned in Gotham City. He pays a trip to the library , to take the Folio associatedwith Parasols. Unlucky for him or her , Barbra Gordon is there stops him through taking the item hecame for. He leaves the ticking umbrella. Batman arrives to take care of it.The duo use the softballbat computer to figure out where to go next. Alfred informs Barbra Gordon about the brand newinformation. Batman & robin find the Penguin at a glue factory, the fight break out and Batgirl showsup to help. The Penguin escapes because of a blade edge upon his umbrella. Before the Penguinleaves the scene, he applies glue to the Batmobile seats. Penguin goes back towards the Library aswell as takes the Parasols book.• The softball bat shield is actually used• The Bat pc seems to have speech recognition technology• Horses used for Glue?A Horse of another ColorPicking up right in which the Sport associated with Penguins remaining off Gordon, OHara and theDynamic duo try to stop the Penguin, but he gets aside by using his umbrella. The Penguin, back athis bookshop, reveals his strategy. He wants to make big money from bets on the horse race."batman " buys back the Folio for $10,000. Giving Penguin his betting cash. Penguin plots revengeupon Barbra Gordon, by sending her the Gas shelling out Penguin statue. Knocks away her co-worker instead. Batman comes up having a plan for the upcoming competition. Have richard Graysonas well as Batgirl end up being horse jockeys. They competition against the Penguin and earn. Afterthe competition , Batgirl chases down the Penguin as well as fights his goons. The Dynamic duoarrive, as well as Batgirl slips away.• Bruce david is Chairman of the Librarys Board associated with DirectorsUnkindest Tut of allTut "foretells" offences on his TV shows. The duo arrive to prevent one of these offences , during thebattle , a man locations a tracking device on the Batmobile. Then the Duo drive to the batcave,allowing Tut to learn the location of the Batcave and the true identification of batman. The press showup and with the help of a Bat-dummy, get out of it. Tut goes to the library to take some scrolls.Batman save the librarian whilst Batgirl finds Tut. The Dynamic duo arrive to save Batgirl. We surefind it odd whenever Batman requires Batgirl on a date.• We observe Bruce as well as Barbra on a date• Batman stooge is used.• Pocket lip syncroniser• Batmobile has an auto drive system.
  4. 4. • Batman teaches robin a training while a female next to them needed their own help• Batman is a deputized crime-fighter on this TV showLouie the LilacScheme: Louie attempts to part the blossom market as well as control the youth with the "Flowerenergy " movement. He gains charge of an influential blossom power youth leader, that happens tobe a friend of Barbra Gordon. The Duo are led to the flower shop and rapidly captured. The Lilacsends a man to deal with Ms Gordon. Batgirl scares off Louies man out the apartment. Alfred letsBarbra knows where you can look for batman and robin. The duo free on their own and a battle sceneensues. Batgirl makes a quick look.• Barbra utilizes the red-colored phone in her own fathers office to phone Batman• A Brazilian guy Eating Lilac is the peril of the episodeMy preferred lines in the episode:Batman: Go Back outdoors and calm the blossom childrenRobin:theyll mob meBatman:GroovySurfs Up Jokers DownTheres trouble in Gothams browse Point and the Crown knight in shining armor of crime is at therear of it. Joker catches a well known local browsing champion by utilizing his knockout gas. Utilizinga machine, the Joker exchanges the browsing ability as well as "youth" to himself. Following Batmanas well as Robin, discover the surfer, batman challenges the joker to some surfing competition. Whilebrowsing , a shark approaches batman , so he pulls out the Bat Shark Repellant squirt and sends theshark away. Occurrence ends in a fight between your Bat group and the Joker inside the nearbySurfing hangout the "hang Five"• Batman utilizes the softball bat Shark Repellant during the competition with the Joker• Batman wears surfing trunks over his bat match.• Robin and Batgirl exit from the changing areas at the same time.• Bruce david is leader of the Gotham Point browsing Association• Bat Helicopter is actually usedBilly May, lyrics by Willy Mack
  5. 5. Batgirl BatgirlBatgirl BatgirlWhere would you come from? exactly where do you proceed ?What is your picture ? baby, we just got to knowBatgril BatgirlBatgirl BatgirlAre a chick that fell in from outer space ?Or are you real with a tender warm accept ?Yeah, Whose baby are you?Batgirl BatgirlBatgirl BatgirlYeah, in whose baby have you been ?BatgirlCosta Rica surf