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Tu Delft Open Business Models


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Made With Creative Commons webinar as part of TU Delft open business models event for the TU Delft Open & Online Education program. Focus on sustainable business models for decision makers and directors. This presentation followed one given by Mark de Reuver, associate professor and responsible for an X-series around Business Model Innovation at TU Delft.

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Tu Delft Open Business Models

  1. 1. Open Business Models Paul Stacey Associate Director of Global Learning Creative Commons May 9, 2017 Except where otherwise noted presentation licensed using Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Images by Bryan Mathers
  2. 2. 1,687 backers. Thank you backers! A Book About Open Business Models
  3. 3. Goals Interview 24 businesses, creators, and organizations across sectors and from around the world who have made Creative Commons core to their operations. Tell their stories in a way that conveys their origins, goals, what they do, and how they do it. Describe their sustainability strategy including revenue generation. Analyse the stories and identify common practices, themes, and strategies. Combine case study analysis with a review of related literature. Generate a a big picture framework for contextualizing, thinking about, and analyzing Made With Creative Commons initiatives. Provide Made With Creative Commons recommendations and guidance. Produce and distribute Made With Creative Commons as ebook and physical print book.
  5. 5. Initial Framework
  6. 6. Not Business As Usual Not about maximizing profit and getting rich Not about restricting access Not about monetization of commodities Not about extraction, consumption, selling to the highest bidder Not solely about the bottom line MADE WITH = Business Unusual
  7. 7. Be human - express gratitude Design for good actors Be open and accountable State principles and stick to them Give more than you take Involve people in what you do Enable hands on engagement with your work Build a community
  8. 8. Human Connection
  9. 9. Creator Benefits Get discovered - find your people Grow a larger audience Get attribution and name recognition Sharing = marketing Speed dissemination Boost reach and impact Reciprocal value
  10. 10. Market Based Value add custom service Physical copy In person Merchandise Sponsors (ads) Charge content creators Transaction fee Licensing & trademark Reciprocity Based Donations Memberships Pay what you want Crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Patreon, …) + Social Good + Human Connection + $
  11. 11. Big Picture
  12. 12. Enterprise Commons
  13. 13. Enterprise Market Commons Hybrid
  14. 14. EnterpriseMarket Commons State Hybrid
  15. 15. Market State Commons Operate Differently
  16. 16. Global Release May 8, 2017 Licensed CC BY-SA Free downloads at Purchase print at Ctrl-Alt-Delete or on Amazon.
  17. 17. MADE WITH