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LEDOUX_PAUL_Motorcycle safety helmets

  2. 2. THE HURT REPORTProfessor Harry Hurtpictured with damagedhelmets.
  3. 3. • 60% of motorcyclist not wearinghelmet• 26% said helmets are uncomfortableor inconvenient• 53% said they do not expect to beinvolved in accidentTHE HURT REPORT
  4. 4. MOTORCYCLE HELMETS SAVE LIVESHelmet crash zones published in The HurtReportHelmet that saved a motorcyclist in Iowa
  5. 5. ITS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY!Each state is encouraged tohave and enforce a mandatoryall-rider motorcycle helmet uselaw.• 19 States have UniversalLaw• 28 States have Partial Law• 3 States of No lawBlue: Universal (All Riders Must Wear Helmet)Gray: Partial (Certain Age Riders Must WearHelmet)White: (No Helmet Law)Photo: State by State color coded map for Helmet Laws published by The Center for Disease Control and
  6. 6. THE NEW ENGLAND STATES• Universal Law:Massachusetts and Vermont• Partial Law:Maine, Rhode Island andConnecticut• No Law:New HampshirePhoto: New England color coded map of Helmet Laws published by The Center for Disease Control and
  7. 7. THE MORE HELMETS WORN,THE MORE WE ALL SAVE.States with Universal Helmet Law we nearly 4 timesmore cost savings than states with partial laws.In terms of annual cost savings,in terms of medical, productivity, and other costs:California (Universal Law) saved the most with$394,000,000 in 2010New Mexico (Partial Law) saved the least with$2,600,000 in 2010
  8. 8. WHY SHOULD I WEAR AHELMET?!In 1981, 26% of motorcyclists in Los Angeles reportedthat they find helmets to be uncomfortable. – The Hurt ReportI DON’T WEAR A HELMET WHEN THE LAWALLOWS METO RIDE HELMET FREEBECAUSE THEY DON’T LOOK COOL.– motorcyclist friend of mine“THEY ARE TOO HOT IN THE SUMMER.THE DAMN THING MAKES ME SWEATY!”– same motorcyclist friend of mine
  9. 9. HOW TO PICK A HELMETA Good Helmet should:• Fit snugly all the way around.• Have strong straps with two rings to fastenthem.• Be bright in color or have reflective materialsso other motorist can see you.• Have no defects like cracks, broken parts, orstraps.• Been approved by DOT.
  10. 10. UTILIZING HELMET TO KEEP COOLComfort / fit padding as illustrated onthe graphicThe material of Polystyrene acts asinsulation• Soak your head with cool waterbefore putting my helmet on.• Then apply your helmet.The insulation of the helmet does notallow the coolness to escape & willhelp hinder the possibility of heatexhaustion.
  11. 11. NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFICSAFETY ADMINISTRATION• Motorcyclists that are not wearing a helmet are 3 times more likely suffertraumatic brain injuries• Motorcycle helmets reduce the likelihood of a crash fatality by 37 percent.• 42% of motorcyclists who were fatally injured were not wearing a helmet.• Helmets saved over 1,500 riders’ lives, but about 700 more lives could havebeen saved if all riders had worn helmets in 2010.
  12. 12. • Helmets can make a huge difference as a motorcyclist• ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET THAT MEETS THE STANDARDS SET BYTHE DEPORTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION• Riding a motorcycle is dangerous• It is your job to protect yourselfITS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY!RIDE SAFE!
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