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Paul Koons Endorsements


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Paul Koons Endorsements

  1. 1. PAUL KOONS, b a , pmp , i t i l Making change manageable ® Endorsements Girl Scouts of Citrus Council Council Program Manager " I highly endorse Paul Koons as a project manager. He has experience with scoping a project so that it stays focused on the goals, and stays on track. Meetings with Paul are timely and productive. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the spreadsheets which listed each action item and calculated percent of project completion as tasks were completed. His project managment kept all stakeholders accountable for their responsibilities. He helped us set reasonable goals to accomplish by our next meeting. Paul's organizational skills are excellent, and he is very easy to work with. Paul is both personable and practical, and I recommend him without hesitation. Thank you." The Walt Disney Company PMP Program Manager: "Paul's experience in ITIL framework and ITSM processes added significant value on this ITSM re-implementation project. He managed the Communications and Training process areas as a self starter and very competent project manager. Paul performed responsibilities with a great attitude and was always professional. I would bring him back on to any of my future projects!" U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Chief Technology Officer (CTO): “ It is inspiring to hear the exhilaration in your voice when you are talking about new ideas… Given the complex problem of implementing an application across regional and program lines, you had a rare and enviable opportunity to build a solution that worked in our environment; and you did it…” Contractor’s Technical Representative (COTR): "Paul is passionate in what he does as it showed how he cared about the result of his work and how it provided value to the customer. In addition, Paul provided solutions with a clear long- term goal in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency. His no non-sense approach and focus on delivering value- added Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. PAUL KOONS, b a , pmp , i t i l Making change manageable ® results minimize risk for the stakeholders. I look forward to working with Paul again." BMC / Numara Software Direct Manager: “ Superb job!! We are all aware of the complex dynamic and ever-changing requirements that surrounded this engagement. Because you built a great relationship and provided detailed documentation, this implementation was a huge success! It is also noted that the client purchased 8 days on top of the original purchase, demanding that only you deliver those days. This brought the total of recognized services for this client to 38 days and over $80k. Again, great work! We couldn’t ask for anything more.” Pfizer Integration Program Manager: “ Pfizer will save "several million dollars" in reduced costs, thanks to the virtualized server grid…the savings stem in part from higher server usage levels…WebLogic servers will go from about 40% utilization to 75% and higher… the real savings come from the ability to manage those servers with fewer people.” Harcourt Project Manager (peer): “ Paul is deliverables driven with extensive experience in ITIL and Project Management. Paul is adept at grasping the big picture while remaining detail oriented and passionate about quality results. Paul's commitment to excellence make him an asset to any organization. Desktop Services Manager: “ Paul did a superb planning and execution job in an extremely challenging environment where he had to coordinate the efforts of diverse and often competing departments to get a complex project completed under a very strict deadline. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. PAUL KOONS, b a , pmp , i t i l Making change manageable ® He also initiated a daily "ask the migration experts" phone bridge in the format of a radio talk show. This was very well received by our users and fostered confidence in the process. On a personal note, I learned a great deal about several aspects of project management and Paul was a great mentor. He would always be my first choice for any project I was associated with!" Burnett CFO & EVP: “Our new IT infrastructure is state of the arts. It will serve us well for many years to come. The importance of our Disaster Recovery Site is that the company will no longer be vulnerable to a major disaster. I have wanted to accomplish this for a long time. Paul Koons has worked tirelessly for the last 12 months and has performed a very valuable service for the company.” Compaq VP of Federal Sales: “ It is with great pleasure that we present this award to you for the outstanding contribution you gave in making the VA ITC show a huge success from 7-10 August 2000. Creativity and persistence were the elements that were combined in this effort to drive to the success levels that were obtained.” Digital Equipment Corporation VP Federal Systems Engineering: "This award is given in recognition of your years of outstanding service to Systems Engineering. Paul is a key member of the Technical Program Management Office (TPMO). Paul’s broad technical knowledge and positive attitude allow managers to assign him virtually any task and they can count on Paul completing his tasks in a timely manner with positive results.” Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. PAUL KOONS, b a , pmp , i t i l Making change manageable ® Director of TPMO, Direct Manager: “ Paul’s skills are such that he is constantly needed for programs both large and small in addition to technical sales opportunities. Paul regularly volunteers to work new opportunities, or help out on existing opportunities where his expertise would be beneficial.” Page 4 of 4