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Xylowatt Pitch


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Xylowatt partners with EPC contractors looking for a gasification technology to integrate into biomass to energy projects. With proven operations of 7,000 hours per year, Xylowatt’s NOTAR® technology is internationally recognized by its clients and by major industrial partners: St Gobain Packaging, Aqualogy, Eneria and Air Liquide. Our gasifier efficiently turns biomass or waste into a clean and cold gas fit for powering a cogeneration engine or for replacing fossil fuels in an industrial furnace.

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Xylowatt Pitch

  1. 1. Waste to clean gasThe NOTAR® technology: Turningbiomass problems into majoropportunitiesXylowatt – Waste to clean gasPaul DUBOISTel: +32 71 606
  2. 2. For most people, those are major problemsXylowatt – Waste to clean gas 1
  3. 3. For our clients, they’re major opportunitiesXylowatt – Waste to clean gas 2
  4. 4. People have been trying for a while…Xylowatt – Waste to clean gas 3
  5. 5. … and after years of research, we built a tarfree and efficient gasifier…Xylowatt – Waste to clean gas• Clean gas (destruction of 99,995% of tar)• Extremely efficient forcontaminated wood (incl. metals,…)• Ability to gasify high mineralcontent biomass (i.e. agriresidues, sewage sludge)• Compact installation: fits easily inindustrial compound4
  6. 6. … to turn waste biomass into opportunitiesXylowatt – Waste to clean gasWaste biomass|Cost+Renewable energy needsCHPIndustryTo5
  7. 7. We deliver value for 3 types of clientsXylowatt – Waste to clean gas 6EPC & integratorsEnd UsersR&D departmentsEnergy consumers with access to wood residues or wastedifficult to valorize can now turn to EPC contractors andintegrators deploying the Xylowatt technology.While Xylowatt is currently offering solutions for a number ofwaste types, we are regularly helping R&D departments ofmajor industrial and commercial partners assess technical andcommercial potential of new waste types.Our gasification reactors integrate into multiple ecosystems,typically managed by major EPC contractors and integrators, tosolve the most difficult waste to energy challenges faced by theend-users of those ecosystems.
  8. 8. NOTAR® has been validated by major playersXylowatt – Waste to clean gas 7
  9. 9. We are proud to demonstrate our know-how in ourplant in Tournai that reaches 7000h of operations/yearXylowatt – Waste to clean gas 8
  10. 10. Contact us for more information !website: www.xylowatt.comEmail: dubois@xylowatt.comTel: +32 71 606 800