85 0074 dual interface instructions-web


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85 0074 dual interface instructions-web

  1. 1. DUAL INTERFACE INSTRUCTIONS WHITE YELLOW GREEN ORANGE BLUE BROWN BLACK RED Connect (2) Spaside Controls to any Standard, Deluxe or Ultimate Series Spa Controls Systemhttp://www.MyPoolSpas.com Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094
  2. 2. CONNECTION Circuit Board Connection SIDEPANEL OPT. SIDEPANEL AUX. I/O TEMP.http://www.MyPoolSpas.com Spa Mounted Spaside Control Fig. 1 WHITE BLUE In-House Control GREEN YELLOW ORANGE RED or B R O WN BLACK Remote Control ! Connect 2 controls with up to 200 feet of cord each ! Does not require external power supply ! Fuse protected connectorsWholesale Pool and Spa Parts 2 2/8” 1 3/32” CONNECTION: K Position and attach Dual Spaside Interface using the double-sided tape on back of box. L Connect Interface cord (top of box) to Spaside connection on printed circuit board. M Connect the spa mounted spaside control to the standard connection as shown 3 1/4” in Figure 1. (See note on back page) BLACK BROWN RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE WHITE N Connect the In-House or Remote Control to the terminal block (wire colors noted on label) as shown in Figure 1.920-925-3094
  3. 3. Note: The control connected to the standard connection of the Dual Interface (Spa Mounted) will be recognized as the primary control if for any reason a key on the secondary (In-House or Remote) and primary are pressed simultaneously. 85-0074 Rev.0 09/02http://www.MyPoolSpas.com Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094