85 0067-b5 8600 series installation rev.1


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85 0067-b5 8600 series installation rev.1

  1. 1. If you encounter any problems or need assistance, don’t hesitate to call our Technical Support staff. HydroQuip 13345 Estelle Street Corona, CA 92879 On the Web: www.hydroquip.com Email: hq@hydroquip.com Phone: (909) 273-7575 Fax: (909) 273-7550 “T H E S M A R T C H O I C E”http://www.MyPoolSpas.com 85-0067-B5 Rev.0 03.01 Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094
  2. 2. HT-2 / 8600 Spa Control Contents HT-2 / 8600 Troubleshooting Pressure SwitchHT-2 / 8600 Installation Considerations If your System is equipped with a pressure switch, the function of the pressure switch is to shut the heater off if the pump is turned off or if there is restricted water flow (dirty filter, obstruction in theTypical Layout 2 spa plumbing etc.).Pump Considerations 2Blower Considerations 3 If the heater is installed more than two (2) feet below the spa water level, adjustment of the pressure switch may be necessary. The following procedures and illustrations outline the adjustment of the pressure switch.HT-2 / 8600 Installation Configuration CAUTION: Remove all power to the unit prior to completing the steps below:Gas Heater 3HT-2 / 8600 Installation Electrical ConnectionCircuit Breaker and Rating 4Four Wire Input 4Input Terminal Block 5HT-2 / 8600 Installation Special ConsiderationsSpaside Control 5In-House Remote 6Auxiliary Control 6Infrared Sensor 7Air Blower 7Spa Light 8HT-2 / 8600 Programming Low Level Programming Adjustment • Shut off power to the System prior toParameters 9 accomplishing any adjustments to theHT-2 / 8600 Operation Start Up & Test pressure switch. • Remove wires fromPower Up 10 pressure switch terminals.Pump 1 Key 10 • Place an Ohmmeter acrossPump 2 Key 10 the pressure switchAccessory Key 11 terminals to verify anLight Key 11 OPEN circuit.Light Key (with Fiber Optic) 11 • Rotate the pressure switchTemperature Set Keys 12 adjustment screw counter- clockwise until theHT-2 / 8600 Troubleshooting Error Messages Ohmmeter indicates a CLOSED circuit. • Finally, rotate the pressureFLO Message 12 switch adjustment screwFLC Message 12 clockwise until thePrr Message 13 Ohmmeter indicates anPrH Message 13 OPEN circuit again.HL Message 13 • Apply power to the unit atPressure Switch Adjustment 14 this time and operate the spa or hot tub as normal. http://www.MyPoolSpas.com Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094 1 14
  3. 3. HT-2 / 8600 Troubleshooting Error Messages HT-2 / 8600 Installation Special Considerations Hydro-Quip 8000 Series Solid State Equipment Systems were designed for indoor or outdoorPrr • This error indicates a installations. This equipment may be used for in-ground as well as aboveground spas. problem with the Temperature sensor. • The Equipment System must be installed on a firm, level surface. (Example, concrete pad) • Unplug the sensor from the system circuit board and • Locate the Equipment System as close to the spa as practical but no more than 25’ away verify that there are no form it. Consult local codes for minimum distance between equipment and spa. bent pins. • Plug sensor back into the • The area where the Equipment System is mounted must have adequate drainage to prevent circuit board. flooding the equipment under all circumstances. • Press any key to reset the system. • Provide adequate access around and above the Equipment System for service and • If the problem persists, maintenance. Three feet (3’) of clearance around the equipment is recommended. replace the sensor. • The pump(s) provided with the Equipment System may be self-priming or non self-priming. Non self-priming pump(s) must be installed below the normal water level.HL • This error indicates an over temperature condition. • All components such as the pump(s), air blower and light are connected using J & J • Check the heater housing. connectors located inside the component connection compartment below the control box. If the housing is hot to the touch there is not adequate Typical Installation Layout water flow. • Ensure that all water shut- off valves are open and that the air has been adequately purged from the plumbing. • Press any key to reset the system. For extreme “Hot” or “Cold” climates, the temperature and high-limit sensor must be located per the layout callouts above. The temperature sensor can be installed either below grade in the suction plumbing or in a sensing well installed within the spa. The high-limit sensor may remain in its factory-installed location for “Cold” climates (below 35°F) but must be installed below grade when the equipment will be subjected to high temperatures (above 95°F). http://www.MyPoolSpas.com 13 Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094 2
  4. 4. HT-2 / 8600 Installation Considerations HT-2 / 8600 Operation Start Up & TestPump Considerations Temperature • Press the Up Arrow Key to obtain a temperatureTo assure adequate performance, the spa plumbing must be 1 ½ “ minimum. The use of 2” is higher than the presentrecommended. A good grade of fresh PVC-to-PVC primer and solvent should be used for all water temperature: The pumpplumbing connections. low speed will activate. The Heater Icon will flashThere may be three separate plumbing systems in the spa. Verify the function of each pipe. on the Spa-Side control for 5 seconds, the Heater will• Suction Side Plumbing – this plumbing will connect to the spa’s skimmer, main drain and then activate and the Icon suction fittings. This plumbing connects to the open end of the pump on your Equipment will appear solid. On System. systems equipped with a• Discharge Side Plumbing – this plumbing will go to the spa’s hydrotherapy jet and message circulation pump, the fittings. This plumbing connects to the open end of the heater on your Equipment System. system will act as above• Air Blower Plumbing – this plumbing will go to an air channel under the floor or to an air without the pump turning distribution manifold of the spa. This plumbing connects only to an air blower. on. (The circulation pump will be operating.) • Press the Down ArrowBlower Considerations Key to achieve aCAUTION: The air blower must be connected ONLY to the spa’s air distribution plumbing. temperature lower thanConnecting the air blower to any air piping associated with the hydrotherapy jets will create a the present temperature:hazard by providing a path for high-pressure water to be forced into the blower motor. This will Heater will turn off, Pumpresult in damage to the air blower and create an electrical shock hazard. will operate in low speed for 20 seconds.• The air blower must be installed to ensure that water cannot enter the air blower motor. This can be accomplished by installing a single or double air loop that incorporates a check valve. (See Illustration on Page 6) HT-2 / 8600 Troubleshooting Error MessagesGas Heater Considerations If at any time during start up and error message appears in the lower spaside control window, use the following procedures to identify and correct the problem:Congratulations on your purchase of the 8600 Series Solid State Equipment System fromHYDROQUIP. This series of controls has been developed to allow you complete flexibility and FLC • This error is an indicationremote installation. that the pressure or flow switch is closed prior toWhen connecting input power, adding components not included with your Equipment System or pump operation.making gas heater connections, refer to the wiring diagram located on the inside cover of the field- • Remove the pressure/flowwiring compartment. Note that all pumps are connected utilizing the black wire for the high speed switch plug from theand the red wire for the low speed of the pumps (black wire only for single a speed pump). system circuit board, an FLO should appear.• A Fireman’s Switch receptacle has been provided. It is located in the accessory compartment • Adjust the pressure or flow below the control box. switch.• The System will control the thermostat on the gas-fired heater to regulate the spa water temperature. To accomplish this, connect the heater thermostat in parallel and set the heater FLO • This error is an indication thermostat to its highest setting. that the pressure or flow switch is open while the pump is operating. • Short the pressure/flow switch terminals, an FLC should appear. • Adjust the pressure or flow switch. Refer to the section on pressure switch adjustment for proper calibration procedures. http://www.MyPoolSpas.com Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094 3 12
  5. 5. HT-2 / 8600 Operation Start Up & Test HT-2 / 8600 Installation Special ConsiderationsAccessory Key • Press the Accessory • The heater can also be connected in parallel with the flow or pressure switch installed on the Key: Blower will activate in gas heater. (Set the heater to its highest setting.) high speed. Accessory Icon will appear solid on the Spa-Side control. • Press Accessory Key Again: Blower will switch from high to medium Speed. Accessory Icon will flash. • Press the Accessory Key again: Blower will switch to low speed. Accessory Icon will flash. • The rocker switch can be removed on some models and connected in series. (Set the heater • Press the Accessory Key to its highest setting.) Again: Blower will shut Off.NOTE: On multiple speed components, the Icon associated with it will flash when it is in Low andMedium speed and come on solid in High speed. On single speed components, the Iconassociated with it will come on solid while it is running.Light Key • Press the Light Key: Light High intensity will activate. Light Icon will appear solid on Spa-Side control. • Press the Light Key again: Light Medium intensity will activate. Light Icon will flash on Spa-Side control. • The input power can also be interrupted and the thermostat set to its highest setting. • Press the Light Key again: Light Low intensity will activate. Light Icon will flash on Spa-Side control. • Press the Light Key again: Light will shut Off.Light Key • Press the Light Key: “L1”(With Fiber Optic) will be displayed. Pressing the Up Arrow Key will allow you to set the intensity to High, Medium, Low and The type of connection will depend on the application. Always refer to the instructions Off. provided by the heater manufacture. • Press the Light Key Again: “F1” will be displayed. Pressing the Up Arrow Key will allow you to select Fiber Optic light and color wheel On, Light Only, then both Off. • Press the Light Key Again: The Spa-Side will return to the normal mode, showing the temperature and time. http://www.MyPoolSpas.com Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094 11 4
  6. 6. HT-2 / 8600 Installation Electrical Connection HT-2 / 8600 Operation Start Up & TestA qualified and licensed electrician in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) • Read and familiarize yourself with the Equipment System Operation.Article 680, Canadian Electric Code, and with any local codes must accomplish the • Turn the electrical power “OFF” at the service or breaker panel.electrical installation at the time of the installation. • Open all WATER shut-off valves.All connections must be made according to the electrical installation label inside the control box. • For spas equipped with a hose bib or drain valve, make sure that it has been closed.Follow the instructions from the label if they are different than the instructions in this manual. If • For spas equipped with in-line or pressure water filters, make sure that the filter nut, housingyour electrician is not absolutely sure how to connect your system correctly, call your dealer. Any drain plug, and air relief valve are closed and tight.mistake may be costly and invalidate your equipment warranty. • Using a standard water hose to fill the spa with fresh tap water to the level recommended by the spa manufacturer.The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a mandatory electrical safety device required for all • Inspect all plumbing connections and lines for any sign of water leaks.portable spas and hot tubs as specified in the National Electrical Code Article 680-42. A High- • Connect a garden hose to the bib or drain-valve and run it away from the equipmentCurrent GFCI has been built into your Equipment System. compartment. Open the hose bib or drain valve to bleed off any air that may have been trapped in the plumbing system during the filling operation. After a steady flow of waterYour spa equipment requires a DEDICATED CIRCUIT. No other appliances or lights can be on appears, close the hose bib. After closing the hose bib, remove the garden hose from thethis circuit. Refer to equipment data label for power supply requirements of your spa equipment. hose bib. Be sure to dry off any excess water around the electrical compartment beforeUse copper conductors only. Grounding – See National Electric Code Table 250-95 for ground. proceeding to the next step. • Close all Air Control Valves. Warning – Do not confuse with Water shut-off valves. • Turn on the breaker at the electrical service panel.Circuit Breaker and Rating • On units with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), check the GFCI by pressing the 15A 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A 70A 80A “Test” button on the face of the device. The “Reset” button should pop out. The equipmentMaximum Amps should not operate. 12A 16A 24A 32A 40A 48A 56A 64A • Activate the equipment by pressing the “Reset” button on the GFCI.Maximum Amps 14 12 10 8 6 4 4 4 You have now completed all of Hydro-Quip’s steps for start up. You are now ready to enjoy your spa.Four Wire Input • 240-volt / four wire electrical service including The following is a Test procedure designed to assure the Equipment System will operate properly ground is required, upon initial start up. consisting of Line 1 (Black), Line 2 (Red), • Neutral (White) and Power Up Apply power to system: Display shows temperature Ground (Green). flashing. Press any key to continue.Input • A terminal block has beenTerminal Block provided for the input • power connection. Insure Pump 1 Key Press the Pump 1 Key: Pump 1 low speed will that connections are made activate, Pump1 Icon will as shown. HYDROQUIP flash on Spa-Side control. cannot be held responsible • Press Pump 1 Key again: for mis-wire related Pump 1 high speed will damage. activate. Pump 1 Icon will • Prior to operating the spa appear solid. Equipment System, check • Press Pump 1 Key again: all circuit board Pump 1 will shut Off. connections. Verify the Spaside control (as well as any other controls) is Pump 2 Key • Press the Pump 2 Key: properly connected. Verify Pump 2 low speed will that the Temperature activate, Pump 2 Icon will sensor, Hi-Limit sensor, flash on Spa-Side control. Pressure switch and all • Press Pump 2 Key again: fuses are in place and Pump 2 high speed will secured properly. activate. Pump 2 Icon will appear solid. • Press Pump 2 Key again: Pump 2 will shut Off. http://www.MyPoolSpas.com Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094 5 10
  7. 7. HT-2 / 8600 Programming Special Considerations HT-2 / 8600 Installation Special Considerations • The air blower must be Select the desired location for the Spaside control. installed to ensure that water cannot enter the air blower Spaside Control • Cut out a hole 2 5/8” X 6 motor. This can be 3/8”. accomplished by installing a • Clean the area and insert single or double air loop that Spaside control and cable. incorporates a check valve. • Rotate the spaside locks inward and install the spaside control.HT-2 / 8600 Programming Low Level Programming • With the spaside control installed, rotate theIt is possible to change the parameters of the Equipment System by completing the following mounting screws clockwisesteps. This is to be accomplished by Hydro-Quip factory or authorized personnel. to engage the locks. • After Spaside installation isTo access the Low Level Programming, press and hold the Program Key for 20 seconds. After this complete, connect spasideperiod you will enter the first Parameter Code of “P1” followed by a value. Use the Light Key to cable to the system circuitmove from one parameter to the next. Use the Up & Down Arrows to change the Value. You must board.go through all parameters to exit this mode. If you do not want to change a value, press theProgram Key to enter the next Parameter Code.P1 Pump 1 Value 1 = Single Speed Pump Value 2 = Dual Speed PumpP2 Pump 2 Value 0 = No Second Pump Value 1 = Single Speed In-House Remote • Select the location in which Value 2 = Dual Speed to install the control. The control can be installed upbL Blower Value 0 = No Blower Value 1 = Single Speed 20 min. timeout to 300 feet away from the Value 2 = Two Speed 20 min. timeout Value 3 = Three Speed 20 min. Equipment System inside timeout Value 4 = Single Speed 2 hour timeout Value 5 =Single Speed the home or pool cabin. 6 hour timeout Value 6 = Single Speed 12 hour timeout • Using the back plate as a template, mark theL1 Light Value 1 = No Light Value 1 = 12V Light (one intensity) openings with a pencil. Value 2 = 12V Light (three intensities) Value 3 = 120V Light • Make the rectangular opening in the wall as large03 Ozone Value 0 = No Ozonator Value 1 = On during filtration Value 2 = Always as the opening in the back On plate. For plaster walls, drill two ¼” holes and insertAU Fiber Optic Value 0 = No Fiber Optics Value 1 = Fiber Optics Installed plastic anchors for the mounting screws. Ti Time Value 12 = Standard Format Value 24 = Military Time (24 hour clock) • Install the back plate onto the wall and run theCu Current Value 0 = Heater Off with high speed pump or blower Value 1 = No connecting cable. Heater Restriction • Connect the cable, making sure to follow the colorCP Circ. Pump Value 0 = No Circulation Pump Installed Value 1 = Regulated with spa code, and snap the control Temperature Value 2 = Always On into place. r Calibration Value can be adjusted from 46.0 to 55.9 http://www.MyPoolSpas.com Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094 9 6
  8. 8. HT-2 / 8600 Installation Special Considerations HT-2 / 8600 Installation Special ConsiderationsAuxiliary Control • Drill two 1” (25.4mm) An optional 12V-spa light is available with Hydro-Quip Equipment systems. diameter holes, 2 5/8” (66mm) apart. Cut the Spa Light • Select a mounting location material between the two for the spa light in a flat area holes. on the spa wall. Make sure there is no plumbing, wiring or other obstructions, that will interfere with the installation on the outside spa wall. • Clean the area and insert • Using a suitable 2 ½ “ auxiliary control panel and (65mm) diameter hole-saw, cable. Secure using the cut the hole in the spa wall. mounting plate provided. If Cut from inside the spa wall utilizing rectangular toward the outside to prevent control, peel off protective splintering the inner surface. paper and secure to • Remove any insulation mounting surface. material from around the hole for a distance of ½ “ (13mm) at the outside spa wall. • Install the gasket onto the light body and insert into the hole. Take care not to over tighten the nut securing the light body. Silicone sealant may be used in place of the gasket. Allow adequate time for sealant to cure before filling the spa.The Hand Held remote control has an effective range of 15 feet. It must be pointed in the directionof infrared sensor. It should be installed on the interior wall of the spa above the water level at a • Note: It is recommendedlocation easily reached by the infrared beam. that the water level be stopped just above the levelInfrared Sensor • Select a location for the of the spa light until a sensor and drill a 7/8” thorough inspection for leaks diameter hole in the edge can be completed. of the spa above the water level. Air Blower • CAUTION: The air blower • Apply silicone around the must be connected ONLY to hole and insert the sensor the spa’s air distribution and tighten the nut plumbing. Connecting the air securely. blower to any air piping • Wipe off any excess associated with the silicone. Connect the hydrotherapy jets will create a infrared cable to the hazard by providing a path for system board. high-pressure water to be forced into the blower motor. This will result in damage to the air blower and create an electrical shock hazard. http://www.MyPoolSpas.com Wholesale Pool and Spa Parts 920-925-3094 7 8