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ZCS & Associates, Inc and MaP Employment Solutions, Inc

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  1. 1. Anderson St. ~ New Kensington, PA 15068 P: 888.590.6710 ~ F: 866.539.8004 Web: www.zcsassociates.com www.mapemploymentsolutions.comEmail: customerservice@zcsassociates.com
  2. 2.  ZCS & Associates, Inc, and handles all pre- employment and background investigations M.a.P. Employment Solutions, Inc handles all management, staffing and professional recruiting
  3. 3. Our Pre-employment Screening includes, but is not limited to: Criminal Background Checks ◦ 1. Federal, State, County ◦ 2. Felony & Misdemeanor SSN Trace Sex Offender Registry Global Watch List (terrorist watch list) National Wants/Warrants Search MVR & CDLIS Drug Testing (pre-employment, suspicion, post-accident, random) Employment Physicals AND MANY MORE!!!
  4. 4. M.a.P. Employment Solutions, IncOur mission is to be the mostrespected full service employmentsolutions firm in every market weserve by providing completeemployment & HR solutions toour clients, by providing best-in-class, “going-the-extra-mile”service that our valued clientsrequire and associates demand. Our Approach
  5. 5.  Our technology allows us to post to over 300 job boards We physically look over each resume When we find the best candidates, they complete a personality assessment in addition to the interview. We only send those candidates that are fully qualified and passed the interview.
  6. 6.  Professionals that have backgrounds in HR, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, and Transportation as well as other industries. Top notch candidates A candidate packet containing the information you request prior to seeing them. ◦ Information contained in the packet will be up to you Unmatched service and going the extra mile to exceed your expectation
  7. 7.  Enterprise– Suited for clients that are looking for recruitment to be outsourced completely Selective– Suited for clients looking to outsource portions of the recruiting process On Demand– Suited for clients who have the need to manage spikes in recruiting demand Direct/Permanent Placement – Suited for clients that prefer conventional recruiting solutions
  8. 8. Temporary – M.a.P. Employment Solutions, Inc. provides TEMPORARY employees to cover short /long term assignments, special projects, increased work loads, medical and maternityleaves, and vacations. As the client company, you decide the length of the assignment and wewill send you qualified individuals who are able to cover that time frame. You tell us thequalifications for a successful applicant and we will choose the right person for you. We havecandidates who are ready to work for you immediately.Temp-to-Hire– Let M.a.P. Employment Solutions, Inc. be the resource to help you build yourstaff of full time employees. Use our TEMP-TO-HIRE program. We will give you the opportunityto evaluate an employee’s skills before hiring him/her as your employee. Through this part ofour service to you, you can bring an applicant on as a temporary employee and allow them towork for you for 450 hours as our employee while you evaluate their skills. After they haveworked for your company for 450 hours, you are free to hire the employee without any charge toyou. If you decide to hire the employee before their 450 hours have been completed, we willcharge a small fee based on the hours that have not been worked.On Site: M.a.P. Employment Solutions, Inc. will provide a dedicated "on-site" staffing manager toover see the hiring of temporary and temp-to-hire employees.Pay rolling: Our payroll service program enables you to refer a worker of your choice to us foremployment at your company through M.a.P. Employment Solutions, Inc.. We withhold and payall payroll taxes, provide workers’ compensation, liability insurance, and payment of allunemployment and workers’ compensation claims. This allows M.a.P. EmploymentSolutions, Inc.s clients to reduce staff and payroll costs. This plan is particularly effective forcompanies with seasonal workforce demands. With payroll servicing you get the employee youhave selected, pay a reduced rate and you are exempt from our buyout policy.
  9. 9.  Do you have a solid and accurate grasp of your cost per hire? If your HR generalists are tasked with partnering with your hiring managers to recruit, what is the “opportunity cost” to the organization of their time spent recruiting versus workforce planning? How is the team accountable to the quality of candidates and the cost of their sourcing efforts and the time in which they are filling positions?
  10. 10.  Reduction in time to fill positions Lower turnover rates due to better hires Improved reach for hard to fill positions Improved employer brand Increased HR’s time to focus on greater talent management issues
  11. 11.  Reduced turnover through improved quality of candidate The need to better manage/reduce recruitment spending/total cost per hire The need to free HR resources to focus on more strategic talent management and workforce planning initiatives A transformation to centralize a decentralized recruiting function
  12. 12. ‣Personality ‣Engage ‣Leadership and Management Styles ‣360 Feedback.‣Psychometrically speaking, our range of assessmenttools are as good as the best on the market.‣The candidate experience is simpler and better thananything you have seen before.‣The user experience is intuitive, easy and quick to use.‣The reports we provide are easier to use andbeautifully presented.
  13. 13. Paul Zielinski President Chief Executive Officer New Kensington, PA 15068 P: 888.590.6710 ~ F: 866.539.8004 Web: www.zcsassociates.comEmail: customerservice@zcsassociates.com