Growth Hacking for Agile Marketing Meetup


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Atlassian CMO Paul Willard presents some of his growth hacking philosophy to the San Francisco Agile Marketing Meetup in November, 2012.

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Growth Hacking for Agile Marketing Meetup

  1. 1. Distribution viaContinuous ImprovementFeedback LoopsGrowth Hacking for the Agile Marketing MeetupPaul Willard, Atlassian CMO • 11/27/2012
  2. 2. Me• Boeing Engineer • 7 years writing code • Learned Japanese manufacturing concepts Marketing Growth Development Hacking• Product Management • Customer acquisition products • A/B testing
  3. 3. Distribution• Startups need technology, product, and distribution• Many fail on distribution • Myth: If you build it, they will come • Fact: The best distribution won
  4. 4. Unicorns & Viral Supernovas• Most products do not have a target market of everyone • Nuclear chain reactions & explosive virality are difficult to achieve without concentration • Virality should not be THE plan
  5. 5. Learn to Fail• Most ideas will not work• Don’t invest too much in any one idea – no epic fails• Planned failure - fast, cheap
  6. 6. Change – The Only Constant Birth and death timeline instead?• New media, channels, and platforms come and go quickly • Social, mobile, tablet, Pinterest, Groupon • AOL, Yahoo, MySpace, Display, Palm Pre, BlackBerry, Meebo, hotmail, . . .• Tech know how and flexibility needed to apply new sources, data, API’s
  7. 7. The Only Charts You Need Acquisition Exponential Cohort Curves Lifetime Value ($)Customers Month Months as Customer
  8. 8. The Growth Machine• Test quick, cheap, and dirty • Released vs polished • Front end flexibility • Standardize reporting• Measure LTV • Conversion is not good enough • Model it from twitchy data
  9. 9. Feedback Loops• Acquisition exponential • Eyeballs • Conversion Funnel• Never stop what is working, be incremental & relentless
  10. 10. Kanban Team• Prioritize releasing • Cadence - 2 / person week • Drop things that don’t work • Put more into things that do• 2 Backlogs • New eyeballs to product • Conversion A/B testing
  11. 11. How much should I spend?• 12 month break even Allowable • Conservative Lifetime Value ($) • Estimating is ok • Virality • Model LTV for each channel or even campaign Months as Customer
  12. 12. A/B Testing - A Practical Guide• Hypothesis Testing Equation • Myth: A vs B, best one wins • Reality: Look at distribution, segmentation, learn about the market, and dream up C• Conversion = Desire - Friction
  13. 13. Desire• Behavioral design: Read Cialdini, Dan Ariely, Nir Ayal• Examples • Headlines • An authentic solution • Ask customer what they want
  14. 14. Friction• UX testing useful for friction• Minimize ambiguity through good design • Speed • Call to action - placement, color, shape • Grouping, contrast, IA
  15. 15. Product as Designer Drug• Get your market hooked • Their fix = problem solved • Eliminate all friction• Test conversion to “fix”• Qualitative methods
  16. 16. Cohorts• Do not A/B test your core Test impact on LTV repeat usage product • UX testing to show problems Lifetime Value ($) • Offer beta - to a subpop • Test newsletters, cross-sell/up- sell messaging, tutorials, first time user flows, etc • Find twitchy measures of Months as Customer success