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LR_Brand Mark Franchising_prospectus_2016


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LR_Brand Mark Franchising_prospectus_2016

  1. 1. Why Brand Mark Franchising? Friendly and professional guidance Tailored business to suit your needs Industry expertise
  2. 2. 2 3 Brands we’ve supported... and helped succeed. Contents A Note from our Founder 4 Your One Stop Shop 5 A Comprehensive Service 6 Recruiting Quality Franchisees 7 Evolving to Support you 8-9 Size doesn’t Matter 10 Need Help with your Franchise? 11 “Paul provided us with key insight and drive into franchise recruitment in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Paul’s holistic insight into franchising and his mature and professional manner helped the company achieve its expansion targets and gained great respect from the team for his commitment.” Simon Ford, Operations Director at Rainbow International.
  3. 3. 4 5 Your one stop shop Brand Mark Franchising is a one stop shop for your business development. We have been helping brands, both large and small to develop their businesses into successful franchises and help existing franchisors expand their networks. Not only will you benefit from our own expertise, we partner with other industry professionals to offer you a wider range of services. From territory mapping to accounting, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. At Brand Mark Franchising, we believe that the relationships we build with our clients are one of the most important elements of working together. We tailor our team to suit your needs, goals and personality. Helping you to grow your business as quickly and effectively as possible is our main aim and we assure that we have the correct team in place to assist you. Our business is a bespoke A-Z service to help you develop your franchise and recruit quality franchisees. A note from our Founder Welcome to Brand Mark Franchising and the next step in the development and growth of your business. We found that there are few companies who could offer a comprehensive service to both businesses looking to franchise and existing franchises who need an extra push in the right direction. At Brand Mark Franchising we provide all the services you need under one umbrella. We’re continuously developing our offering and looking to partner with more and more affiliates to expand the range of services we can provide. I hope this prospectus provides you with everything you need to know, if you would like to find out more and begin your franchising process, you are welcome to book an initial meeting so that we can outline your goals and how we can help you. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with the next phase of your business growth. Kind regards, Paul Davies Founding director E W I F encouraging franchising women into BMF and our Associates...
  4. 4. 6 7 Recruiting quality franchisees Once you’re up and running as a franchise, your next step will be to start recruiting those all-important franchisees. Not only do we help you with the setup of your franchise, we can also help you with the recruitment of quality franchisees to build a strong and successful network. We can handle the leads process for you so that you can concentrate on strengthening and improving your franchise offering. We can help with all the aspects of recruitment and retention of quality franchisees, including single-site and area or multi-site franchisees. Case Study: Ben & Jerry’s Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream began trading in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont. They now operate in over 50 countries around the world. Arriving in the UK in 1994, traditionally selling ice cream via cinema’s Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is now widely available in a variety of locations across the UK. Project outline Ben & Jerry’s worked with Brand Mark Franchising to put in place a recruitment programme in order to recruit more franchisees. Ben & Jerry’s also looked to dual brand a number of their stores with Subway in London to increase footfall at all times of day. Project outcomes Recruitment programme put in place to gain ground with new franchisees in stand-alone stores around the UK Recruited corporate franchise partners and arranged procurement of property for franchisees Introduced four dual branded stores with Subway in London Opened 12 stores per annum Won the right to supply Cineworld contract from competitors Haagen Dazs “During our project, Paul Davies provided key insight and drive into franchise recruitment. He was always careful to work ethically, with stewardship in mind and a genuine consideration of the long-term relationship between franchisee and franchisor.” Mark Stewart Maunder, Franchise Development Manager at Ben & Jerry’s. A comprehensive service We offer franchise consultancy and work with any business, no matter how large or small. Our business is twofold and we specialise in the key areas of setting up a business and franchising. With over 23 years’ experience in franchising with small and large brands such as KFC, Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, Allied Carpets and Perfect Pizza, you can learn from our hindsight. We offer two core services provide you with a comprehensive and all-encompassing service to get your business up and running as a franchise. A-Z of setting up a business You might be an existing business looking to franchise your operation. We can take you from the initial stages right through to recruiting your first franchisee and beyond which involves every sey-up function within your business. We can offer guidance and expert advice throughout the process and we can even work with you in-house if you need extra support. We have access to a wide range of key franchise professionals and we’re always looking to expand our team and partnerships so we can undertake a full provision of support in relation to franchising projects within the UK and Europe. Case Study: Onit Ltd Onit started working with Brand Mark Franchising in September 2014 as a start-up business. Previously, as TCS, they had been, and still are, one of Ireland’s largest importers and wholesalers of furniture into the UK market. Project outline Onit wanted to capitalise on their experience in the furniture market, an ability to leverage pricing and a willingness to adopt a new business model (franchising) and asked BMF to help them turn this into a viable franchise opportunity. Project outcomes Built entire infrastructure to support a national brand including a full legal package, quality marketing collateral, UK territory mapping, year one recruitment marketing campaign in place, ongoing application to British Franchise Association, financial modelling of the franchise offering and funding lenders are now in place Three proof concept stores open and trading Recruitment of franchisees underway with all systems live Separate franchise website in action. “Brand Mark Franchising have been extremely helpful in developing our business model in the UK. They always display a relaxed, caring and professional approach at all times, giving us the reassurance and direction that we need, especially at this early stage in our development.” Mark Prior, Managing Director of Onit Ltd.
  5. 5. 8 9 suit you. With flexibility in our offering, you tell us what you need and we’ll fit around your goals. Our affiliates help us to provide you with a bespoke and tailored service to suit your needs. Evolving to support you We have experience in starting new businesses, operating small and large franchise networks, recruitment of single area franchisees, obtaining bank funding, briefing in legal documents, marketing, branding and operational support. Whatever your need in franchising, we’ve got experience to Territory mapping We partner with specialist approved companies to help utilise geographic data to help you expand into new territories and extract more value from existing trade areas. Our affiliates recognise the real problems faced by franchises of all sizes, we’ve developed market-leading, innovative solutions that provide genuine benefits to our clients. We help franchisors to define optimised territories that deliver fair opportunities for both the franchisor and franchisee. To complement our project work we have a web-based mapping system for managing territories that can bring teams and franchisees together with a singular view of a franchise territory network. Marketing Our head marketing team is Coconut Creatives. They are the leading, award-winning, bfa- accredited franchise marketing company. Their clients range across industry, sector and size and they manage annual budgets from £500k-£20k all with a focus on: Marketing strategy and impact Improving franchisee conversion ratios Using tools that deliver results including social media management Coconut Creatives help us to make sure your marketing and sales collateral, PR, website, SEO landing page setup and recruitment strategy are aligned and perfected to help you start or continue recruiting franchisees. This team is essential for anyone looking for significantly improved results from their marketing activities. Lawyers Lawyers will ensure that your franchise package and agreements follow a specific format and are comprehensive. With such a big investment at stake on both yours and your franchisee’s part, it is extremely important to protect yourself and your network against anything that could go wrong. Qualified Franchise Professionals As affiliates of the bfa (British Franchise Association) we are dedicated to the implementation of ethical franchising. That’s why we use Qualified Franchise Professionals to provide many of our services. Our QFP partners have worked with some of the UK’s leading franchise brands. They help franchisors to set up and grow their franchise networks both nationally and internationally. Accountants Brand Mark Franchising can provide first-class financial services through qualified professionals who will service requirements for financial modelling of your franchise, troubleshooting for existing franchisors, contribute to your bfa accreditation and assist with franchisor and franchisee funding. They have been involved in etting up new franchisees, large and small, and ensure that the financial model successfully underpins all that the franchise achieves in the future. PR Our PR affiliates have a number of years’ experience in the industry. Having worked with established and emerging brands in a number of sectors, we are well equipped to offer assistance to a wide range of brands both large and small. A well-focused media relations campaign can have a huge influence on a brand. We always partner with award winning businesses.
  6. 6. 10 11 Size doesn’t matter Our services and affiliates allow us to work with both large and small brands. No brand is too large or too small. Whilst working with United Carpets, we helped them grow their business from 40-85 franchisees and we helped Perfect Pizza recruit and open 10 new stores per year. We aim to help successful businesses expand across the country; we know that the best way to do this is often through franchising. There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing your business model with others and watching them thrive. We can take your business model however small or embryonic (as long as it’s viable) and help you turn it into a successful franchise. We have a range of experience across industry and sector so we’ve got something for everyone. We have helped setup and develop a number of startup brands, working within such diverse fields as ‘popup craft beer bars’, HR consultancy and Ebay dropoff stores. Need help with your franchise? No matter what your needs or goals are, we can help you. We meet with you several times before we begin working together. Business assessment Historic financials and future forecasts of existing model Review present and historic strategy and performance SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Understand stakeholder groups and associations Produce risk assessment Intellectual Property review Determine scope of model replication After your first assessment, we will review our own team and tailor it to meet your needs and goals. Once, we’ve got to know you a bit more we will arrange a strategy planning day with you to define our role within the development of your business. We work with different businesses on various levels so we can be as involved in your business as you need us to be. Sound like a service you need? If you’re looking to join forces with a range of experts in the franchise industry and begin the next stage in your business development, please contact us. Our initial consultation is completely free of charge and there’s no obligation to work with us. 07342 980 193