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Getting Started with Performance Co-Pilot


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Introduction to Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) with discussion of new container-aware features.

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Getting Started with Performance Co-Pilot

  1. 1. PCP Introduction1 GETTING STARTED WITH PERFORMANCE CO-PILOT Paul V. Novarese Strategic Customer Engagement 26 March 2015 Burbank, CA
  2. 2. PCP Introduction2 AGENDA ● Overview ● Exploring PCP ● Latest Developments ● Demo
  3. 3. PCP Introduction3 OVERVIEW What is PCP? ● Open source toolkit ● System-level analysis ● Live and historical ● Extensible (monitors, collectors) ● Distributed ● R&D project, started ~20 years ago!
  4. 4. PCP Introduction4 ARCHITECTURE (System-Level)
  5. 5. PCP Introduction5 ARCHITECTURE (Datacenter-Level)
  6. 6. PCP Introduction6 METRICS ● pminfo --desc -tT --fetch [per-disk read operations] Data Type: 32-bit unsigned int InDom: 60.1 Semantics: counter Units: Kbyte Help: Cumulative number of disk read operations since boot time Values: inst [0 or "sda"] value 3382299 inst [1 or "sdb"] value 178421 ● pmprobe -v mem.util.shmem xfs.log.niclogs nvidia.memused
  7. 7. PCP Introduction7 METRICS NAMESPACES
  8. 8. PCP Introduction8 COLLECTOR TOOLKIT OVERVIEW ● pmcd, pmproxy, pmwebd ● Agents: ● Kernels (linux, mac, win, solaris, bsd, bonding, kvm, xfs, jbd2, gfs2, gluster, zswap, dmcache, ...) ● Services (samba, elasticsearch, apache, nginx, memcache, postfix,...) ● Databases (mysql, postgresql, sqlserver, dbping) ● Misc (cisco, shping, zimbra, mmv, ...) ● pcp(1)
  9. 9. PCP Introduction9 CONSUMER TOOLKIT OVERVIEW ● Logging tools ● pmlogsummary, pmlogextract, pmlogger, ... ● Console tools ● pmval, pminfo, pmstat, pmdumptext, pmatop, ... ● Most tools share command line arguments ● Source (host, archive) ● Sampling (interval, count) ● Time windows, timezone ● PCPIntro(1)
  10. 10. PCP Introduction10 CLIENT TOOLKIT: pmchart ● Arbitrary charts ● Load / Save views ● VCR-style playback
  11. 11. PCP Introduction11 CLIENT TOOLKIT: pmie ● “Inference Engine” ● Rules Actions ruleset kernel.all.load #’1 minute’ > 10 * hinv.ncpu print "extreme load average %v" else kernel.all.load #’1 minute’ > 2 * hinv.ncpu print "moderate load average %v" unknown print "load average unavailable" otherwise print "load average OK";
  13. 13. PCP Introduction13 GOALS ● Zero installation inside containers required ● Allow targeting of individual containers ● Simplify your life (dev_t auto-mapping) ● Data reduction (proc.*, cgroup.*)
  14. 14. PCP Introduction14 KERNEL INSTRUMENTATION ● cgroup accounting ● [subsys].stat files below /sys/fs/cgroup ● blkio ● IOPs/bytes, service/wait time – aggregate/per-dev ● Split up by read/write, sync/async ● cpuacct ● Processor use per-cgroup - aggregate/per-CPU ● memory ● mapped anon pages, page cache, writeback, swap, active/inactive LRU state
  15. 15. PCP Introduction15 NAMESPACES ● EG: cat /proc/net/dev ● Contents differ inside vs outside a container ● Processes (e.g. cat) in containers run in different network, ipc, process, uts, mount namespaces ● Namespaces are inherited across fork/clone ● Processes within a container share common view
  16. 16. PCP Introduction17 BONUS MATERIAL
  17. 17. PCP Introduction18 CURRENT DEVELOPMENT ● Browser interfaces / APIs ● JSON APIs ● ● Python APIs ● Clients and agents ● ● Containers, discovery ● New metrics (cgroups, libpfm, GPUs,...)
  18. 18. PCP Introduction19 RESOURCES ● ● ● Supported in RHEL 7, RHEL 6.6 ● Tech Brief: Getting Started w/ PCP (similar to demo) ● ● RHEL 7 cheatsheets for RHEL 6 admins ● ● 7_cheatsheet_27x36_1014_jcs_web.pdf
  19. 19. PCP Introduction20 QUICK COMPARISON Name License Trending SNMP Platform IPv6 WebApp Commercial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Yes Yes Full Control Commercial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Yes Yes Yes Nagios GPL Yes No Via plugin Via plugin Yes Yes Yes Yes Flat file Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Viewing Zabbix GPL Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Full Control Data Storage Method Trend Prediction Auto Discovery Distributed Monitoring Access Control HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) PostgreSQL, Oracle IBM Tivoli Network Manager MySQL, Oracle, DB2 Flat file, SQL C, PHP Performance Co-Pilot GPL, LGPL C, Perl, Python, POSIX, MinGW Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQLite C, PHP