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Voice Mail


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Voice Mail

  1. 1. By, Manish Arya Paul Tokarev Benjamin Meyer Daisuke
  2. 2. Comparison between VoIP and E- mail VoIP E-mail  Provides voice communication.  No organization of messages.  Status has to be online to communicate.  Provides organization of messages.  No direct voice recording.  Writing is slower than speaking (usually).
  3. 3. Voice Mail Advantages  Voice mail combines the positives of VoIP and E-mail.  Direct voice record.  Organization of messages.  Status doesn’t have to be online to communicate.
  4. 4. Voice Mail Features  Create/manage account.  Create/delete voice message.  Send/receive voice message.  Message organization in folders.  ………more to come.
  5. 5. Market Study  E-Mail  No voice recording support  VoIP-Software with Instant-Messaging-Function  Skype, ICQ, ...  Storing and organizing of voice messages is not supported  Plug-ins for Mail Clients  Vemail, MailAmp, ...  Cannot be embedded into web-mail, only plug-in  Sending voice messages from web  VIMAS, JavaSonics  Java applets only for sending 1 message.
  6. 6. Welcome to Voice Mail Sign in with your Voice Mail Account Username: Password: Sign in
  7. 7. Inbox preview Inbox Record Sent Voice Mails Outbox ……… ……… From Subject Message Bob 25.10.2010 James 24.10.2010 Wilson 22.10.2010
  8. 8. Create Message Preview To: Subject: Send Message: