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Wearable Tech: Practical Implications


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Wearable tech is cool, but it's not new. When taking the time to think about how we got here and why, one can better predict the future. Whether a designer, marketer, strategist, or manager, there's the cool factor, then there's the business case.

This is a soft introduction to frame the thinking of business teams. It was used successfully in a recent meet-up/conference with Fortune 500 healthcare, finance and retail brands.

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Wearable Tech: Practical Implications

  1. 1. W!"r"b#! T!$%&'#'(): Practical Implications a Pauly Ting original
  2. 2. Discussion Points What is Wearable Technology? Types of Wearable Technology Wearable Technology applications Opportunities and Challenges The commercial strategy a Pauly Ting original
  3. 3. Wearable Technology; Wearable Tech; Wearables What do you think it is? (this is an actual question) a Pauly Ting original
  4. 4. Wearables: What devices do you think of? Smart Watches Health Trackers Google Glass Interactive Clothing Gesture Controllers Crazy Mind Readers a Pauly Ting original
  5. 5. Wearables: What are we trying to improve? Effi"#$%"& E%'$r'(#%)$%' C*+'*r$ C,%'r,+ A""$--#b#+#'& Q*(+#'& ,f L#f$ W$++%$-- C,%v$%#$%"$ Sp$$. S(f$'& I%'$++#/$%"$ Ab#+#'& a Pauly Ting original
  6. 6. Wearables: We’ve been doing it all along ‘Normal’ Watches Bluetooth Headset Glasses Hypercolor T-Shirts Prosthetics Pacemaker Headphones Hearing Aids Jewelry Hats Shoes Backpacks a Pauly Ting original
  7. 7. Wearables: The concept isn’t new WEARABLE TECH: Not a new idea Hugo Gernsback: “The Father of Science Fiction” wearing his invention, TV Glasses in 1963 a Pauly Ting original
  8. 8. Wearables: Where does it live in the ‘device’ world? The Computer The Phone The Tablet Other / Stuff / Things a Pauly Ting original
  9. 9. Wearables: Ubiquitous Computing Ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) is an advanced computing concept where computing is made to appear everywhere and anywhere. It can occur using any device, in any location, and in any format. a Pauly Ting original
  10. 10. Wearables: A part of Ubiquitous Computing a Pauly Ting original
  11. 11. The Internet of Things Fashion Education Healthcare Hardware (form and sensors) Utility Social Software (UX and insights) Lifestyle Connected Home Wellness a Pauly Ting original
  12. 12. Wearable Technology / Internet of Things Smart Appliances Remote Controls Smart Glasses Gesture Controllers Smart Watch Smart Phones Sensor Patches Implants Clothing & Shoes Tablets/Pills Prosthetics In the body Electronic Tattoos Tablets and Computers iBeacons Activity Trackers Smart Jewelry On the body Authentication Devices Around the body a Pauly Ting original
  13. 13. Wearables: Lifestyle Nymi Sesame Oakley Airwave Galaxy Gear FitBark Filip Philips VIBE MYO Instabeat Kiwi Move GolfSense Google Glass Hövding Motorola Tattoo Microphone a Pauly Ting original
  14. 14. d Wearables: Health and Wellness Nike Fuelband Jawbone UP24 Basis Watch Bones Proteus Implant Sensor Lumoback Danfoss PolyPower Endolite Élan Fitbit Force iOptik BodyGuardian a Pauly Ting original
  15. 15. Wearables: What does this mean for the smart phone? a Pauly Ting original
  16. 16. Smart Phone: For now, it’s the hub Processing Power Screen Size = UI/UX Location Aware Data Connection Primary Utility Consolidation Cross-Functional Has some sensors a Pauly Ting original
  17. 17. a Pauly Ting original
  18. 18. Wearables: We’re still trying to improve the same things Effi"#$%"& E%'$r'(#%)$%' C*+'*r$ C,%'r,+ A""$--#b#+#'& Q*(+#'& ,f L#f$ W$++%$-- C,%v$%#$%"$ Sp$$. S(f$'& I%'$++#/$%"$ Ab#+#'& a Pauly Ting original
  19. 19. Wearables: Opportunities New products and services More accurate data Hyper-contextual targeting Better decision making Understanding Identity Integration into workspaces More advanced skill-sets Actionable insights Omni-channel strategy a Pauly Ting original
  20. 20. Wearable Lithium-Ion Battery a Pauly Ting original
  21. 21. Wearables: Challenges Critical mass adoption Privacy invasion concerns Security troubles Analysis paralysis Data/device fatigue Low battery life Highly personal real estate Short attention span a Pauly Ting original
  22. 22. “Wristlet” (wrist watch): Uncool in the early 1900s a Pauly Ting original
  23. 23. Wearables: Tackling the commercial strategy 1. 2. 3. Have a meaningful purpose Problem or Opportunity Physical Product (what’s the motivation) (fun, fiction, or fact) (hardware, sensors, form factor) 4. 5. 6. Data and APIs Actionable Insights User Interface (recording and correlating inputs) (machine learning and advice) (software and hardware UI/UX) 7. 8. 9. Feedback and Advice Self-Actualization Learning (social influence and gamification) (enabling, evidence, recognition) (incremental behavioral change) a Pauly Ting original
  24. 24. Wearables: Some graphs to validate some stuff Market Value 2012: $750m 2018: $5.8b Market Share North America: 43% Asia / Europe: 49% a Pauly Ting original
  25. 25. Wearables: Think strategically about opportunities a Pauly Ting original
  26. 26. Check out these resources Breaking down the wearables and internet-of-things ecosystems Wearable tech hits the office Wearable Tech: The next mobility market The man who foresaw science fiction The future of wearable technology Creepy future? “Sight Contact Lenses” 9 Trends to watch in wearable tech a Pauly Ting original
  27. 27. Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is - Albert Camus @paulyting a Pauly Ting original