PDX - Effective Communicators Rule the world


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PDX - Effective Communicators Rule the world

  1. 1. The very clever web company www.feedia.com.au
  2. 2. Feedia - BrisbaneOur brand pillars – Collaboration, Character, DedicationOur team of six explore ideas and design digital strategies that generate income, ROI and rewarding experiences.We listen, observe and understand people to help create clever tools that your customers will love.
  3. 3. What are we talking about?Effective communicators rule the world1) The value of effective communication and relationships2) The impact of new media on effective communication3) Starting and managing your social media the easy way
  4. 4. Dunbar’s Number = 150“Founded by British Anthropologist Robin Dunbar is atheoretical cognitive limit to the number of people withwhom one can maintain stable social relationships.” -Wikipedia
  5. 5. The responsibility of communicatorsThe Communicator – It is your responsibility to adapt your language, delivery and medium to match the listening and learning style of the recipient.The Recipient – It is your responsibility to respond.
  6. 6. How do you communicate?TalkingListeningPhysical ContactWritingDrawingFilmMusicBody LanguageGestures
  7. 7. How do you find the time?Has tech made your communication and relationships:a) More or less valuableb) More or less efficientc) More or less maintenanced) More or less intimatee) More or less professionalf) More or less frequentg) More or less organisedh) More or less physical
  8. 8. The impact of new media1) Communication Simplification2) Personal responsibility3) Micro personalities4) Entitlement5) The loss of privacy6) The lazy communicator
  9. 9. Communication Simplification Pros Reach, speed, frequency and volume Cons Communication breakdown, reduced vocabulary and mis-interpretation
  10. 10. The impact ofcommunication simplification The deterioration of language Example Could/Can’t (possibility) Should/Don’t (obligation) Would/Won’t (intention)
  11. 11. Personal Responsibility Pros Ownership of opinion, responsible practices and independent voice Cons Consequences, commitment and effort
  12. 12. The impact ofpersonal responsibility Celebration of the individual doesn’t mean ignorance of the law or your environment.
  13. 13. Micro Personalities Pros Personal branding, finding like minded people and the freedom of speech Cons Self importance, ego and pride
  14. 14. The impact ofmicro personalities The convergence of like minds and the re-construction of the small town mentality
  15. 15. Entitlement Pros Corporate responsibility, communication monitoring and consumer direction Cons Unrealistic expectations, safe marketing, defensive communication
  16. 16. The impact of entitlement It’s all about me and I couldn’t really care about you.
  17. 17. The loss of privacy Pros Better life tools, greater understanding, contextual conversation, dishonesty is visible Cons Intrusion to self, public intimacy, discretion is not advised.
  18. 18. The impact of losing privacy Bye bye to the white lie, hello to the closed communicator.
  19. 19. The lazy communicator Pros Contact is immediate, connectivity is mobile and knowledge is accessible Cons Impatience, relationships become cold, resentment and judgment
  20. 20. The impact of the lazy communicator You don’t have time for me. So why should I bother?
  21. 21. How do you feel right now?Does it make you cautious?Do you feel defensive?Are you feeling overwhelmed?Are you skeptical?Do you feel obligated to keep up?
  22. 22. What is social media?A communication channel…to share stories…to forge relationships and to have a relevant conversation.Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, LinkedIn, MySpace etc are just tools.Tools are only as effective as the person holding them.
  23. 23. How to start yoursocial media messageDefine what you want to sayCreate an interesting and relevant storyDefine who you want to talk withResearch the best social medium to share your storyLive, breathe and abide by your story
  24. 24. How to manage yoursocial mediaCommunication Simplification Value the power of languagePersonal responsibility Take responsibility for your actionsMicro personalities Be original and remarkable
  25. 25. How to manage yoursocial mediaEntitlement Be accepting – it’s not all about you all the timeThe loss of privacy Be discretionary but not closedThe lazy communicator Make time for your relationships
  26. 26. Social Media MarketingMay the most effective communicator win.