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My Marketing Resource - Building Online Businesses

  1. 1. with Paul Ting Twitter: Email: [email_address] Web:
  2. 2. Feedia is a digital agency. Website Design Web Development Mobile Apps Custom Web Apps Digital Marketing Strategies Social Media Marketing
  3. 3. Websites are dead. Think of online businesses.
  4. 4. Prospecting Sales and Marketing Customer Service and Support Administration and Paperwork Feedback and Surveys Orders, Quotes and Queries
  5. 5. Primary Goals
  6. 6. Backup Goals
  7. 7. 4 ways to make sure your website makes money, not just cost money.
  8. 8. Content
  9. 9. Credibility
  10. 10. Conversion
  11. 11. Customer
  12. 12. Feedia - We build online businesses. Contact Us Twitter: Email: [email_address] Web: Please find two FREE workshop tickets in your bags to learn more about building a successful online business!