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The future of the Internet 2 - Evolution to the "Internet of things"


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This presentation is about the fast evolving world of the Internet, changing devices, technology adoption and evolution toward the Internet of things - with a bit of Google+ thrown in and the ultimate move to Google Now and wearable computing with joined up Google Apps...

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The future of the Internet 2 - Evolution to the "Internet of things"

  1. 1. The Future of the Internet Paul Tansey
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Introduction Visions of the Future The Customers of Tomorrow Google+ and why it matters The Cloud Devices Summary
  3. 3. Hello Paul Tansey – Intergage The Web Marketing Nerd with the Big Chin A Managing Director’s Job Why you and I will never know everything Slides available tomorrow from
  4. 4. Intergage Web design Online & offline PR Content management Video and multimedia Training and seminars Online advertising Our aim Social media Search engine optimisation
  5. 5. About This Presentation It’s actually half a presentation… Yes, there is a lot about Google There is a fair bit of video It will move fast It is just my opinion…
  6. 6. Forrester Research Says… “The Death of the Web A new model is emerging – the App/ Internet Model. The future architecture is going to combine the amazing power in the cloud and the Internet with powerful local devices running very powerful applications.” George Colony, Chairman & CEO, Forrester Research
  7. 7. What Google Thinks “Technology will augment our lives in every way...” “Tiny powerful sensors will embedded in everything from clothes to furniture”. A new intelligent infrastructure will emerge (we would argue heavily powered by Android). We are beginning to see Science Fiction become reality…The people who predict that holograms, virtual reality and self-driving cars will be commonplace quite soon are absolutely right…” Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google Mobile World Congress, February 2012
  8. 8. Google’s Self Driving Car “Google’s cars have already driven over 200,000 miles” 93% of accidents are the result of Human Error
  9. 9. The Next Generation & Social Meet “Generation C”
  10. 10. Search Evolution More Social Less spam It’s all going to be about quality, engagement and sharing The rise of “Authorship” Google moving toward one huge online database
  11. 11. Search Evolution – Knowledge Graph
  12. 12. Search Evolution - Authenticity “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance” Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, F ebruary 2013
  13. 13. Authenticity in Action Link your content to your G+ profile Let Google know you are the original author Your photo displayed
  14. 14. Google+Not Just a Social Network “Google+ is Google," says Vice President Bradley Horowitz. "The entry points to Google+ are many, and the integrations are more every day."
  15. 15. Google+ Google+ is built into the Google search engine which means: It’s always there It’s your online identity in the Google ecosystem You can “Like” (+1) and share things in seconds No “Like” button required You can connect with people and brands in just seconds
  16. 16. Google+ Key Features Circles makes sharing with the RIGHT people easier
  17. 17. Google+ Key Features Hangouts makes 1:1 or 1:Many video conferencing easy & free Broadcast live or record to YouTube
  18. 18. Google+ Recommendations
  19. 19. Google+ as “The Spine of all thingsGoogle”
  20. 20. Example 1 +
  21. 21. Example 2 +
  22. 22. Example 3 +
  23. 23. Anything else? Local search will move to Google+ Hash tags work in Google+ Reviews will be easy to do and easily found there Events are great Fastest evolving social network ever… Highest user satisfaction scores (Facebook among the lowest) Communities feature is a new “Gold Rush”
  24. 24. The Last Seven Years of YouTube Still growing exponentially Mobile access tripled in 2011 to 600 million views a day Total views now 4 Billion every day It’s main competitor is TV
  25. 25. Cloud Computing Software as a service / Flexible licenses Cloud storage Anytime access from any device Collaboration & Synchronisation Security and backup handled Reduced hardware and maintenance requirements – Simple browser or App required.
  26. 26. How We Access The Internet Laptops / Desktops - the most engaging way to use the internet Mobiles – will overtake the PC by 2014 Tablets – will be 10% of all website traffic by 2014 TV? – More in a minute Huge variety of Browser / Device Combinations
  27. 27. Tablet Usage 1 in 10 Smartphone owners has a tablet too Share of website traffic growing 10 times faster than smartphones Most commonly used for: Social media Browsing the Web Watching videos
  28. 28. Responsive Design Required? Or not…
  29. 29. M-Commerce
  30. 30. QR Codes & Augmented Reality
  31. 31. Doesn’t Traditional TV Suck? Old fashioned “Scheduled” approach not convenient 2000 TiVo Launched in the UK 2001 SKY+ Box Revolutionises TV Viewing 2006 BTVision 2006 4oD 2007 BBC iPlayer 2008 ITV Player (ITV Catch-Up) 2008 Demand 5 2010 Google TV v1 Launched in the US
  32. 32. Google TV?
  33. 33. The Future of Devices
  34. 34. Project Glass The future of mobile computing?
  35. 35. The Internet of Things Cars Streetlights Traffic Lights Lifting bridges Watches Bins Fridges Scales / Lightbulbs / Home Management & Security Systems The Tweet Mirror in store
  36. 36. Conclusions / Predictions The next generation is generation C (for connected). They are and will be: Permanently connected to the Internet More connected to more people than ever before Adopting technology changes fast Video is one of the best investments you can make in marketing your business, for social, search, future TV applications and the growing mobile / tablet audience. The new model is software and storage in the cloud with Apps & Browsers running powerful applications on a range of devices
  37. 37. Conclusions / Predictions Google+ will become a major communication tool as Google’s ever growing base of cloud based applications all integrate and become more social Personal mobile devices can replace our traditional computers, wallets, keys… This range of devices will become much broader as everything connects to the Web. Machines talk to machines via the internet as much (or more) than people do
  38. 38. Thank You +Intergage @PaulTansey