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A short introduction to myself and my work.

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    1. 1. Portfolio Presentation Paul Rowell
    2. 2. Who I am in <140 characters
    3. 3. Employment – BBC Worldwide https://www.bbcworldwide.com Aug 2015 - Present Period What do I do? PHP/Drupal Developer Design and develop new features Collaborate with other parts of the business Process/development enhancements Ask me! Drupal Engineer Role
    4. 4. Employment – BBC Worldwide cont. My position at BBC Worldwide is part of the BBC Store team. Joining in Aug I was part of the driving force that pushed the project through its final stages and into live. Since going live in Nov 2015 the site has undergone continual delivery featuring new functionality, bugfixes, and efficiency improvements to the current system. Joining BBC Store I had to learn to adapt to new technologies I've not used commercially before as well as adopting the processes and development practices used. My role includes: Working with product to design and develop new features that will meet the businesses KPIs and objectives Triaging live issues and responding to the Operations Teams queries Working with other developers and QA to build and test new features Communicating with other departments of the product on new changes to provide training/information as required. What do I do? https://www.bbcworldwide.com
    5. 5. Employment – Reading Room www.readingroom.com June 2011 - Aug 2015 Period What do I do? PHP/Drupal Developer New Business Proposals/Pitches New Developer Training People/project ownership Ask me! Technical Developer Role Where have I worked? London Singapore
    6. 6. Employment – Reading Room cont. www.readingroom.com My role at Reading Room involves writing project documentation, technical and non-technical meetings with clients, active development as well as working alongside other developers. I am also regularly involved in new business, helping to scope costs and timelines for potential clients as well as crafting solutions to the problems presented. This involves preparing technical presentations as well as attending pitches with potential clients. My position on the divisional SMT (Senior Management Team) requires me to take ownership of projects and people within division. I currently lead open source projects within division and am often a point of contact within London itself and the company globally. Project documentation written includes functional, technical and cms specification detailing the deliverables for projects and functionality involved. During the course of projects I've been required to translate the clients needs into a creative solution that abides to the projects parameters and potential restraints. What do I do?
    7. 7. Projects I’ve worked on a variety of projects. Below are a collection of websites I have been involved in, after which is more information about a few of my favourites. More of my work can be seen at www.paulrowell.com/my-work
    8. 8. A site that allows users to find and compare health services and information in London, including various data sets on performance and services available. See more at: www.paulrowell.com/my-work/myhealth-london Myhealth London www.myhealth.london.nhs.uk
    9. 9. A complete site overhaul and refresh, allowing the charity to showcase itself, and allow people to search its work, campaigns, services, and events. See more at www.paulrowell.com/my-work/leonard-cheshire-disability Leonard Cheshire www.leonardcheshire.org
    10. 10. A brand and site refresh designed to increase user interaction and ease the daily lives of Our Better World’s content creators and editors. See more at www.paulrowell.com/my-work/our-better-world Our Better World www.ourbetterworld.org
    11. 11. Outside of Work Outside of employment I have a lively interest in development and the web. Other than reading material and tutorials I maintain an active involvement in the Drupal community. Some of what I do is below with more information about some of my activities following. Development Blog Events Trying out new modules/themes, reading and following tutorials Sharing my thoughts and my experiences of Drupal Attending events and meetups, talking with other developers
    12. 12. A module I created to integrate with Drupal’s popular ‘Webform’ module. Submitted to, and approved by, the community it is now freely available to be downloaded and used by others. Webform Email Reply https://drupal.org/project/webform_ email_reply
    13. 13. Drupal Camp London is a Drupal focused tech event held annually in London. Welcoming 500+ people over 3 days to collaborate, engage, and learn. I have been involved since it started in 2013 in various ways shown below. DrupalCamp London 2013-2015: Volunteering - General running duties - Ensuring the smooth running 2016-2017: Organising committee - Helping to structure and organise the camp 2013, 2015: Speaker - Presenting a topic to a group of people
    14. 14. PaulRowell.com My blog is used to share my thoughts and experiences with Drupal, as well as using it as a portfolio for a selection of my work. www.paulrowell.com
    15. 15. About me Education Kingston University, 2011 Computing and Mathematics Games RPG Puzzle Action/Adventure TV/Cinema Disney/Pixar Sci-fi Comedy Activities Bouldering Walking
    16. 16. Contact me www.linkedin.com/in/paulrowell www.paulrowell.com https://drupal.org/user/1881402