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USB Video Conferencing Info-graphic


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USB Video Conferencing Info-graphic. Learn more about USB VideoConferencing Solutions with facts to support the overview of Return on Investment. Video Conferencing with USB Video Conferencing Equipment makes for a entirely new landscape of possibilities.

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USB Video Conferencing Info-graphic

  1. 1. USB Video Conferencing What we need to start? 1. USB Camera Screen Sharing. Annotation. Remote Desktop Sharing. 2. USB Microphone No more expensive hardware! No more maintenance contracts! * Easy for Everyone! Mobile Video Conferencing! Cloud solutions are Easy! Just email your invitation & with one click your participants can join the call! Provides seamless connection to mobile devices for video conferencing and content sharing Video Conferencing is more fun than ever. Just remember to dress up. Even if your are sitting on your couch! International Business trips that originate in North America can cost up to $2,818 HD video calls only require 1-2MBs. -Survey by American Express This finally makes sense! The ROI is here! Ready when you are! Affordable Plans start at… Free! Cost of Video Conferencing 1980’s 1990’s - 2000’s 2010 Today Average return on investment is now less than 1 Year! Easy Plug & Play Soft Codec’s Interoperable Use any PC, Mac, Chromebook to launch your meeting! Open the flood gates! Choose the best cloud software! 75% Enterprises In 2013, 75% of all enterprises were using some form of video conferencing. In 2014, we expect that number to reach 95% due to the convenience of USB video conferencing. Learn more @ Follow Me on Twitter @Havsys Webcams have been in existence for fewer than 20 years.