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Tely Labs Webinar Intro May 22nd 2014 Register here if you are interested in attending

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  • Large enterprises have been installing video conference rooms for many years. But at a very expensive premium and typically in a very limited number of briefing centers and executive conference rooms.

    Vendors like Cisco, Polycom & Lifesize have all come out with less expensive videoconferencing endpoints, but they still cost thousands of dollars.

    Probably familiar with traditional group video solutions
    Expensive – both endpoints and the infrastructure required
    Complex to setup and maintain
    Limited use – about 5%, perhaps as much as 10%, of all conference rooms
    Not practical for small or midsize companies. Almost no penetration in SMB market
  • In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the use of video at the consumer level – on PCs with webcams and now with Smartphones and Tablets. Free products, such as Skype, dominate that market. Plentiful and cheap, but limited capabilities.

    Tjhese provide a good “personal” experience. Great for one person, for casual use, but not a great solution for business and for meeting rooms.
  • So, how are some companies trying to fill the gap? By building PC-based videoconferencing systems themselves…

    “MacGyvering” is the act of jury-rigging technology when no appropriate solutions are available. Pulling together a video conferencing solution based on a PC with say, a Vaddio camera and Phoenix audio pieces is one way to address this market opportunity.

  • The problem is, the cost is well over $1,000 per room, the result is complex and user satisfaction has been unsatisfactory. This is not the solution.
  • This is our elevator pitch. Key points:
    standards-based. Ability to connect via multiple protocols makes it practical for both videoconferencing with the company, but also with customers and partners
    appliance – a stand-alone device. No PC required. Just connect it to a TV and add internet connectivity
    unprecedented value
    Connects to existing systems and infrastructure, but also using the cloud to connect with no infrastructure investment

    Also, it’s an all-in-one meeting room appliance. (We’ll cover in a couple of slides)

    telyHD Pro is about a foot long.
    HD video, 720p. Fixed wide-angle lens, with digital pan-tilt-zoom
    4 noise cancelling microphones
    Connect via Ethernet (recommended) or built-in Wi-Fi.

    Optional Audio Pod which can connect to the USB port on the back, with 15’ extension. Speakerphone – speaker & microphone. Highly recommended for meeting rooms.
    Other USB speakerphones supported, such as ClearOne, Polycom and Phoenix Audio. (Others may not work properly.)
  • Now we’ve talked about the market opportunity – and how you finally have an appropriately priced, appliance solution.

    What do you need to sell this everywhere? Connectivity. Right out of the box, telyHD Pro supports these communications methods:

    SIP – industry-standard communications support means that the telyHD Pro can be registered to a Cisco VCS, Polycom DMA or other traditional video servers to join those existing networks, providing a cost-effective way to extend video throughout the enterprise – not just in the boardroom.

    telyHD Pro also comes with a 1-year subscription to telyCloud. This is our cloud-based service that takes care of NAT/Firewall traversal, addressing, etc so your customers can get 6-party videoconferencing even if they don’t want to make the investment in on-premise infrastructure. All they need is a telyHD Pro at each endpoint. This is a service, so you get recurring revenues in years 2 and onwards when your customers renew.

    We support 3rd-party cloud bridging services, too, so your customers can use their telyHD Pro to connect to a variety of devices, like laptops, smartphones, tablets - and room systems – in the cloud. We’ve done significant development with our partner Blue Jeans Network to make the experience very simple.

    And finally, telyHD Pro is a Skype-certified product, so it can be used to connect to any Skype enabled device, one-to-one.

    You can see where this is leading. A universal client model, where it won’t matter what your customer’s chosen communications protocol is, Tely Labs is the universal endpoint for videoconferencing and collaboration.

    (Lync & Jabber not currently supported, but are on the roadmap)
  • For organizations that don’t want to invest in infrastructure, cloud conferencing services can…
    Connect multiple locations with HD video & audio
    Provide NAT, firewall traversal, addressing
    Enable wireless desktop sharing
    Include administrative features
  • Tely Labs Webinar Intro May 22nd 2014

    1. 1. Solving 5 BIG SMB Challenges with Video Conferencing Appliances May 2014
    2. 2. 2 Introduction
    3. 3. 3 Solving the Top 5 SMB Business Challenges $ SMBs Face Many Challenges In today’s highly competitive marketplace, small to medium sized businesses face the same challenges as larger enterprises. What’s more, smaller companies have more limited resources, making these challenges even more difficult to solve. But new technology helps SMBs level the playing field, when they face the top 5 SMB business challenges.
    4. 4. 4 Solving the Top 5 SMB Business Challenges 1 Reduce Costs Each year, U.S. companies spend over $140 billion on travel. Travel also means opportunity cost and loss of productivity. One of the greatest benefits of video conferencing is the ability to drastically reduce travel time and costs. Now that business-class video conferencing is affordable for SMBs, the cost justification is obvious: one saved trip pays for a telyHD Pro. source: The Average Cost of Business Travel.
    5. 5. 5 Solving the Top 5 SMB Business Challenges 2 Improve Employee Productivity 61% of CEOs say that video communication has a significant positive impact on employee productivity. Companies that use video conferencing see faster and more creative decision making. source: McCabe, Laurie. Top SMB Business Challenges. March 17, 2014:
    6. 6. 6 Solving the Top 5 SMB Business Challenges 3 Improve Teamwork 97% of workers report that they “need conditions that encourage collaboration to do their best work.” Video conferencing makes it easy for employees to work with the best talent and expertise inside or outside the company, anywhere. source: Romano, Nicholas; Nunamaker, Jay. Meeting Analysis Findings. Oklahoma State University.
    7. 7. 7 Solving the Top 5 SMB Business Challenges 4 Improve Meeting Efficiency The average mid-level manager spends about 70% of their time in meetings while most organizations spend about 7-15% of their budget on meeting costs. Meeting expenses can be reduced by the improved efficiency of video collaboration, allowing a greater degree of participation and faster, clearer communication. source: Telepresence ROI Guide, 2014. VU Telepresence
    8. 8. 8 Solving the Top 5 SMB Business Challenges 5 Closer Customer Relations Video communication produces much richer understanding and stronger emotional response than audio conferencing can. Video also allows employees to share images and documents with customers, improving the quality of support and overall customer experience. This gives companies a significant competitive advantage, allowing users to increase their customer base, and ultimately their bottom line.
    9. 9. 9 Solving the Top 5 SMB Business Challenges ! Video Conferencing for the Rest of Us Tely Labs offers the industry’s most cost effective room-based video conferencing solution that provides professional performance, ease of use, and full room coverage for less than $1,000.
    10. 10. 1 0 The traditional market – Large Enterprises Used mostly by executives and management Expensive investment for endpoints and infrastructure Low penetration, only 5% - 10% of all conference rooms Not suited for most small or midsize deployments Who Gets the Benefit of Videoconferencing Now? Prices starting at $5,000 up to over $300,000 per room 1 0 Tely Labs confidential
    11. 11. Desktop Tablet Mobile Desktop Mobile Software-based Video Desktop & mobile apps Inexpensive Pervasive Provides a personal experience Not well-suited for meeting rooms Software Downloads – free to inexpensive per user Video Communication Now Also Available for Consumers Tely Labs confidential 1 1
    12. 12. 1 2 An Under-Served Market: the Rest of Us! Voice, Fax, Email The video gap: 95% of meeting rooms, telecommuters, remote offices, SMB’s Desktop Tablet Mobile Desktop Mobile Software Downloads – free to inexpensive per user Prices starting at $5,000 up to over $300,000 per room 1 2 Tely Labs confidential
    13. 13. What Would MacGyver Do? Put It Together Yourself!!! + + MacGyvering [muhk-gahy-ver-ing] Noun 1. The act of jury rigging technology when no appropriate solutions are available 2. To tinker or experiment with technology 3. To fail by proposing overly complex, underpowered and improper solutions
    14. 14. What Would MacGyver Do? Put It Together Yourself!!! MacGyvering [muhk-gahy-ver-ing] Noun 1. The act of jury rigging technology when no appropriate solutions are available 2. To tinker or experiment with technology 3. To fail by proposing overly complex, underpowered and improper solutions + + = FAIL!
    15. 15. 1 5 Bridging the Gap The need: a simple, affordable video conferencing solution for meeting rooms Voice, Fax, Email Desktop Mobile Software Downloads – free to inexpensive per user Prices starting at $5,000 up to over $300,000 per room 1 5 Tely Labs confidential
    16. 16. 1 6 Bridging the Gap Voice, Fax, Email Desktop Mobile Software Downloads – free to inexpensive per user Prices starting at $5,000 up to over $300,000 per room A purpose-built, plug-in appliance for SMB’s and enterprise “huddle rooms” 1 6 Tely Labs confidential
    17. 17. 1 7 Introducing telyHD Pro telyHD Pro is a revolutionary, standards-based video conferencing appliance that connects with existing videoconferencing systems and infrastructure at unprecedented value. telyHD Pro also includes built-in features that make it a great all-in-one collaboration and communications device. 1 7 Tely Labs confidential noise-cancelling microphones privacy shutter HD cameraIR receiver telyHD button/ indicator LED SD slot Ethernet HDMI out Power (5W) USB port
    18. 18. Flexible Connectivity 6 party videoconferencing and content sharing without the expensive infrastructure. All you need is a telyHD Pro at each endpoint. Low cost annual cloud subscription per unit. Connect to any Skype- enabled device in HD video. Makes use of existing Skype directory and over 1 billion Skype users. Great for ad hoc 1-to-1 video calling. Support for Blue Jeans and other third-party cloud services. Users can connect to a variety of devices in the cloud, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and traditional room- based video systems. 1 8 Tely Labs confidential SIP SIP connectivity for industry standard communications Register to standards- based SIP registrars for compatibility with systems from…
    19. 19. 1 9 telyShare • Wireless projection from Mac or Windows • Takes the place of an LCD projector & screen
    20. 20. 2 0 telyShare • Wirelessly share content during a video call from Mac or Windows PC • Standards- compatible with high-end video conferencing systems
    21. 21. 2 1 How to Connect: On-Premise Equipment Substantial capital equipment expense, requires administrative support, can support standards-based interoperability. Moving to virtualization/cloud models.
    22. 22. 2 2 How to Connect: Vendor-Specific Cloud Service Most economical cloud-based service (OPEX). Balance enhanced features & functions, for limited interoperability.
    23. 23. 2 3 How to Connect: Third-Party Cloud Bridging Services Premium priced, cloud-based service with broad interoperability.
    24. 24. Customers
    25. 25. 2 5 Challenge: With 5 stores in Georgia, Florida and Rhode Island, Outdoor Network’s management and staff need to work together on a regular basis to share information but audio-only conference calls just weren’t good enough. It was hard to know if everyone was looking at the same data, or even paying attention. telyHD Pro Solution: Outdoor Network’s operations team tracks inventory and sales more easily with content sharing and video conferencing – and maintains its close-knit culture. “Our CEO is hands-on. He wants to look you in the eye when he’s talking to you.” Read the case study: Featured Case Study: Retail 2 5 Tely Labs confidential
    26. 26. 2 6 Challenge: With 400 employees in seven offices across the U.S. and the U.K, traditional conference calls weren’t enabling LAC’s own people to share information amongst each other effectively. “We had a lot of ‘silos’ within the company.” telyHD Pro Solution: “We have much better teamwork, the teams are much more engaged, we’re tearing down those silos, and people love it. People just jump on a video call now without hesitation rather than send an easily misunderstood email. And on the quantitative side, we see the value of reduced travel. One saved trip pays for a telyHD Pro!” Read the case study: Featured Case Study: Consulting 2 6 Tely Labs confidential
    27. 27. 2 7 Challenge: Just Play adopted video conferencing in 2001, but could never justify the cost of deploying more traditional video conferencing technology throughout their organization - with locations in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Florida and Pennsylvania, and traveling workers, the company was not communicating, sharing and executing well. telyHD Pro Solution: “I can finally afford to roll out video conferencing to the field for our remote offices, and all our small meeting rooms – and we have a way for people to participate in multi-point video calls even when they’re on the road.” Read the case study: Featured Case Study: Manufacturing 2 7 Tely Labs confidential
    28. 28. 2 8 Some of our Satisfied Customers 2 8 Tely Labs confidential SMB FinanceEnterprise Healthcare Education Public Sector
    29. 29. Tely Labs Market Share Growth N. America single-codec endpoint units, Q3 2013 “Tely Labs has made a dramatic entrance to the video conferencing market.” - Andrew Davis, Sr. Analyst and co-founder, Wainhouse Research Source: Frost & Sullivan, Global Video Conferencing Endpoints and Infrastructure Market—Q3 2013 Update 2 9 “Tely Labs leads in the huddle rooms/secondary conference room systems market.” - Roopam Jain, Industry Director Enterprise Communications & Collaboration, Frost & Sullivan CSCO 40% PLCM 24% Tely Labs 18% Other 18% Tely Labs confidential
    30. 30. The Wrap-Up
    31. 31. Special Offer Buy today from
    32. 32. 3 2 Thank you!