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Tely Labs Video Confernece Room


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Tely Labs Video Conference room. Learning about the Tely Labs telyHD Pro and our complete affordable video conferencing systems. Looks for in-expensive Video Conferencing Hardware? The telyHD Pro is more than just a cheap video conferencing hardware solution! The telyHD Pro is a video conferencing appliance ready to transform any conference room!

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Tely Labs Video Confernece Room

  1. 1. Tely Labs Video Conferencing Solutions Tely Labs Purpose-built to fill the gap
  2. 2. telyHD Pro is a revolutionary, standards-based videoconferencing appliance that connects with existing videoconferencing systems and infrastructure at a unprecedented value. Or use external USB audio (Option)
  3. 3. USES For Video Conferencing Skype The worlds easiest to use Video Conferencing BlueJeans Connects to H.323, MS Lync, Cisco Jabber and More IP Addressing You can address any telyHD Pro to an IP and make video calls on your internal network SIP SIP Industry Standard Services Video Conferencing ZOOM.US The Most affordable Cloud Based SIP compatabile Service
  4. 4. Conference Room Systems CHECK OUT OUR COMPLETE PACKAGES HERE 4
  5. 5. Video Conferencing Systems Expand existing enterprise videoconferencing systems Videoconferencing without infrastructure investment Utilize video cloud service providers Hybrid implementations Detroit New York Bangalore L.A. London
  6. 6. Affordable Video Conferencing… Combine multiple networks to suit customer requirements SIP for enterprise video conferencing telyCloud for smaller “huddle group” meetings Cloud services to tie users together Maximum flexibility Revenue opportunities End-points Infrastructure Cloud services
  7. 7. SIP connectivity for industry standard communications Register to standardsbased SIP registrars Interoperable with solutions from… SIP 6-party videoconferencing & application sharing No need to invest in expensive infrastructure Makes use of existing Skype directories Ideal for SMB & Enterprise expansion Connects users to any Skypeenabled device in HD video Makes use of existing Skype directory and over 1 billion Skype users Consumer and SMB friendly
  8. 8. Call Us for more info Call toll free: (800) 486-5276
  9. 9. Haverford Systems Inc Learn More at our Website WWW.TELYLABS.NET