Smartboard sizes and pricing


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Smartboard sizes and pricing for all Smart Technologies Smartboards and Smart LCD's including: SB480, SB580, SBM680, SBX880, SB685, SBM685, SBX885, SB480i6, SB680i4, SB680i5, SB685i4, SB685i6, SB685ix2, SB880i6, SB885i6, SB885i6, SB885ix2, SBM680i6, SBM685i6, SBM685ix2, SBX880i4, SBX880i5, SBX885i4

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Smartboard sizes and pricing

  1. 1. Smart Board Sizes:
  2. 2. Choosingthe Right SMART Board…SB480 48” 4:3
  3. 3. SB690 94” Smart Board MSRP $3,199Educational Price $2,099SB685 87” Smart Board MSRP $2,799Educational Price $2,019SB680 77” Smart Board MSRP $2,199Educational Price $1,599SB660 64” Smart Board MSRP $1,759Educational Price $1,319SB640 48” Smart Board MSRP $1,099Educational Price $899
  4. 4. Isn’t there a newSmart Board Projector?
  5. 5. It’s Even Bigger
  6. 6. The SMART LightraiseThe LightRaiseinteractive projectoroffers touch interactivityand enables twostudents to collaborateat the same time. It alsoincludes
  7. 7. Recommended Distance fromFarthest Viewer0 5 10 15 20 25SmartBoardsLightRaiseSB690SB685SB680SB660SB640Distance in Feet from Farthest Viewer*Based on 12 point font rule
  8. 8. LightRaise 40wi is $2,199 for Business and$1,699 for EducationLightRaise 60wi is $2,499 for Business and$1,999 for EducationReplacement pens are $129Replacement lamps are $199LightRaisePricing
  9. 9. The TouchRecognition• You can use a pen to annotate.• Use finger to navigate and your palmto erase.• It’s that easy.• Automatically switchbetween, ink/touch/erasing mode.No additional buttons or settings.
  10. 10. The PenTray• The Pen-Tray works like a black board.• Pick up a blue pen and write notes inblue.• Because the technology is in the PenTray and not the pens, if the pens gomissing you can still use the SmartBoard.
  11. 11. Smart Software• Smart Notebook has set the standard forclassroom learning. The simple interface is easy forfirst time users and powerful for experts. Createhigh-impact lessons that bring learning to life.• Smart Meeting Pro enhances teamwork with abusiness oriented set of tools geared forcollaboration. Including: Meeting productivitytools for managing A/V resources, access to ready-made templates, and the Smart Go-Wire auto-launching USB.
  12. 12. Smart Notebook SoftwareSMART Notebookcollaborativelearning software andaccess to over 60,000ready-maderesources.
  13. 13. GO-Wire Auto LaunchingSoftware• The Smart Go-Wire is theindustry’s only collaborative software auto-launching tool. This solves a huge problem forboth the end user and IT department which is:License Key’s and Installation. Traditionallyonly one computer would have the SmartSoftware installed and licensed making itimpossible for other computers to interactivewith the Smart Board. Now Auto-LaunchingSoftware eliminates this problem so anyonecan connect there laptop and use the SmartTechnology
  14. 14. Call Us for more infoCall toll free: (800) 486-5276
  15. 15. Haverford Systems IncLearn More at our