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Online video conferencing


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Web Based Video Conferencing Services today are far reaching and extremely powerful tools.

Web Based video conferencing is transforming the way businesses and executives are communicating everyday! Skype and Google has both come forward with Free Solutions for multiple-participant video conferencing. Other companies like Vidtel and Bluejeans have made it possible to use cloud based services to call traditionally impossible places such as Cisco and Tandberg SIP/H.232 end-points! Gartner estimates that by 2015, there will be 200,000,000 desktop endpoints – a 1000-fold increase in just 4 years – and this prediction doesn’t take into account tablet and smartphone form factors.

So what does this mean for the 21st Century business? High Definition, highly secure and highly advanced video conferencing solutions are only the fraction of the cost they were 5-10 years ago!

What makes a successful video conferencing room? Check out Haverford Systems Web Based Conference Room Standards! To help our customers and future clients find the right service I have created the following review checklist for the most popular services available today.

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Online video conferencing

  1. 1. Free eBook Available Here
  2. 2. Free or Paid? Free Solutions such as Skype and Google Hangout offer rock solid video performance but lack in depth collaboration tools for business Paid Solutions like Web-EX and GoToMeeting include all kinds of features such as screen sharing, annotation, and keyboard/mouse sharing.
  3. 3. Free Video Conferencing Solutions Skype – Super Easy to use and ultra-reliable Google Hangout – Super Easy to use and integrates with Google Apps like Gmail AnyMeeting- Completely free and offers similar features to GoToMeeting but has advertisements Yugma – Completely Free and offers easy email integration for scheduling but limited number of users at a time. MikoGo – Also Free and includes collaboration tools that are helpful.
  4. 4. Side by Side Comparison
  5. 5. Paid Online Video Conferencing Software GoToMeeting- Easy to use only $50/month/user comes with full set of features and up to 25 concurrent video users Cisco WebEX- Easy to use only $35/month/user and has full set of features MS Lync- $59/month/user integrates with Microsoft Suite and has full set of feautre
  6. 6. Side by Side Comparison
  7. 7. Choosing a Webcam High Definition Webcams cost less than $100 Key Features to look for Auto-Focus 3 Year Warranty Built-in Microphone Universal Mount
  8. 8. Conference Room Webcams These Camera’s tend to cost a good deal more Features to look for High Definition 720p or 1080p Pan Tilt Zoom USB 2.0 Zoom
  9. 9. HD PTZ USB Webcams
  10. 10. USB Microphones Look for USB 2.0 Microphones ClearONE and Vaddio are the leaders in USB Conference Phones Most Desktop PC’s have built in microphones To improve personal video conferencing audio quality consider a USB headset
  11. 11. USB Mics & Chat Pods
  12. 12. Online Web Video Conferencing Kits
  13. 13. Room Layouts Microphones can only pick up a certain range. Check your Manufacture Recommendations Rooms Layouts help to ensure a set amount of seats will be covered with your webcam
  14. 14. Additional Information Visit Or