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Mersive Solstice Wireless Presentation software allows for any Display to be turned into a collaboration station for live and on-demand wireless video from any Windows PC, iOS or Android device. Mersive Solstices Live Collaboration software is a game changing system for wireless presentation. The first time we saw Mersive Solstice at Haverford Systems we could not believe the wireless quality for a video collaboration software. This new technology supports wireless presentation from an unlimited amount of simultaneous users. Using any Windows PC or iOS/Android devices are given wireless presentation capability along with Collaboration Tools that really spur innovation!
Solstice software enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using laptops and mobile devices on an existing WiFi or Ethernet network. With Solstice, anyone can walk into a meeting room and instantly connect, share and control the display fostering collaboration and decision making.

Solstice is the only pure software wireless collaboration product which runs on your existing corporate network, enabling easy updates and centralized management of displays throughout the enterprise.

Key features include:
No proprietary hardware
Simultaneous display access for multiple users
Supports Windows, OSX, Android and iOS mobile devices
Video and other media streamed live to the display
Changes made to content visible on screen in real time.
Solstice, the newest market-changing software from Mersive, fundamentally transforms how displays fit into the IT infrastructure. Solstice creates your Pixel Landscape® and enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of devices and applications running over an existing WiFi or Ethernet network.

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Mersive Solstice Wireless Presentation

  1. 1. INTRODUCING MERSIVE SOLSTICE Wireless Presentation & Video Switching
  2. 2. Mersive Solstice is a Software Solution for video streaming replacing the need for expensive Video Switchers, Windowing Processors and Wireless Gateway Hardware.
  3. 3. Key Feature 1 Simple user interface to manage the «Pixel Landscape»
  4. 4. Key Feature 2 Simultaneously display an unlimited amount of users
  5. 5. Key Feature 3 Present wirelessly using any Windows PC, Mobile iOS or Android Device
  6. 6. Key Feature 4 Live «Post Collaboration » Across any network, realtime
  7. 7. Key Feature 5 Easy Connection over WiFi or Ethernet ensures secure, managed streaming to your shared display
  8. 8. Key Feature 6 Display in unlimited resolutions. 4K Ready!
  9. 9. Key Feature 7 Security: Solstice uses pixels not data. Your files never touch a network.
  10. 10. Key Feature 8 Enterprise Management
  11. 11. Key Feature 9
  12. 12. Let’s Watch a Quick Video Overview
  13. 13. So powerful… Solstice can replace any video wall hardware… increase security, resolution and frame rates…
  14. 14. What is a Virtual Video Wall?
  15. 15. IMAGINE
  16. 16. A virtual video wall is connected to your network allowing an unlimited amount of video streams to be displayed in any resolution
  17. 17. Wireless Solution Comparison Wireless Presentation Mersive Solstice Price Barco Clickshare Crestron Air Media $2,999 $3,600 $1,295 Display Side Platform Any Windows PC Proprietary Hardware Proprietary Hardware Connection Software Physical USB Button Software Video Rates 30-60 FPS 30 FPS 15-25 FPS Number of Simultaneous Users Unlimited Additional Clients Free Remote Viewing Yes Yes Yes Supported Mobile Devices iOS & Android iPad iOS & Android 4 4 $409/button Free
  18. 18. Hardware vs Software Wireless Presentation Hardware Software Resolution Full HD 1920x1080 Unlimited (upgrade to 4k easily) Display Side Platform Proprietary Hardware Any Windows PC Windows for Sharing Maximum of 4 Unlimited Security Data sent over Network (Barco closed network) Only Sharing Pixels not Data Enterprise Management Barco No - AirMedia Yes Yes Moderator Mode No Yes
  19. 19. Free 30 Day Demo! • We are offering a FREE 30 Day Demo • So why not get your free download today! • Purchase price only $2,995
  20. 20. Operating System Minimum Requirements
  21. 21. Software Vs Hardware – Unlimited Windows of Sharing – Unlimited Users – Unlimited Resolutions – Superior Security • Sharing Pixels not Data. Files never leave your computer when shared over network – Performance • Lower Latency, Superior Video Quality
  22. 22. Software Vs Hardware • Future Proofing – Dedicated Hardware is nice but not as easy to manage – Software Solutions can ride Networking and Hardware Advances in years to come
  23. 23. Dashboard for Network Control • Push Licenses out to devices • Manage All Devices on Network • Allow end users to select various devices
  24. 24. Moderator Control • Moderator Control for Mersive Solstice is perfect for Higher Education • Allowing Instructor to control who can present what • Choosing between multiple layouts and carousel options
  25. 25. Future Upgrades • Mersive Solstice engineering team is working on Support for Touch Screens • Also working on Support for Gesturing • Finally API’s will becoming a 2014 Q2-Q3 update.
  26. 26. Webinars Every Friday •9:15 AM EST Webinar •12:15 PM PST Webinar
  27. 27. Small Company BIG Value
  28. 28. Call Us for more info Call toll free: (800) 486-5276