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How to make QVC style live broadcasts


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Ever wonder how the major television networks such as QVC and HSN create their infomercials? They have taken ability to sell over video and turned it into an art. Well here at PTZOptics we decided to break down the magic and create a free download kit for our customers to learn exactly how they can use the formula with their own products and services.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not just a magic formula… There is a complete culture shift happening today in regards to how the world is consuming media. It’s happened once before in the 1950’s when the world started to leave radio for television. Now in the first part of the 21st century we are seeing consumers leave traditional television media and move to internet-based video consumption.

In the following presentation we are going to show you how to create videos like QVC and provide you with a FREE download of the resources you need to get started. First, we start with a high quality video image of your talent. You can use a green screen, a virtual set, or simply a clean office background. It’s important that this base layer is done properly, because this is where your talent will perform.

On top of your talent layer, we start to build out the QVC style with a side bar and lower third. The sidebar includes all the basic information about your product as your talent goes into more detail during your video. The lower third can include anything you want, but generally it includes contact information and/or a call to action such as your 1-800 number.

Rinse, Wash, Repeat…

The beauty of this system is that once you have built your template you can simply reload your graphics and start all over again. The basic workflow would be as follows:

Get Attention - Introduce yourself with enthusiasm
Identify the Problem - Introduction to the product
Agitate the Problem - Product Presentation
Identify the Solution - Make your Value Add Proposition
Outro Video - Call to Action
Reviews… Facts… Social Proof (If you have it use it!)

You can download our QVC Style video starter kit here: OR take one of our free online courses on video production here:

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How to make QVC style live broadcasts

  1. 1. Making Videos that SELL QVC Style
  2. 2. In this presentation we are going to show you how to make videos like QVC and HSN...
  3. 3. Let’s start with a video introduction:
  4. 4. Your products deserve amazing video...
  5. 5. That your customers WANT to watch...
  6. 6. But first… let’s look at what’s happening… online… on television… and in social media...
  7. 7. The world is changing…. We are in the midst of culture shift… Attention is leaving cable television and shifting toward social media, internet and smartphones… Source: -vs-mobile-and-digital-in-ad- revenue-and-audience-share-2014- 12
  8. 8. A major medium shift happened in the 1950’s “The 1950s signaled a change in the Golden Age of radio, with the development and quick popularity of the home television set” Source:
  9. 9. Some people didn’t believe the television would take off :) “The television had been in development since the late 1920s, throughout the rise and dominance of radio. RCA, one of the biggest companies behind the popularization of the radio, poured millions of dollars into developing the television. By 1939, RCA was televising the New York World’s Fair, speeches by President Roosevelt (FDR becoming the first president to appear on a television screen), and baseball games. Still, the technology was primitive. Segments were only about 15 minutes long and used just a single camera to film.” Source:
  10. 10. Now it’s happening again... This time Cable TV is being replaced with Media on the Internet...
  11. 11. Cable television networks are losing subscribers... Source: streaming-subscribers-worldwide/
  12. 12. Just look at these numbers…. Source: streaming-subscribers-worldwide/
  13. 13. The most value asset today is attention. Video is the gateway to that attention...
  14. 14. Let’s talk about how your company can take advantage...
  15. 15. Let’s break down the “QVC Style” 1 2 4 1. The “Sidebar” a. Easily displays all the most important features about the product 2. The Price a. Easily displayed inside the sidebar 3. Lower Third with CTA (Call to Action a. Included 1-800 number for ordering 4. The product and presentation from team 3
  16. 16. So we know the value of video…. Let’s break down how the Pro’s make videos that sell... Use professional equipment This does NOT mean you have to spend $10,000! But you should invest in one high quality camera and at least one high quality microphone On a budget this means you are going to spend roughly $2,500 If you are just getting started out check out our free video production courses here:
  17. 17. Making videos like the Pro’s continued Use our QVC Style Layout Preparing the necessary video assets for your video ahead of time is key Our free download includes photoshop files which can easily be edited to fit your project Once your files are complete you can use them as an overlay over your talent layer from your video camera
  18. 18. Wash, Rinse, Repeat Setting up your template The beauty of today’s video production software is that once you have done the upfront work you can use these templates over and over again for more and more products... Sample Workflow Intro Video Product Presentation Value Add Proposition Outro Video
  19. 19. The Market is ready....
  20. 20. The On-Demand Video Market Video on Demand is a $25.30 Billion dollar market which is expected to grow to $61 Billion by 2020 (Market Study Here)
  21. 21. Free Download!
  22. 22. Check out our Live Channel as an Example…
  23. 23. Sounds like ALOT of work? Consider hiring a part-time or full time employee. Learn more about hiring a “Chief Streaming Officer” here:
  24. 24. Download our FREE guide! Step by step guide for setting up a live streaming channel!
  25. 25. Live Streaming Creator What are the business drivers?
  26. 26. Live Streaming Creator What are the business drivers?How is business changing?
  27. 27. BONUS! Complete Live Streaming Start Up Guide!
  28. 28. Double bonus! Free Video Asset Starter Kit!
  29. 29. Download our free guide here!