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How to live stream a GoToMeeting or WebEX to youtube or facebook live


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In this presentation, we review how to live stream a GoToMeeting or WebEX meeting to YouTube or Facebook Live. This process allows you exceed the maximum meeting compacity, maximize your social media exposure and connect your webinar to larger social media networks.

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How to live stream a GoToMeeting or WebEX to youtube or facebook live

  1. 1. How to livestream a GoToMeeting to YouTube or Facebook Live A Video Conferencing Presentation by HuddleCamHD
  2. 2. Why live stream a video conference? 1. Maximize exposure for marketing and events on Social Media platforms like Facebook and YouTube Live 2. Exceed maximum video participants in video conference software with live streaming technology 3. Engage Larger Audiences 4. Improve video production quality 5. It’s easier for viewers! No download! Just simple YouTube or Facebook viewing
  3. 3. Make life easy for your Webinar viewers And you will boost: 1. Total Viewers 2. Audience Retention 3. Repeat Attendance
  4. 4. Results from over 100 webinars HuddleCamHD has hosted over 100 webinars and compiled the following average statistics on webinar viewer preferences.
  5. 5. Results from over 100 webinars As you can see most of our webinar viewers prefer watching on a live streaming platform such as YouTube Live vs traditional webinar platforms like GoToWebinar or WebEX.
  6. 6. Simple Setup Computer GoToMeeting | 2nd Monitor USB 2.0
  7. 7. Secondary Monitor for Video Streaming Software Virtual Audio and Video Outputs Live streaming a GoToMeeting or WebEX meeting is actually quite easy. We will use our video production software (vMix or Wirecast) to bring in our microphone, our audiences microphone and our webcam. We will then enable a “virtual webcam” and “virtual audio cable” to pass the video/audio to GoToMeeting.
  8. 8. Now we can live stream to YouTube or Facebook!
  9. 9. How can we live stream our Webinar? Live Streaming a webinar is actually quite easy. You can simply capture a video and audio feed from your laptop hosting the webinar and send it another laptop which can stream directly to YouTube Live.
  10. 10. Growing your audience even more... Once you feel comfortable with the process you can reach out to multiple CDNs to grow your audience even more with services such as Joicaster.
  11. 11. Maximize Exposure The main reason why people use webinar services over live streaming is because the information that they are going over needs to kept private. If your organization is looking to maximize exposure for a public event, you are most likely already using the major social media platforms for promotion. Live streaming to these platforms will only boost your exposure and excitement around the event.
  12. 12. Social Media Impact Almost every major social media platform supports live streaming. Our latest tests show live streaming video is also being promoted above and beyond than other types of media including recorded video and static image posts.
  13. 13. Innovation It's not just a fad. Live streaming is one of the most effective forms of marketing and communication businesses can use today. Every month the major streaming platforms are adding new game changing features. and users alike are excited to see what's coming. USA Today reporter Steve Strauss says “Live streaming is to small business today what video was a few years ago: Important to know, but even more important to jump on”.
  14. 14. Engaging Audiences There is a big difference between a live audience and captive webinar attendees. In a live audience, on a social media platform like YouTube or Facebook, we have found users are more likely to share and invite friends through the built-in social networking tools they are familiar with.
  15. 15. Video Marketing One of the unknown benefits to live streaming on YouTube and other platforms are the SEO benefits. Every live viewer on your stream equals a video view once the video is published. Even more important is every minute watched adding to the overall watch time for your recorded video. Audience retention and watch time is now one of the most important YouTube algorithm analytics in video ranking.
  16. 16. The Excitement Sure your audience is going to point out a mistake that you make when you're live. But that's why it's so exciting! Use the fact that anything can happen to your advantage! Marketing Pros harness this excitement and use it towards exciting press releases product announcements and much more.
  17. 17. It’s Free Live streaming is now free for anyone who wants to use it. While webinar services offer premium features such as exclusivity to your invitation list... live streaming offers endless possibilities for public facing events.
  18. 18. Remove the Barriers! Downloading an application is a barrier users face when they decide to attend your webinar with GoToWebinar or WebEX. Hosting your webinar on YouTube reduces that barrier by 100%. Facebook requires a login but with 1.4 billion users on the platform it’s certainly a platform most people are familiar with.
  19. 19. Production Value Done right, your live streams become your best on-demand video content. Your live audience forms a new relationship with the content they watch live. Try integrating your live stream with user comments and questions from the chat room.
  20. 20. Driving Action Webinars are never as good as a one- on-one strategy meetings. Encourage your audience to schedule follow up meetings after you have successfully built up excitement around your call to action.
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