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How to host big company live streams & online meetings


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The world’s biggest work-from-home experiment has been triggered by the Coronavirus, forcing companies around the world to put travel-bans in place for the safety of their employees (CNN, 2020). Major world organizations such as the IMF and the World Bank are officially considering virtual meetings to avoid the spread of the coronavirus (Reuters, 2020). Helping to keep remote workers effective, communication technologies such as video conferencing and live streaming are being used in record numbers. Zoom video conferencing has reported that in January and February of 2020 they have added more new users than all of 2019. In an effort to help, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has announced that Zoom will temporarily remove the 45-minute time limit for free meetings during this crisis (explained in this blog post).

In this StreamGeeks Exclusive broadcast, you will learn how your company can host live streams with BIG audiences, and leverage video conferencing software solutions to break out into smaller groups for one on one video conferencing. 

This presentation will review video conferencing options for large groups from Zoom Video Conferencing including Basic, Pro, Business, Enterprise and Webinar Packages. This review will also include free and scalable live video content distribution solutions from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Dacast. The StreamGeeks will review the different solutions for one to many broadcasts and traditional face-to-face meetings. The review segments types of meetings and communications that are primarily used with private or public-facing live streaming and video conferencing methods. 

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How to host big company live streams & online meetings

  1. 1. How to host BIG company live streams & online meetings A Presentation
  2. 2. The world’s biggest work- from home experiment has been triggered by the Coronavirus Source: Jessie Yeung, CNN. February 15, 2020
  3. 3. IMF, World Bank consider 'virtual' Spring Meetings as virus spreads Source: Reuters. David Lawder. Feb 26th 2020
  4. 4. Zoom lifts the limit on its free version in China because so many people are using it amid the coronavirus outbreak Source Jessica Snouwaert Feb 27, 2020, Business Insider.
  5. 5. Note about Zoom’s use in Cornavirus Affected Areas: ● Mental health training: Zoom has provided free services and technical support to NGOs, such as charitable foundations and medical institutions, to assist with disaster relief efforts. Beijing Well-being Foundation, one of those NGOs, in partnership with psychology professors from top universities including Qinghua, are using Zoom Video Webinars to train thousands of mental health counselors and prepare them for psychological consultations with doctors, patients, and their families in Wuhan. From Jan. 29 to Feb. 25, 58 training sessions were held for 312,056 participants, with a total training duration of 84.6 hours. ● Online education: In cooperation with the China Educational Information Platform, launched a Zoom video conference platform that supports online education and research for all universities and colleges in China. Top universities like Tsinghua University, the University of Science and Technology of China, Nanjing University, and Shenzhen University, are using the Zoom platform to continue their teaching activities online. ● Telemedicine enablement: Doctors from more than 1,000 public hospitals in China are using Zoom’s high- definition video meetings to conduct online consultations, remotely diagnose patients, and provide treatment during the coronavirus epidemic.
  6. 6. Public Broadcasts: Private Meetings:
  7. 7. Live Stream Video Conference Breakout Sessions
  8. 8. PUBLIC PRIVATE Public Announcement Private Webinar Small Breakout Sessions On-Demand Access Collaboration Tools
  9. 9. Video Production Software:Video Conference Software: CAPTURE Capture Remote Guests for Live Production:
  10. 10. Video Production Software: PRODUCE Video Conference Software: Create Captivating Productions for Online Meetings Virtual Webcam Input Breakout Sessions
  11. 11. Case Study: 2020 Worship Summit Live Stream Zoom Video Call On-Demand Access / Share & Collaborate
  12. 12. Scalability: Zoom Video Conference Example
  13. 13. Scalability: Zoom Video Conference Example
  14. 14. Creating a Dynamic Presentation How often does your organization have large all-hands meetings? It’s common for businesses to review data once a week, month or once a quarter. How can your message be presented in a way that your organization can take action on?
  15. 15. Organize your Message Organize your message. Do you need to break out certain graphs to show more detail? What are the takeaways? Consider the conclusions you are going to draw during your presentation. Is there supporting media or physical objects that can help tell your story?
  16. 16. Create Video Video Production Studio Data / Video Organization Content Delivery / Collaboration / Engagement Organization on Shared Internal Network Share & Collaborate Do you have a video production studio? Do you have an underutilized conference space?
  17. 17. Create Video Video Production Studio Data / Video Organization Content Delivery / Collaboration / Engagement Organization on Shared Internal Network Share & Collaborate Small Business Layout - Google Drive & Slack or even Dropbox
  18. 18. Media & Data Organization Consider media organization. Will the data and video presentation be stored on a shared drive such as Google Drive or Microsoft SharePoint? Perhaps you want to share supporting documents or the raw data for your team?
  19. 19. Call your team to action Consider collaboration & call to action items that push the conversation forward. Do you want to prompt collaboration on Slack? Do you want to request feedback via email?
  20. 20. Create a workflow Create a template for easy video reproduction. Where is your content coming from? Do you need an intro video? Are there supporting video assets to help display your message? Download our video asset jump start kit here.
  21. 21. Ideas for Successful Video Production Charts, Graphs and Powerpoint presentations are great. But try striking a balance between charts/slides and real products. If you have an app, zoom into the app and Actual Product / Real People Data Visualization
  22. 22. Engage the Audience Consider ways to engage your audience and increase viewer retention. How about hosting live trivia? Share a leaderboard for sales and/or other data...
  23. 23. Ideas for Successful Video Production If you can make your presentation entertaining it will increase viewer retention. Consider striking a balance between information and entertainment. EntertainingInformative
  24. 24. Understand your tools 1. Data Visualization a. Excel b. Google Sheets 2. Video Production a. Live Video Production Software b. Recorded Video Software 3. Hardware a. Cameras b. Microphones c. Lights 4. Collaboration/Distribution a. Microsoft Sharepoint
  25. 25. Enhance Additional Benefits 1. Increase Transparency 2. Increase perceived access to CEO and/or other top executives through video 3. Allows top executives to reach out to remote offices and remote employees much more easily so they are now connected 4. Improving communication efficiency 5. Data organization benefits 6. Crowdsourcing of ideas 7. Community involvement 8. Immerses all levels and departments in company goals
  26. 26. Measuring the Pulse of your Business & Results Factual information can provide the basis for productive discussion and decision- making. Once you have tracked your business data for a while you will be able to uncover patterns and trends to predict the future. Create a Scorecard. Reach the point where everyone in your organization has a number, a meaningful, manageable measurable. This will provide clear direction to your team and increase productivity. Anything that is measured and watched is improved.
  27. 27. Bonus Tool! The touch screen used here is a Windows Tablet with an i5 processor. We suggest running Panam Telestration or NewTek Telestrator on to integrate the telestration into your video production. For our video we used vMix to create multi-camera video
  28. 28. Sharing Information is Good for Business
  29. 29. Interested in learning more? Make your top executives look professional by building a sharp looking background that supports your brand. Download our free guide to building an in-house video production studio. building-a-studio.html