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Educating with engaging video content


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I'd like to let everyone in on a secret recipe for creating engaging and more importantly educational video content that I have come across over the past few months! As you may know, the goal for most professionals creating video is to educate an audience. Throughout this process, you can help your audience better understand your company, your product or your service. Video is an incredibly powerful tool in education we can use to make our presentations more impactful, interactive and increase mindshare at scale.

Video conferencing and live streaming technologies are providing businesses with the presentations tools needed to host create face-to-face or one-to-many experiences with people from around the world. We have effectively flattened the world of door-to-door sales and expanded our addressable audience by leaps and bounds.
From a technical perspective integrating a live trivia into our video production software could not have been easier. Crowdpurr is a cloud-based solution that operates in real-time and allows our team full control over the flow of our show. If you are using a live streaming software such as OBS, xSplit, Wirecast or vMix, you will be happy to know that you only need to capture the trivia game using a “web browser” input. Viewers from around the world can easily log-in using any smartphone or computer with internet access. To reduce user friction we only require that users enter their first name but the trivia game can require more information for lead capture such as an email or phone number.

Creating a live streaming show that can facilitate learning for your partners, prospects, and customers is a powerful tool for sales and marketing. In the past few weeks, we have been able to identify our most knowledgeable audience members and encourage a friendly competition surrounding the educational content that we create. I would highly suggest downloading our guide to integrating trivia into a live show available at

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Educating with engaging video content

  1. 1. Increasing mindshare at scale with educational & engaging content
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda 1. Creating interactive experiences 2. Leveraging audience scalability with live streaming 3. Increasing educational value 4. Engaging audiences 5. Encouraging Competitions and Incentives 6. Content Value > Production Value 7. Technical Implementation Tips
  3. 3. Creating an interactive experience Interactivity is key to engaging presentations. In this presentation we will review how to add live trivia to your live streams and video content to make them more engaging..
  4. 4. Leveraging Live Streaming Que Segment 2
  5. 5. Live Streaming Trivia Trivia can be used as an educational segment inside your professional broadcast. This is where you can encourage engagement by finding a balance between education and entertainment
  6. 6. Education Entertainment Engagement
  7. 7. Be Interactive & Be Fun!
  8. 8. Content Value > Production Value
  9. 9. Education Entertainment Incentive Competition
  10. 10. Technical Implementation Tips
  11. 11. Live Streaming SoftwareYou can use almost any live streaming software to host a live trivia game using Crowdpurr because it’s cloud based. That means you can bring in the content using a desktop capture or a web-browser input. From here everything is managed in the cloud. You can switch to a leaderboard, advance questions and reveal the correct answer all from your dashboard.
  12. 12. Live Streaming Software/Hardware Solutions Overview Easy to use FeatureRichness NewTek Wirecast OBS xSplit Facebook Built-in streaming app Easy Live vMix
  13. 13. The more powerful the software the longer it takes to learn It’s so important to make the right decision on a live streaming software because of the time it take to learn the platform. xSplit OBS Wirecast TriCaster EasyLive vMix
  14. 14. Learn more on our YouTube Channel! Don’t forget to Subscribe!