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Reviewing horizontal, vertical and motorized digital signage kiosks available. Horizontal digital signage kiosk compared with vertical digital signage kiosks. We also include digital signage kiosk pricing for motorized LCD displays. Digital signage kiosk review and guide. Haverford systems Recommends tight rope digital signage systems because they can easy-to-use. Ease-of-use is one of the most important aspects of any digital signage system. Tight rope media systems is browser-based with the goal of being easy enough for any secretary to update the digital signage systems in your lobby. Digital site systems are often used to introduce new clients in welcome areas such as lobbies. Digital saw excited also offers ways to introduce relevant information such as weather and updates while keeping a corporate brand presence maintained. A digital signage solo system is a server and a player combined in one hardware unit. Tightrope media systems offers several solo units for stand-alone digital signage systems that are reliable and easy to use. The purpose of a browser-based digital signage system is providing easy-to-use browsers to access and edit digital signage content. Digital signage can't can be easily manipulated edited and change through browsers by uploading pictures editing text and creating zones or bulletins to be displayed on your digital signs player. Media systems digital signage displays can be set up either horizontally or vertically and laid out to display several different zones of information. Think of each digital signage zone as a carousel of other pictures text or information from a database. When you want an easy use digital signage system you wanted to be browser-based. That way any computer on your network can type in the IP address of your digital signage system and make a change. On the go changes can be made from the computers out off the network on the VPN.

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Digital Signage Kiosk Review

  1. 1. 2013 DigitalSignageKiosksBy HSI,
  2. 2. Types of Digital Signage KiosksHorizontal Vertical Enclosed
  3. 3. Horizontal DigitalSignage KiosksCommonly Used for:Office Lobby Entrance AreasInformation News StandStore Front Entry Area
  4. 4. Horizontal Models
  5. 5. Vertical DigitalSignage KiosksCommonly Used for:Shopping Area walk waysOffice Lobby Entrance AreasStore Aisle Area
  6. 6. Vertical Models
  7. 7. Motorized DigitalSignage KioskCommonly Used For:High Tech BoardroomsUp-Scale LobbyEntrance AreasHigh End Boutiquesand Restaurants
  8. 8. Motorized ModelsSofia Coast RibbonwoodMahoganyLe Bloc Espresso Coast Black Satin
  9. 9. Digital Signage Kiosk Pricing0 2000 4000 6000Pricing MotorizedHorizontalVertical
  10. 10. Easy to Use Digital SignageBrowser Based Digital Signage SystemAccess from any computer on yournetwork!Free Design Templates for HorizontalOR vertical formatsBulletins and Zoom Carousels.
  11. 11. Create aZoneLog into yourBrowser andSet-up yourzones.
  12. 12. ContentManagementUploadLogos, Pictures Contentdirectly froman easy tomanage webbrowser
  13. 13. Tons of Pre-Built Channels
  14. 14. Pre-Built Vertical Channels
  15. 15. Vertical Digital SignagePrice $2,49955″ Digital SignageKiosk55” 1080p LG LCDVertical Enclosure1500:1 ContrastRatio
  16. 16. Horizontal Digital Signage KioskPrice $3,49942” Horizontal DigitalSignage Kiosk42” LG DisplayTouch Screen CapableSolid Wood Frame
  17. 17. Motorized Digital Signage KioskPrice $4,950The Stylish Sofia TV Lift CabinetSublimely stylish with a designerflairFit’s up to 42” LCD’sUnique Lobby and EntranceDigital Signage Display
  18. 18. Call toll free: (800) 486-5276
  19. 19. Haverford Systems IncLearn More at our