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CrestronRL Overview


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CrestronRL reviews the complete Microsoft Lync Room System from Crestron. Using the familiar MS Lync interface Crestron allows enterprises to take control of the conference room with touch screen controls, video conferencing and MS lync at your fingertips.

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CrestronRL Overview

  1. 1. Introducing Crestron RL Microsoft Lync® 2013 for the Boardroom
  2. 2. The Solution: Group Collaboration • Crestron brings Lync from the desktop to the conference room
  3. 3. What is Lync ?
  4. 4. The Challenge: Personal Communication • Lync provides absolutely the best desktop experience
  5. 5. Conference Room Expertise + Leaders of conference room presentation and control • More than 40 years experience • Hundreds of industry awards • Clients include Microsoft®, SAS®, The World Bank, Revel®, The Wharton School of Business, Henkel-Dial®, Comcast®, and Global Forex®
  6. 6. What is Crestron RL for Lync • Complete group collaboration system built together with Microsoft • Unified Communications CODEC with H.264/SVC support – • Compatibility and industry standards • Disruptive technologies included: – Built-in white board – Soft bridge using H.264/SVC – Continuous presence in multi-party calls – Complete Microsoft optimization • Utilizes software customer already owns 6
  7. 7. Complete Packaged Solution + Single Display System (CCS-UC-100-1 KIT) • Crestron UC Codec for Lync • One 65” touch display • 10” tabletop touch screen • HD camera w/ microphone • Sound bar • Mounting hardware, cables & accessories + Dual Display System (CCS-UC-100-2 KIT) (shown above) • Same as above with two 65” touch displays
  8. 8. Easy Meeting Scheduling Meeting info
  9. 9. One-Touch Meeting – Calendar Ribbon View Meetings start on time. Productivity goes up!
  10. 10. Gallery Video View • No more expensive gateways and bridges
  11. 11. Content Sharing and Collaboration are Priorities
  12. 12. Communicate ideas and concepts on white boards Integrated White Board 12
  13. 13. Maximizing the Environment from a Single Touch Screen + Link to the rest of the room from one touch screen • AV • Lights • Shades • Thermostat
  14. 14. Room System with Crestron RL + Simply add a control system to LAN + Load VT Pro-e® file to Crestron RL AV Switching, audio, lighting, environmental control
  15. 15. Enterprise Building Management + Crestron Fusion™ software • Remote network management and control of rooms lights, thermostats and AV • Collect and track room and device usage data
  16. 16. Crestron RL for Lync HD collaboration in seconds™ - HD video One or two displays User content CAT5E Tabletop touch screen controller Camera & microphone
  17. 17. Easy to Install + Complete packaged solution + Single CAT5e connectivity to touch screen + Space efficient, intelligently designed mounting cubby
  18. 18. A Network Grade Appliance • You don’t want a PC in your conference room – Viruses/Malware – Windows® update concerns • Crestron has the experience of deploying 100,000 Windows-Embedded devices into conference rooms
  19. 19. Low Cost of Ownership • Uses Lync server seat license • If you already have a Lync server, no MCUs or gateways are needed • Backward compatible with existing video conferencing systems* • Uses UC industry-standard protocols and codecs * Third-party MCU or gateway required • Integrates seamlessly with existing room technology • No system design or programming required • Easy to use - no end user training required to operate • Full three-year warranty
  20. 20. Crestron RL for Lync Systems and availability SKU CCS-UC-100-1 KIT CCS-UC-100-2 KIT CCS-TS-6500- MCK CCS-MIC-USB- 100 Description Single display system Dual display system Mobile cart for 65" display USB tabletop microphone Availability Now Available* MSRP* $19,595 $27,995 $599 $139 * U.S. and Canada only
  21. 21. Crestron RL for Lync Payback period of single display system Payback period of dual display system *Based on formula supplied by Microsoft 10 10
  22. 22. • Total room solution from a simple touch screen • Crestron is the worldwide expert in managing the conference room • Superior product-all components integrated by design • One point of responsibility – guaranteed reliability and support • Experience in building similar systems • Opens up new revenue and partnership opportunities Why Crestron RL?
  23. 23. Call Us for more info Call toll free: (800) 486-5276
  24. 24. Haverford Systems Inc Learn More at our Website