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Blue jeans and Vidtel Cloud Services


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Blue Jeans and Vidtel video conferencing services call any system H.323, MS lync, cisco jabber, skype, google hangout the list goes on. We review Bluejean video conferencing solution with Vidtel video conferencing and provide unique features for both

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Blue jeans and Vidtel Cloud Services

  1. 1. BlueJeans &VidtelThe worlds first cloudvideo conferencingcompanies
  2. 2. Bluejeans Blue Jeans Network was founded inNovember 2009 with a passion to makevideo communications easy. …built as acloud-based conferencing service to enablepeople to connect with each other any time,any place and from any device. “Everyphone call should be avideo call and we aredesigning the technologyto make that happen.”
  3. 3. Vidtel Founded in 2008, Vidtel is a cloud-based videoconferencing service provider providing a cost-effective and easy to use solution that anorganization of any size could afford andimplement.“We offer flat-rate and per-minute cloud videoconferencing service enablingspontaneous B2B high-definition video conferencingbetween standard and someproprietary video endpoints”Scott Wharton,Chief Executive Officer
  4. 4. The New Age of VideoConferencing
  5. 5. Vidtel List of SupportedPlatformsPolycom, Cisco,Lifesize, Aver,Sony, GoogleTalk, CiscoJabber, Skype,WebRTC
  6. 6. BlueJeans List of SupportedPlatformsCisco (Tandberg), Polycom,LifeSize (Logitech), Sony,Radvision, Huawei, Vidyo,AverSkype, Microsoft Lync,Microsoft OfficeCommunicator, Radvision,Google Video Chat, Mirial(LifeSize – Logitech)CiscoJabber
  7. 7. UNIQUE featuresMobile App just forBlueJeans!First mobile app for videoconferencing & sharingcontent simultaneously24/7 Support!
  8. 8. UNIQUE featuresPay as you go Per-Minute RatesAffordable flat rateoptionsBrowser basedsolutions
  9. 9. What People are Saying“In February alone, we had over 30Blue Jeans meetings…. Not only isour face-to-face communicationmore effective, but participation inmeetings has greatly improved aspeople have the option to join themeeting from their home or office.”Keir Novik | IT Manager, BCNet
  10. 10. What people are saying…"Vidtels solutionallows us to provide asolution that matchesthe needs of ourcustomer base"-Marielle Crisanti Matrix VideoCommunications
  11. 11. Comparison
  12. 12. See a full review hereVidtel vsBlueJeansReview
  13. 13. Call Us for more infoCall toll free: (800) 486-5276
  14. 14. Haverford Systems IncLearn More at our