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Arrive InfoPoint Brochure

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Arrive InfoPoint Brochure

  1. 1. ArriveInfoPoint™ ID-800 Interactive Room Signs FF Effectively and efficiently manage rooms and resources across time-zones. FF Leverage existing IT Infrastructure to manage room scheduling and in-room resources. FF Centralized management of rooms and resources. FF Arrive InfoPoint™ deployments are server managed. FF Manage several rooms at multiple locations from a central location. FF Easy to install, adopt and maintain. FF Displays daily and weekly schedules of rooms. FF Choose from a variety of room catering arrangements available for rooms. FF Add a collection of reservation entries for extended periods using Bulk Upload. Arrive’s transformational technology architecture called “EdgelessMedia® ” is based on the reality that in the cloud connected world, devices perform extended functions which are not limited to the geometry of the box, nor within the physically defined schematic connectivity of the box. Instead devices also function as gateways to the whole wide world by performing functions that are “outside the box”. Arrive EdgelessMedia® concept follows the tenet of “Formless Function” and significantly reduces the problem of equipment and cable sprawl which is inherent in the physical installation environments. Arrive InfoPoint™ is a powerful room reservation and scheduling system that enables efficient utilization of room resources in shared spaces. The scheduling platform eliminates double-booking conflicts and ensures that room schedules are optimized. The integrated large touch-screen display provides booking information at- a-glance right outside the room door. It shows the room reservation calendar, start, end and remaining time of on- going bookings, or the next reservation to help optimize your planning. The powerful integrated software provides users the ability to reserve rooms remotely via web or Microsoft® Outlook™ , in advance, or make instant reservations right outside the door depending on the Arrive InfoPoint™ Platform chosen. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Add Sticky Note Configurable Information Button Get Feedback & Conduct Surveys Current Date & Time Stamp Venue Status Leave Sticky Notes on Screen Day / Week at a glance Free(Green) / Busy(Red) Status light tube Large Graphics Showing Subject & Organizer Name Remaining Time Dynamic Bar Transparent Surround Frame brightens LED Status light tube Room Timeline Sliding Bar shows bookings at a glance User Customizable Logo for Branding Make Central Announcements, Broadcasts, Emergency, Promotional Messages Make AD-HOC Bookings based on Room Calendar
  2. 2. FF Reserve and schedule from Web-based User Interface or directly from Arrive InfoPoint™ Touch Panel. FF Fully integrated with Microsoft® Outlook™ to reserve rooms while inviting people to a meeting. FF Seamless integration with other Arrive products. FF Schedule recurring events on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. FF Display room’s schedule for the day or future days directly from the Touch Panel. FF Display Informational and Emergency Announcements on demand. FF Broadcast important messages via the Note button on the front panel. FF Create, Extend, End, and View room schedules on-the-fly. FF Generate Reports and export room usage statistics. FF Group Rooms and Users for easy management. FF Preset buttons on the touch panel make it easy for users to interact with the system. FF 8” multi-touch small form factor touch panel integrated device FF Uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) power for single wire data and power inputs. FF VESA 100mm Mounting Holes for Desktop Stand & Wall-Mount. FF Versatile mounting accessories available for mounting on walls, ceiling, table- tops and glass. FF Eye-catching Design perfectly blended into iServices scenarios. FF Server-Client topology allows centralization of mass configurations and device set-up. SPECIFICATIONSFEATURES Copyright © 2013 Arrive Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks and copyrights, whether acknowledged or otherwise, are owned by their respective owners. Arrive® does not claim ownership of any trademark other than the Arrive® , Arrive InfoPoint™ , Arrive RoomPoint™ , Arrive FacePoint® , Arrive ViewPoint™ , Arrive CloudPoint™ , Arrive AirPoint™ , Arrive NetPoint™ , Arrive TouchPoint™ , Arrive ControlPoint™ , Arrive CablePoint™ , Arrive EyePoint™ , Arrive VoicePoint™ , Arrive SoundPoint™ and Arrive Edgeless Media® trademarks. Specifications are subject to change without notice. All images are provided for reference use only, are graphically generated and representative for promotional purposes. Finished goods, packaging and products will be provided with user interface designs and graphic elements including packaging design elements that may vary from the images shown in this document. E&OE. Arrive® InfoPoint™ ID-800 INTERACTIVE ROOM SIGNS LAN ArriveInfoView™ Interactive Room Signs ArriveInfoPoint™ ServerArrive InfoPoint™ Web Client Microsoft® Outlook™ Client PoE Lobby Signage & Booking Kiosks ArriveInfoPoint™ Interactive Room Signs ArriveInfoPoint™ Interactive Room Signs ArriveInfoPoint™ Arrive Systems, Inc. 6737 Katella Avenue Cypress, CA 90630, USA +1-800-256-3560 (USA/Canada Toll Free) Arrive Limited P.O.Box 17723 Dubai, UAE