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Accepting Donations on Facebook and YouTube live streams


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Let’s assume that the ultimate goal for your live streaming program is growing your community, accepting new members and spreading the message of God. Accepting contributions online may become a major revenue stream to support the church. Most churches that I have worked with prefer the word “digital contributions” over “digital donations”. The word “contribution” and “contributor” generally hold higher esteem over “donations” and “donor”. There are multiple ways to get started with accepting online contributions and perhaps the easiest way to get started is putting a digital contribution button on your website. Most churches will use a PayPal account to set up a contribution button on their website but I will recommend as well because services dedicated to worship giving can have a transformational effect on your churches fundraising capabilities. Once your PayPal account is all set up, you can have a simple button put on your website by copy and pasting the custom HTML code into your website editor. This button will allow your contributor's financial contributions directly to your PayPal account.

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Accepting Donations on Facebook and YouTube live streams

  1. 1. Accepting Donations on your Live Streams
  2. 2. Digital Donations Live streaming will open up your organization to the world. If you accept donations, it’s important to have a plan for digital donations to make the most out of this opportunity. Pushpay, Paypal and are great online donation options.
  3. 3. A moment on Wording Digital Donations vs Online Contributions Donation vs Contribution Donor vs Contributor Most churches that I have worked with prefer the word “digital contributions” over “digital donations”. The word “contribution” and “contributor” generally hold higher esteem over “donations” and “donor”.
  4. 4. Live Stream Embed and Donation Link LIfe Church of God in Christ uses Chatroll to host a live chat room on their own website. The chatroom also includes a large “Give” Button right at the top.
  5. 5. Simple Paypal Button Setting up a simple Paypal button below your live stream on your website is one of the best ways to get setup.
  6. 6. Dare to Imagine Church - Philadelphia, PA Uses pushpay for digital donations. Let’s watch a testimonial video from the lead pastor Kevin Johnson.
  7. 7. Social Media Giving on Facebook & YouTube 1. Get setup as an authorized 501c non-profit on both YouTube and Facebook 2. Facebook - Keep in mind your Page's category must be set to "Non-Profit Organization" only - with no other categories selected - in order to view the Donate Now call-to-action button. 3. Once this is done you can accept donations through Facebook and other pages can accept donations on your behalf.
  8. 8. Add a donate button to your Facebook page To add the Donate button to your charitable organization's Facebook Page: 1. Go to your charity's Page (you must be a Page admin). 2. Click Add a button. If you've already added a button, click the Edit button and select Edit Button to change the text. 3. Select Shop with you or make a donation > Donate and then click Next. 4. Select Donate Through Facebook to allow people to donate directly through Facebook or Website Linkto send people to the charity's website to donate. 5. If you select Donate Through Facebook, click Finish. If you select Website Link, enter the web address and click Save.
  9. 9. YouTube Card Donations YouTube creators can select any US 501(c)3 public charity in good standing. Non-profits are not endorsed by YouTube or Google. The nonprofit will get all of your donation. Google covers the processing fees. Unless mentioned otherwise, your donation is unrestricted, so funds may be used by the nonprofit as it sees fit. It may take up to two months for a donation to reach the nonprofit. You can currently make donations using donation cards in the following countries: United States Austria Belgium Canada Germany Spain France United Kingdom Hong Kong Ireland Italy South Korea The Netherlands Norway New Zealand Poland The Philippines Sweden Slovakia Taiwan Switzerland
  10. 10. Super Chat for Good Viewers in the U.S. can donate through Super Chat for Good. When you purchase a Super Chat for Good, 100% of your purchased amount will be donated to the nonprofit. Your YouTube channel name, and the amount you donated, will be made public. You’ll know a creator has switched on this option if you see the Super Chat for Good button on their live stream. This feature is only available in the U.S. and Canada. To donate: 1. Select the Super Chat for Good button within a live chat. The live chat must be visible and mobile devices must be in portrait mode. 2. To select an amount, either drag the slider or type your desired value. 3. Optionally, enter your message. 4. Select Buy and send. 5. To finish your purchase, follow the instructions. Super Chat for Good is not currently available on iOS.
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