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Jesus, the good shepherd and the God-shepherd



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Jesus, the good shepherd and the God-shepherd

  1. 1. THEME: HOOKED TO THE SHEPHERD TOPIC: THE GOOD AND THE GOD- SHEPHERD TEXT: Psalm 23, John 10:1-15;16-30; Ezek. 34:23; Is 40:11 Pastor Paul Olagunju, Feb 09, 2019
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • The business of herding is an old profession and examples abound in the Bible. Abraham, Moses, David and a host of others are examples of Sheep Herders (Shepherds) recorded in the scriptures. If the old testament represents what God intended to accomplish, the New testament is the revelation and fulfillment of that purpose. • While David was the King-Shepherd over Israel, Jesus is the Good and God-Shepherd over God’s heritage. • To be hooked to the Shepherd means to be physically, mentally and spiritually devoted and dependent on Him. An analogy of this can be found in grafted plants or parasitic plants. • In a similar sense Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. Just as the branch cannot exist without the Vine, no more can we if we are not hooked to the Shepherd. • The Shepherd understands every need of the sheep, when they need them and where to get them. And the sheep in turn trust the shepherd for daily sustenance, protection, direction, care and productivity. John 10:4
  3. 3. Once Hooked – The result is Obvious !!! The highly productive sheep. The fruitful vine The Corpse Flower (Rafflesia arnol
  4. 4. WE ARE THE SHEEP OF HIS PASTURE – UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SHEEP • Weak and defenseless • Follow their leader – be it a leading sheep or Shepherd • Fully dependent on the shepherd for grazing, protection and care • Sheep can’t right themselves if they are on their back • Emotionally attached – trust, smell and hearing • One of the most important factors for sheep is to be with their herd. Straying from the flock causes a great stress for a sheep. • Lookout is approximately 270-360° - sheep can watch objects behind them without turning their head.
  5. 5. THE SHEEP AND THE SHEPHERD Isa 40:11; John 10:1-15 • Three way-relationship of shepherd with the sheep – merchant, hireling and owner • Trust – without me you can do nothing • United – one with Christ, total dependence on Him • Love – inseparable bond and obedience Is 1:19 • Sensitivity - emotional, intuitiveness, distinctiveness and uniqueness (feeling, empathy, smell and auditory) • Accountability – by number and identity • Joy unending - productivity, multiplication and vitality
  6. 6. THE GOOD SHEPHERD Ps 23; John 10:11-15 • Possession: He owns the sheep, we are His sheep, sheep don’t get to choose their shepherd. Isa. 43:1 • Protection: Well-armed to defend the flock –staff and Rod Ps 23; Is 43:1-3a; John 10:10 • Passionate: Maintain one on one relationship with each sheep – affection – smell and hearing and to a lesser extent sight John 10:3; John 3:16 • Provision: Pay special attention to the welfare of the flock - food, care etc. Ps 23 • Productivity: Ensure most effective breeding and multiplication of the flock John 10:16; 15:1-6
  7. 7. JESUS -THE GOOD AND THE GOD-SHEPHERD EZ 34:23, Ps 23, John 10 The King-Shepherd, David The God- Shepherd , Jesus David inherited and acquired his sheep Paid with His own blood – bought with a price Rod and Staff Word and the Holy Spirit Defends the flock Gave us power over the enemy Vulnerable sheep Can do all things Created and Limited shepherd by nature He is the Almighty God and indwells us Cared for the sheep Laid down His life Psalm 23 John 10 King The Messiah Abides with the sheep With us and in us ….. …. …… ……
  8. 8. CONCLUSION As we face and deal with the issues of life on daily basis, let us remember that the creator of all things, the Almighty God is our Good and Faithful Shepherd. Never let go, never lose sight and don’t wander away from Him. He cares for you and would lead you aright. Would you walk in the consciousness and reality of the fact that you have a good shepherd who is the author of all things?. As we do, surely, goodness and mercy will follow you all through this week, this month and this year. Amen