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Café Bulletin is a new adventure for Pauls Café                                      Private Limited. We are contemplating...
Café Bulletin...                   Be Aware! Beware !!respect and teaches us self‐esteem. But then, if it does teach     o...
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Contribute Your Thoughts, Make Yourself Heard                                                                       cafebu...
Cafe Bulletin   July 2009
Cafe Bulletin   July 2009
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Cafe Bulletin July 2009


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Cafe Bulletin July 2009

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  2. 2. Café Bulletin is a new adventure for Pauls Café Private Limited. We are contemplating it as a monthly magazine for the younger set. Café Bulletin will attempt at focusing attention at things beautiful rather than gory. It is true that the publication will evolve with time but the effort is to avoid sensationalism and concentrate on important things for living as against merely things imported for life. Your suggestions and comments will go a long way in making Café Bulletin a must read magazine for the youth in Nashik and else where... Thanking you, Nabarun.Subscription & Distribution: email: cafebulletin@rediffmail.comFreeDesigned & Compiled by:Paul’s Café Private Limited11, Dream House, Datta Mandir Road,Nashik Road 422101Ph.: +91 253 2458473 ‘ Faith is Action with an Hope to Accomplish‘ 2
  3. 3. Café Bulletin... Be Aware! Beware !!respect and teaches us self‐esteem. But then, if it does teach of free entertainment. Why do we forget that it is we whous all these then why are we still blinded by the society and make the society; the society doesn’t make us.the practical world?Like a herd of cattle why do we blindly follow it? For how long do we wish to remain trammeled within the walls created by our own ignorance that we fail to notice; we have become mere prisoners under trail for freedom?This society is more interested in fun and in deciding forothers. They are the ones who use their limited knowledge Has education really helped us in any way? Have weor the lack of it; by pushing the other beyond the lines of awakened or are we still sleeping? Are we free finally or isthinking; for their own betterment and a never ending dose our freedom still a distant dream? So, dear friends let us all wake‐up and confirm that we are indeed Literately Educated and not illiterately educated!!! Or Literately Uneducated!!!Suffer Sacrifice Silently…Is the woman of today truly liberated? has to accept a few slaps and kicks from her drunkard– The following words might explain…………… husband while the convent educated lady has to face her husband who comes soused only to be turned on by the keyA convent educated girl who went on to earn good marks in of lust and when finished just throw away the toy. If notcurricula is now a high flier with a plum post and a fat salary. allowed then he hurls few rants and raves but never slaps herShe works hard and under pressure to deliver within because he is educated and an educated husband neverdeadlines. She looks after her family and only child from a beats his wife. Does that make him literally uneducated orlove marriage to a person crazy for her then but now a illiterately educated?stranger in her life. A person engrossed in his own world thathe fails to notice the girl who he married more than a decade In spite of the fact that both these females are muchago is a soul and not just a toy meant for pleasuring himself. independent and can look after themselves and theirFor him, it is his wife’s only duty to look after the house and children; both prefer to suffer at the hands of chauvinistichis child and then satisfy his urge; that He is the provider husbands. For every act of sacrifice there is an act ofwhile she is the caretaker mistress. No doubt he gifts her violence and seems they fear both. And hence prefer toexpensive items and splurges wealth just as the maharajas in suffer sacrifice silently.history did so for their concubines. Thinking she is happy butfails to notice that she longs for more than just those For how long do such women wish to remain trammeledexpensive gifts. He forgets that she is his wife and not a within the walls created by their own ignorance that they failmeans for personal amusement. to notice; to have become mere prisoners under trail for freedom?On the other their maid who is not as much educated as her Why? ‐ Is it the education that holds their decision back oremployer, has similar life. She has to cook meals for this is it the tradition which demands unquestioned obedienceworking couple before they leave for their daily from a wife or is it the fear of society?commitments. The maid has to clean the house broom dustetc, wash clothes dry them iron them so that her employer The woman of today may have reached the moon but downcan be at their best for their office. She too has to deliver on earth she is still considered an object of desire. And whowithin deadlines. And she too has a husband who is much like is responsible for it? ‐ We men because of our strength orthe convent educated lady’ loving hubby or shall we aptly say the women because of their endurance?as lusting hubby. Only difference being that at times the maid Is the woman of today truly liberated? Manumitted? 4
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  8. 8. FREE HOME DELIVERY: 2458473 Chinese Menu Chinese MenuSOUP’S VEG CHI CHINESE RICE VEG CHI Caf é MenuTomato Soup 30.00 / - Fried Rice 50.00 / 55.00 STARTERS (SHURUAT)Manchow Soup 30.00 / 35.00 Egg. Fried Rice - / 55.00 VEGSweet Corn Soup 30.00 / 35.00 Ginger Rice 55.00 / 60.00 Mix Veg Pakoda 35.00Hot & Sour Soup 30.00 / 35.00 Garlic Rice 55.00 / 60.00 Szechuan Rice 55.00 / 60.00 French Fries 35.00Mushroom Manchow Soup 35.00 / 40.00 Hongkong Rice 55.00 / 60.00 Veg.Chilly (Dry) (8pc) 50.00Clear Soup 25.00 / 30.00Noodle Clear Soup 25.00 / 30.00 Singapore Rice 55.00 / 60.00 Veg.Manchurian (Dry) (8pc) 50.00 30.00 / - Chowmein Rice 55.00 / 60.00 Veg.Chinese Bhel 50.00Tomato Shorba Shanghai Rice 60.00 / 65.00VEG ( GRAVY) 7pc Paneer Tikka (H) (5pc) 45.00 Yong Chow Rice 60.00 / 65.00Veg. Chilly 50.00 Paneer Pakoda 45.00 Triple Szechuan Rice 65.00 / 70.00Veg. Szechuan 50.00 Veg.Spring Roll 55.00 CHINESE NOODLES VEG CHISoyabean Chilly (20 pc) 55.00 NON - VEG Hakka Noodles 50.00 / 55.00Potato Chilly 50.00 Chicken Spring Roll 65.00 Egg. Noodles - / 55.00Veg. Manchurian 50.00 Chicken Tikka (H) (4pc) 45.00 Ginger Noodles 55.00 / 60.00Veg. Hongkong 50.00 Chicken Chilly (Dry) (7pc) 55.00 Garlic Noodles 55.00 / 60.00Veg. Sweet Garlic 50.00 Hongkong Noodles 55.00 / 60.00 Chicken Manchurian (Dry) (7pc) 55.00Veg. Hot Garlic 50.00 Szechuan Noodles 55.00 / 60.00 Chicken Chinese Bhel 60.00Veg. Balls In Sweet Ginger Sauce 50.00 Singapore Noodles 55.00 / 60.00 Chicken Lolly Pop (H) (4pc) 40.00Paneer Chilly 60.00 Noodles with Rice 60.00 / 65.00 Fried Chicken (7pc) 60.00Mushroom Chilly 60.00 Chinese Chopsuey 55.00 / 60.00 Chicken Tikka Pakoda (6pc) 85.00CHICKEN ( GRAVY) 7pc American Chopsuey 55.00 / 60.00 Chowmein Noodles 50.00 / 55.00Chicken Chilly 60.00 Yong Chow Noodles 60.00 / 65.00Chicken Szechuan 60.00 Shanghai Noodles 60.00 / 65.00Chicken Sweet Garlic 60.00 Triple Szechuan Noodles 65.00 / 70.00Chicken Hot N’ Sour 60.00 CHINESE RICE VEG. CHI.Chicken Chow Chow 60.00 Manchurian Rice (Rice + Manch. Gravy) 65.00 / 70.00Chicken In Hot Garlic Sauce 60.00 Chilly Rice (Rice + Chilly Gravy) 65.00 / 70.00Chicken Sweet Ginger 60.00 If there is any complaint regarding a particular dish,Chicken Hongkong 60.00 please return it at the first bite, for alteration. ANY TIME KHANAChicken Manchurian 60.00 Dream House, Shop No. 11, Next to Lions ClubGround, WE ARE SURELY NOT THE FIRST TO START!Chicken Lollypop in Gravy (5pc.) 85.00 Datta Mandir Rd., Nashik Road, Ph.: 2458473 BUT ARE TRULY THE BEST TO SERVE!!
  9. 9. Caf é Menu Indian Menu Tandoor Se NON-VEG BURGER’S & HOT DOG’S CHICKEN Chicken Tandoori - (F) 165.00Veg. Cheese Burger 30.00 Veg. Hot Dog 35.00 Chi.Kadai 60.00 Chi. Kolhapuri 60.00 Chicken Tandoori - (H) 85.00Chi. Cheese Burger 35.00 Chi. Hot Dog 40.00 65.00 Butter Chi. Chi.Tikka Masala 65.00 Pahadi Tikka - (8pc) 95.00 MILK SHAKES Lasooni Chicken 60.00 TandooriChi.Masala(H) 110.00 Chicken Tikka - (8pc) 85.00Vanilla 30.00 Strawberry 30.00 Lucknowi Chicken 65.00 TandooriChi.Masala(F) 220.00 Chicken Tukra - (8pc) - With Bone 190.00Kesar Pista 30.00 Chocolate 30.00 Chicken Hyderabadi 65.00 Chi. Handi (F) 190.00 Hara Murg - (F) 175.00Butter Scotch 30.00 Cold Coffee 30.00 Chicken Dalwala 55.00 Chi. Handi (H) 100.00 Hara Murg - (H) 90.00 TEA / COFFEE Chicken Saagwala 55.00 Btr. Chi.Handi (F) 220.00 Tandoori leg 65.00Nescafe 15.00 Milk 15.00 Bottled Water 15.00 Egg Curry (2 eggs) 45.00 Btr. Chi. Handi (H) 110.00 VEG PIZZA MUTTON Hara Paneer - (F) 10pc 85.00Pizza Unix Hara Paneer - (H) 5pc 50.00 50:00 Mutton Handi (F) 190.00 Mtn. Saagwala 55.00 Paneer Tikka - (F) 10pc 85.00Chicken Tikka Pizza 75:00 Mutton Handi (H) 100.00 Mtn. Hyderabadi 65.00 EGG Paneer Tikka - (H) 5pc 50.00 Mutton Masala 55.00 Bhuna Mutton 55.00Masala Omelette 30.00 Boiled Egg 20.00 TANDOORI SPECIAL Mutton Kolhapuri 60.00 Mtn. Roganjosh 60.00Plain Omelette 25.00 Spanish Omelette 40.00 Tandoori Platter (4 pc. each) 180.00 Kheema Masala 55.00 Mutton Lucknowi 65.00Egg Bhurjee 35.00 Half fried Egg 30.00 (Chi.Tikka, Pahadi Tikka, Paneer Tikka, TandooriAloo) Kheema + Paratha 100.00 Kheema Mutter 55.00 RAITA / SALAD / PAPAD Chicken Tikka in Szechuan sauce (8pc) 110.00Veg. Raita 20.00 VEG Paneer Tikka in Szechuan Sauce (10pc) 110.00Green Salad 15.00 Veg.Kadai 45.00 Veg. Kolhapuri 45.00 ROTIRoasted Papad 05.00 Veg. jalfrezi 45.00 Veg.Makhanwala 45.00 Roti 5.00 Btr. Roti 07.00Fried Papad 08.00 Baingan Masala 45.00 Malai Kofta 60.00 Naan 10.00 Btr. Naan 12.00Masala Papad 10.00 Methi Mutter Malai 50.00 Mutter Paneer 55.00 Aloo Paratha Kulcha/Paratha 15.00 20.00Russian Salad - 25.00 Aloo Palak Aloo Jeera 40.00 40.00 RICE(Steamed Potatos, Beans, Carrots, Gr. PeasTossed in Mayonnaise) Lasooni Palak 40.00 Aloo Mutter 40.00 Steam Rice Jeera Rice 25.00 25.00 Pasta Special Bhindi Masala 45.00 Chana Masala 40.00 Gr.Peas Pulao 30.00 Dal Khicda 45.00 Order Any Pasta For Just Rs. 85 /- Rajma Masala 40.00 Veg. Handi (F) 120.00 Cheese Pulao 40.00 Veg.Pulao 30.00 TYPE’S SAUCES Lasooni Methi 40.00 Veg. Handi (H) 60.00 Veg.Biryani 60.00 Chicken Biryani 70.00 Spaghetti Napolitienne Puri Bhaji Veg. Hyderabadi 50.00 40.00 Mutton Biryani 70.00 Paneer Biryani 70.00 Mushroom-N-Cheese Macaroni Peppery Cheese PANEER 01 Kg Chicken Biryani (Serves 08) Rs. 400/- 60.00 Paneer Kolhapuri 60.00 01 Kg Mutton Biryani (Serves 08) Rs. 450/- Fiery Hot Sauce Kadai Paneer Penne Palak Paneer 60.00 Paneer Bhurjee 65.00 Dal All Pasta can also be served with Paneer Makhni 60.00 Paneer Tikka M/s. 65.00 Dal Tadka 35.00 Dal Fry 30.00 chicken for Rs.15/- extra Paneer Handi (F) 190.00 Paneer Handi (H) 100.00 Dal Makhni 40.00 Butter Dal Fry 35.00 (Home Delivery In 40 Min. From The Time Order Is Placed. Minimum Order Rs. 200/-)
  10. 10. Contribute Your Thoughts, Make Yourself Heard Its not the fall that kills you. Its the sudden stop at the end. Keep falling....Never Stop! when you reach the end of the pit there is only one way to go....upwards! I Feared UNTIL I feared being Until I learned to like Myself. I feared failure Be Aware! Beware !! Café Bulletin... Until I realized that I only Fail when I dont try. I feared success Until I realized that I had to try in order to be happy with myself. I feared peoples opinions Until I learned that people would have opinions about me anyway. I feared rejection Until I learned to have faith in myself. I feared pain Until I learned that its necessary for growth I feared the truth Until I saw the ugliness in lies. I feared life Until I experienced its beauty. I feared death Until I realized that its not an end, but a beginning. I feared my destiny, Until I realized that I had the power to change my life. I feared hate Until I saw that it was nothing more than ignorance I feared love Until it touched my heart, making the darkness fade into endless sunny days. I feared ridicule Until I learned how to laugh at myself. I feared growing old Until I realized that I gained wisdom every day. I feared the future Until I realized that Life just kept getting better. I feared the past Until I realized that It could no longer hurt me. I feared the dark Until I saw the beauty of the starlight. I feared the light Until I learned that the Truth would give me Strength. I feared change, Designed & Compiled by Until I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly had to undergo a Paul’s Café Private Limited Metamorphosis before it could fly. 11, Dream House, Datta Mandir Road, Nashik Road 422101