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Asd Architectural Brochure

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Asd Architectural Brochure 100dpi

  1. 1. Uniclass EPIC L381+ C421+D11 L41:P4 +D13:X4 CI/SfB (21.4)+(31) Xh 2009 innovative & sustainable framing systems in metal and glass [ CURTAIN WALLING ] [ ROOF GLAZING ] [ DOORS ] [ WINDOWS ] [ DOOR FURNITURE ] [ FRAMELESS ] [ BALUSTRADES ] inspire
  2. 2. page : 2 performance reflecting excellence vi on an na exp e ASD Architectural are leaders in innovative and sustainable framing systems in metal and glass. Our goal is to bring increased transparency and light to working and living environments. Proven experience As a specialist glazing solution provider, we draw inspiration from the building design concepts that we help to create. Working alongside architects, specifiers and contractors we help bring your ideas to life by adding value to the work of our clients and partners through our accumulated expertise and knowledge of the construction industry. Our products have been used in the UK, Ireland and Europe for over 50 years and are tested to the most stringent BS and EN Standards from fire and attack to weather and noise. Technical support The ASD Architectural team are available to support you from concept to site handover and beyond, including design and planning, costing and installation advice. Our experience spans every conceivable project type from offices and retail to apartment buildings, and from leisure facilities to transport interchanges. We set ourselves high standards, both for the quality of our products and for our attention to detail. Our design support services include CAD drawings and NBS equivalent specifications, and are always delivered in a professional and personal way. Unique solutions One of our key strengths is our multi-source supply system, which enables our partners to choose from an extensive glazing product portfolio making ASD Architectural an ideal partner for multi-glazing systems. ASD Architectural is part of ASD metal services, the largest independent metal distributor in the UK, and a key member of the Klöckner & Co. Group, the largest independent steel and metal stockholder in Europe and North America. With nationwide coverage, backed by global purchasing strength, we provide an unrivalled ability to meet the individual requirements of our customers for a wide range of metal products. Standards ASD Architectural is an ISO-9001 registered company. All products and services offered are compliant with relevant UK Building regulations and appropriate British & European Standards. Please refer to the product matrix on page 20 or call our technical department on 0114 234 5287 or 5288 for guidance and relevant test information. Fire Smoke Bullet Security Wheelchair Acoustic Weather Thermal Access Rated
  3. 3. page : 3 Centre, Belfast, UK pping Sh o perie ria Sq uar e c to Vi page : 4 spanning your technical requirements: large span curtain walling, roof glazing, doors and windows page : 6 the ultimate in transparency: frameless glass façade, roof and doors, glass canopies and glass balustrades page : 8 a revolution in thermally efficient systems: steel for sustainable design page : 10 designed to impress: prestige range in stainless steel, bronze, brass and Cor-ten page : 12 preserving heritage in the modern world: regenerating historic buildings with steel page : 14 the finesse of steel: stylish orangery and winter gardens page : 16 protecting life and buildings: fire resistance and physical security through glass page : 18 the finishing touch: architectural hardware page : 20 product matrix and certification ASD Architectural 901 Herries Road, Sheffield S6 1QH Phone: 0114 234 5287 or 5288 Fax: 0114 234 1643 Email: Web:
  4. 4. page : 4 For designs that seek to achieve maximum visibility within a strong, secure and safe structure, there is no better combination than steel and glass. The inherent strength of steel enables the use of larger glass panes, increasing light transmission, enhancing aesthetics and comfort in modern building design. spanning your technical requirements transparency re s nt ce ion ull Steel – strong and “light” dm Steel has an exceptional modulus of elasticity (210 kN/mm2) and resistance to deflection, making it ideal for large glazed areas of heavy glass, large span curtain walling and roof glazing or for high an traffic doors and oversized windows. ans Due to the capacity to accommodate large mullion centres, steel can meet the requirements e sp of modern transparent architecture whilst providing resistance to high wind loads. Minimal framework larg The inherent strength of steel allows for slim sightlines with curtain walling profiles. Mullion widths can be as slim as 45mm and unsupported spans in excess of 13m can be achieved without additional structural support. Dramatically increasing light transmission, ASD Spanlight is ideally suited to car showrooms, shopping centres, offices and transport interchanges. Quality secure living space Another key benefit of using steel is its low thermal coefficient (50W/m2K) which enables U value ratings of 1.6 W/m2K or below for curtain walling systems. ASD Spanlight is also available as a photovoltaic system, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of modern buildings. ASD Spanlight also offers high acoustic performance and excellent weather rating according to EN standards. Buildings using slimmer mullion sections with exceptional structural Ix values gain additional benefits of increased floor space and exposure to natural daylight. ASD Spanlight systems also create a safe and secure environment by protecting buildings and their inhabitants from fire and physical attacks. Modulus of elasticity
  5. 5. page : 5 energy efficient optimis ed ort floor comf sp a ht ce da ylig al tu r d na and strength rease inc y an er m ,G ck swi r un re,B e nt gC pin h op er S or k wY Ne
  6. 6. page : 6 oor glass canop ass d y s gl le s gla me s fr a s ba ng az i lu gl st r r ide ade s p interior glass fitting clear and m li ght t ransm i u maxi ssi on m a ad C an e s, fic Of al rci mme Co
  7. 7. page : 7 Achieving a seamless design to facades and door systems is made possible by the wide range of solutions within the ASD Frameless systems. Used in many retail applications as well as major office and showroom constructions, frameless solutions bring the outside in, creating stunning visual facades and uninterrupted exterior views. the ultimate in transparency seamless Flooded with light The simplicity of combining glass panels with stainless steel fixing systems results in an engineered solution with minimal structure and maximum visual impact. Whether you are specifying bolted glazing systems for facades and roof glazing or frameless glass doors, the result is the creation of light and spacious interiors with impressive uninterrupted views. Bolted glass systems from ASD Architectural are both strong and durable and offer considerable energy efficiency and acoustic properties. Frameless chemistry of glass and stainless steel ASD Frameless systems are made out of stainless steel and offer versatility in design and construction options. Maximum visibility can be achieved when constructing façades, shop fronts, sky lights or canopies, using bolted systems that complement the overall light and airy feel of the building and create a timeless design. Frameless glass doors and screens portray a high quality modern image and can be creatively used in commercial and retail environments. This diversity allows specifiers to bring individuality to their design, through items such as pivoting bar doors, stylish sliding doors, automatic doors or large and high traffic passage glass doors. Completing our range of frameless systems is ASD Elegance, an impressive glass balustrade and handrail system that includes features such as structural glass panels and a unique handrail that incorporates multi-coloured LED lights.
  8. 8. page : 8 a revolution in thermally efficient systems natural light With increasing global concern for the sustainability of our planet, it is essential that the construction industry plays its part in lowering its carbon footprint and providing specifiers with glazing solutions such as ASD Therm for optimal thermal performance. Steel is the perfect answer: it has inherently low conductivity, offers small heat mass and less framing joints, and is intrinsically 100% recyclable. Steel: a green material With low thermal conductivity, steel and stainless steel systems can achieve outstanding low U-values. ASD Therm systems will offer a U-value of 1.6 W/ m2K for curtain walling and roof systems, whilst thermally broken windows and doors will perform with a U-value of 1.7 W/m2K. These U-values easily meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L. Thermal coefficient Stainless Steel Carbon steel Aluminium 0 50 100 150 200 Wm-2K-1
  9. 9. page : 9 en ergy effi wellbeing cient therm and comfort ally bro UK ke do n, n n Lo t, ree us St ta ern s ina East at b le Gre recy clable The right choice for the environment ASD Therm systems help to meet the challenges of sustainability and reduction in energy transfer: • by reducing the amount of framing joints required in a building’s construction • y using slimmer profile sightlines for curtain walling, windows and doors, b therefore reducing the heat mass The use of increased spans combined with large glass panels also allows the building to benefit from solar gain to maximise the quality and comfort of the internal space. Naturally sustainable Based on iron, the world’s most abundant raw material, steel glazed systems are both natural and sustainable. Steel is 100% recyclable on a multiple basis without degradation of its properties or performance. A designer can specify steel today safe in the knowledge that it is unlikely ever to become waste.
  10. 10. page : 10 designed to impress modern and To create the ultimate in building design statements, architects seek an expression of individuality, using prestige materials to create stunning visual impact. ASD Prestige glazing systems can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any project by adding a distinctive finish to both classic and materials stainless stee prestige l contemporary designs. UK e, gat Rei rk, y Pa Prior
  11. 11. page : 11 d unique bras s bro Stainless steel: the choice for beauty and sustainability nze Bright and light, stainless steel is the most prestigious of the steels and ensures top performance in terms of strength, aesthetics and recycling. Durable in Co nature and beautiful to behold, stainless steel allows façade structures and main r-T entrances to be lightened, creating a contemporary feel. en Bronze and brass: the choice for elegance and tradition The warm, rich colour of bronze or brass is the ideal framing material for restoration of old buildings, blending perfectly with the original architecture, wo or used to embellish the design of high prestige buildings. ode n du Cor-Ten: the choice for originality With a glorious history in industrial building, Cor-Ten steel provides an attractive, al warm and authentic effect to windows and doors. As an unusual, original and rare material, the beauty of Cor-Ten is instantly recognisable, and has been used in an assortment of recent buildings and outdoor sculptures. Ten times more corrosion resistant than carbon steel, Cor-Ten can be used in critical weather conditions for life to offer the lowest life-cycle cost of any material. Wooden DualComfort: the choice for warmth and exclusivity Our unique duplex framing system is an integrated system of profiles, fittings and gaskets for thermally broken windows and curtain walling that allows the use of both prestige metal and wood in one profile. Choose the warmth of wood on the inside coupled with the durable properties of metal on the outside to create a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient.
  12. 12. page : 12 reg en er at ion lim slim and au s sig ht lin e s ren ova tio n pres ervin g styl Regenerating heritage buildings for modern e maintaining history use requires a sympathetic approach to design and a careful selection of materials that complement the overall concept. ASD Heritage systems offer the perfect match to renovation projects enabling style and history to be preserved whilst maintaining harmony with the surrounding environment.
  13. 13. Ind us try page : 13 Mu seu m, Ch em nitz, ermG any preserving heritage in the modern world uthentic o ny rm ha t al en ro nm e nvi Slim and sleek One of the principal reasons that steel and prestige metals are such a popular choice for framing systems in heritage renovation projects is the slimline nature of steel framing profiles. Slim profiles allow window and door designs to sit in harmony within the classic building structure without spoiling the look or obscuring the view. Classic and thermally efficient Whatever their intended use, classic, historic and listed buildings can be sensitively restored to maintain classic styling whilst upgrading the glazed areas to meet the exacting demands of current Building Regulations. ASD Heritage systems have been used on a wide range of regeneration projects blending new materials with the original building fabric to create some striking examples of sympathetic preservation. Whether you choose a standard mild steel-powder-coated steel system, a modern stainless steel or classic brass, bronze or Cor-Ten, the results are the same: an impressive makeover that is in total harmony with the heritage of the building and the surrounding environment whilst achieving new levels of energy efficiency. Shape and form All of the benefits that steel and prestige metals bring to new buildings are equally relevant to renovation projects. Steel is particularly effective for reconstructing sash windows or arches, whilst bronze or Cor-Ten achieve the same objective but with a classic look. Whatever the chosen finish, ASD Heritage systems are highly weather resistant, durable and long-lasting.
  14. 14. page : 14 ASD FINELINE Steel Winter Gardens the finesse of steel elegant an With the classic look of authentic winter gardens, our exclusive steel framed system creates truly unique building extensions for residential, retail and leisure developments. The ASD Fineline system provides the opportunity to produce elegant, individual buildings with style and atmosphere. Authentic elegance The ASD Fineline system revives a sense of traditional design yet offers all the comfort and requirements of a modern home or commercial property extension. The elegant combination of slim steel framing and large glass panels in this unique and patented steel system will create inspiring spaces for a dining room, office or any living or working environment. Optimised thermal performance The unique design of ASD Fineline window systems requires no thermal break to achieve good insulation, enabling aesthetics, rigidity and strength. The secret to achieving this lies in the ASD-Fineline “slim line concealed sash” design, which minimises the thermal bridges and considerably increases the glazed area. The individual touch The ASD Fineline Steel Winter Garden system can be complemented with ASD Fineline Decor Fascia, which consists of a kit of components with semi-circular arches and decorative features that mechanically joint together. A variety of door systems can be then incorporated, including sliding door options. For an individual finish, a range of coating colours is available along with decorative espagnolettes in traditional, modern and classic styles.
  15. 15. page : 15 erformance rmal p con the cea led e styl sa s tic en h th au nd refined cia fas tive ora dec den r gar winte orangery 200 589 1235 Reside 89 ASD Fineline window ntial Dev op m el ent Elevation , Pa ASD Fineline Decor Fascia ris, Fra nc e
  16. 16. page : 16 In the complex world of modern business, nothing is more important than taking care of people, preserving the integrity of a building and protecting vital information systems. Recognising that nothing should be left to chance, ASD Architectural has developed an impressive range of products to provide protection for fire, security, attack and noise. protecting life and buildings transparent burglary resistant anti vand proof al bullet bomb ted blas fire ra t noi se p rot ect ion
  17. 17. page : 17 and secure Fire resistance Fire resistance is an important factor in all building constructions, helping to protect occupants and provide suitable escape routes in the event of a catastrophe. Steel is the ideal material for the construction of passive fire protection systems, maximising security, natural light and aesthetic appeal via slim sightlines. Fire rated steel curtain walling and roof glazing are widely used in combination with steel glazed doors and partitions for means of escape, compartmentation or protection against external fire spread. The main markets are commercial, health, education and transport sectors as well as secondary glazing projects. ASD Fire systems provide the largest library of fire tested products in Europe for doors, screens, facades and roof glazing – all tested to the most stringent European (EN1634) and British Standards (BS476 Part 22) for integrity only (up to E 180) or integrity and insulation (up to EI 120). d ASD fire systems include some unique applications such as double acting door for isa corridors, anti-finger-trap doors for schools and hospitals, sliding or automatic bil swing doors for DDA requirements or butt-joint partitions for uninterrupted view. ity acc Security and attack resistance ess In today’s challenging global security scenario, many buildings are classified as vulnerable to terrorist or burglary attack and require sophisticated attack protection measures to be built into the building specification. Examples include airports, shopping malls, sports stadia, banks and high profile office buildings in both the private and government sectors. ASD Security systems offer many solutions to meet the most challenging security rmany situations, including bullet proof and bomb blast systems as well as burglary resistance (tested to Secured by Design, LPS1175 or ENV1627). All of these robust rf, Ge solutions out-perform alternative materials. With four times the tensile strength of sto standard material and high resistance to deflection, steel is regarded as the ultimate gen material for the construction of security doors, screens, windows and facades. , Je e om Noise protection tH ASD Acoustic systems can provide outstanding efficient noise reduction (up to 47dB) en m to increase the quality of life within a building. The systems are highly effective in ire t Re reducing external noise such as road, rail or air traffic, as well as internal noise within multi-use buildings like music or theatre venues and schools.
  18. 18. page : 18 the finishing touch performanc pe performance e ance c ce In every construction project the importance of the finishing touches cannot be over-valued. ASD Hardware offers an impressive range of ironmongery solutions for all projects. Total compatibility fi The ASD Hardware range has been specifically designed to complement our e range of doors and windows, ensuring the creation of a cohesive look that will E also comply with appropriate fire tests. (EN 1154A, EN1125/179) The ASD Hardware range is also designed f a slim, sleek look with sightline and for size kept to a minimum. Proven reliability od Not only have the ASD Hardware products stood the test of time in many projects around the globe, they meet the highest ququality standards and are tested to the relevant European legislation for: cur • fire • smoke • durability • corrosion resistance • security Finished to perfection Whatever your needs we are likely to have the answer in our extensive AS e ASD tails Hardware range. Below are just some of the items we offer. Full product details can be supplied on request, or viewed at Hardware items Choice of finishes • Door closers • Stainless steel • Floor springs • Powder coated • Panic bars • Anodised • Locks • Brass • Maglocks • Bronze • Electric strikes • Pull handles • Lever handles • Hinges • Floor seals
  19. 19. 21 page : 19 W and style es to nP a rk Mu seu m, Sh effi ld,e U K doo r cl ose r s fo or sp ri n gs nd ha les als se ma gl es ock ng s hi locks e panic hardwar
  20. 20. and style Re ich st ag , Be rli n, Ge rm an y
  21. 21. page : 20 product matrix Orangery Curtain Roof Doors Partitions Windows & Winter Walling Glazing Gardens ASD Spanlight ASD Therm ASD Prestige ASD Heritage ASD Fineline ASD Fire ASD Security (Bullet, burglar and bomb resistant) ASD Acoustics ASD Frameless ASD Elegance Stainless steel balustrade and handrail Please ask our technical department about the performance of each system - call 0114 234 5287 or 5288. Fire Smoke Bullet Security Wheelchair Acoustic Weather Thermal Access Rated The ASD Architectural systems have been tested to the following standards, either by our system house or by one of our customers: Thermal Uvalue EN ISO 10077-2 Fire-rated glazing BS 476, part 22, BS EN 1634-1, BS EN 1364-1 Acoustic value prEN 1431, table B.3 Smoke-rated doors DIN 18095-1:1998-10 Weather-rated CE marking EN13830 curtain walling (Air permeability to EN12152, Water tightness to EN12154/ENV13050, Fire-rated hardware EN 1154 A for door closer and foor spring, Resistance to windloading to EN13116, DIN 18273 for handle, EN 1125/179 for Impact resistance to EN14019) panic hardware, EN 1935 for hinges Weather-rated CE marking prEN 14351-1 (Air permeability thermally broken to EN12207, Water tightness to EN12208, Burglar resistance Secured by Design, PAS 24, LPS 1175, SR 3 & 4 windows and doors Resistance to windloading to EN12210) ENV 1627 Class 1-3 (WK) Entrance Disability Discrimination Act accessibility Bullet resistance EN 1522, 1523, 1063 (FB4 and FB6) Barrier loading for BS 6180:1999 and EN1906 balustrade ASD Architectural systems also perform in accordance with the UK Building Regulations for the following documents: B, E, F, L, K1, K2 and M. ASD Architectural 901 Herries Road, Sheffield S6 1QH Phone: 0114 234 5287 or 5288 Fax: 0114 234 1643 Email: Web:
  22. 22. 901 Herries Road, Sheffield S6 1QH Phone: 0114 234 5287 or 5288 Fax: 0114 234 1643 Email: Front cover image: Web: Mitchell Way, Southampton, UK