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Career Consult is a premium Consultancy service aimed at experienced Professionals or Senior Management Individuals who have either been recently made redundant or are simply considering a career change but are not certain of what options might be out there for them.

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Career Consult Presentation

  2. 2. Have you recently been made redundant or aresimply considering a change in your career?Are you confused about what to do first or have youalready attempted various avenues without success?Do you think you would benefit from a professional,objective assessment of your situation?
  3. 3. Are you considering using or have already engaged one or more Recruitment Consultants?There are a number of reasons why this might not get you the desired results:• Most Recruiters have relatively small client bases, hence can only offer you opportunities from a small number of organisations, who arguably may not have openings at your level or in your discipline.• They may not meet you and hence cannot get a thorough understanding of you; which in turn means it is difficult to truly sell you to prospective clients.• As you are one of many candidates to them, they may not give you a true consultancy service to best understand your needs.• In cases where you have been made redundant, unfortunately some recruiters will see this as an opportunity to take a “scatter gun” approach with your CV; this often results in your CV landing on the same client’s desk multiple times; this totally de-values you as a prospective candidate.
  4. 4. You may be intending to, or already have submitted your details to some prospectiveemployers direct; either to an existing contact, or a HR / Recruitment contact or simplydirect to their website. Again, our experience is that this rarely produces the results youwere seeking for the following reasons:• Whilst you may have a trusted contact in an organisation, they may, for various reasons, not be too pro-active in submitting your details to the relevant person (for example, they may consider you to be competition to them, they might assume there are no vacancies, etc), or they may just simply submit your CV to HR.• HR and Internal Recruitment teams are often understaffed and very busy hence only concentrate on live vacancies. They are also generally inundated with CVs; if your CV is not highly relevant for an existing vacancy, you can get easily lost in their system.• A staggering 85% of applications to website vacancies go unread or are not properly reviewed; submitting your CV this way is highly unlikely to get you results.• Not all vacancies (e.g. senior appointments) are advertised or are known to HR.
  5. 5. We offer a service called Career Consult; it is designed to maximise your chances ofsecuring a new position. Specifically, between us, we will achieve the followingoutcomes:• An honest assessment of your current skills, strengths and weaknesses.• A clear and realistic idea of what you want from your next career move.• Thorough research undertaken into prospective employers for you.• An enhanced toolkit to give you the best opportunity to sell yourself to prospective employers.The next pages outline our detailed service.
  6. 6. The Career Consult service has the following stages:• SHL OPQ Psychometric Assessment.• One to One meeting and Mock Interview.• Detailed Research into Prospective employers.• Review / re-write of your CV and Linkedin Profile.• Detailed Interview Guide provided.• Circulating of your details within our trusted recruiter network (if needed).
  7. 7. SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)SHL is the global market leader in Psychometric testing currently used and trustedby 80% of FTSE 100 companies. Pegasus is a registered Recruitment Partner of SHL.The OPQ is their flagship product. It is completed online and is approximately 230multi-choice questions and takes around 35 minutes to complete.From that we give you a report which will help on two fronts:• It gives you a frank assessment of your personality in a work environment.• It prepares you for similar tests that a prospective employer may have you do and hence gives you time to reflect on how you may answer any resulting questions.
  8. 8. One to One Meeting and Mock InterviewYou will meet one of our Consultants who will go through the following with you:• Your experience to date.• What you feel your key skills are.• What you enjoy doing and what you don’t.• Review of your psychometric test and how it compares to the above.• Review of your CV.• Detailed assessment of what you want in your next move and also what type of organisation you see yourself going to.• Run through some mock interview questions, both to prepare you and also allow you time to reflect on how you might answer any difficult questions.The aim here is to give you objective advice and constructive criticism where needed.
  9. 9. Detailed research of prospective employersUsing our combined knowledge (yours and ours), we will produce a thoroughlist of organisations who would both be of interest to you and are likely to haveroles suitable for you.Our professional skills as a Search firm then come to play; one of our seniorresearchers will identify relevant contacts in each prospective organisation andobtain their contact details; in all cases these contacts will be relevant to yourlevel; a Department Head, Board Director, etc; i.e. not a HR / Recruitmentcontact.
  10. 10. Review / re-write of your CV and Linkedin ProfileArmed with the information from the previous stages, we will have a detailed reviewof your CV to ensure it sends a clear, concise message regarding your skills, abilitiesand achievements; a CV should show a prospective employer the following:• It should quickly be obvious what you do for a living and what your level is.• That you have relevant experience (e.g. project or sector) for the prospective employer or department.• That there are tangible reasons why they should interview you and potentially employ you (this is particularly relevant for senior / executive appointments).Once we have a credible CV, we will help you replicate much of this information onLinkedin to help further broadcast yourself to potential employers.
  11. 11. Detailed Interview GuideSome of our clients may have been employed by the same employer for the majority oftheir career, or at least have been employed by their most recent employer for sometime. Interviewing is without doubt a skill that can be worked on; therefore as well asface to face advice, we also supply you with a detailed guide on how to maximise yourchances of having a successful interview; this advice includes:• How to properly prepare for an interview (including research, appearance, attitude).• How to conduct yourself during in an interview (including body language, language).• A list of common interview questions and advice on how to deal with them.• How to sell yourself.• What information you need to get out of an interview.• How to close an interview.
  12. 12. Using our trusted networkHaving produced a long list of prospective employers along with relevant contacts,we talk through with the client how the prospects should be approached; in mostcases we advise you to approach the prospects direct, however if Pegasus has anexisting relationship then we might do the approach for you.In some cases, we may advise using a recruiter who has a well establishedrelationship with a busy prospect or has been retained by an organisation for arelevant role for our client. If we do advise you to use a recruiter, then you can besure of the following:• They are personally known and trusted by Pegasus.• They conduct themselves in the same professional and ethical way that Pegasus does.
  13. 13. TimescalesHow long the whole Career Consult process takes is often dictated by theavailability of our client and how engaged you are in the process; this is atwo way process and we may need some information from you before wecan progress each stage.In most cases, from initial engagement to having a detailed list of prospectsfor you to approach and the necessary tools and confidence to perform wellat interviews, is likely to be take about 4 weeks.
  14. 14. FeesThe Career Consult service is a paid for service; the premise here being that you arepaying for a detailed piece of consultancy advice that will hopefully give you a greatreturn on investment; a new position. You are getting the following:• SHL OPQ test and report (we normally charge £300 plus VAT for this).• Upto 4 hours of one of our experienced Consultant’s time (in person and phone)• Upto 10 hours of one of our experienced Researcher’s time.• CV re-writing service.• Detailed and thoroughly researched Interview Guide.Our fees are dictated by the location of the one to one meeting with our Consultant:• Leeds or London - £600 (£500 + VAT)• Rest of UK - £780 (£650 + VAT)• Outside of the UK – please contact us to discuss
  15. 15. We hope you have found this presentation informative. If you would beinterested in discussing our Career Consult service to see if it is right for you,then please contact us for a confidential discussion:Paul MicallefEmail paul@pegasussearch.comDL +44 113 2391888Mob +44 7799 898701