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Plan Predictor (TM)


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Learn how to make your idea a BIG winner!!!

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Plan Predictor (TM)

  1. 1. Assure Success ✦ New products fail to delight customers and achieve profits ✦ Business ventures in corporate America don’t meet ROI ✦ 30% of new employer businesses fail in the first 2 years • 75% are gone in 15 years ✦ Angel investors only expect 1 in 10 investments to pay off big How do you put your idea, venture or acquisition among the winners rather than the losers? Model and Simulate in Advance Dynamic, real-world simulation, enhanced with the latest data science analytics, can uncover the weak spots in your product idea, marketing plan and business model. Modeling and simulation are proven, valuable tools used to: ✦ Prepare for emergencies that cannot be created in real-world testing • Flight simulators • Advanced safety systems ✦ Strategically address business issues and “see” the outcome of decisions • Business units • Business schools ✦ Predict how our economy will fare in the face of constrained resources, population growth, and other factors ✦ Control complex systems such as engines and power plants The Plan Predictor The Plan Predictor is a proven business model simulator developed by Thomas Thurston. It started with ideas for Intel’s venture capital group and was honed at Harvard Business School with Professor Clayton Christensen. The predictor has been proven a reliable tool against thousands of business ideas in diverse markets such as high-tech, retail, manufacturing, service, defense, software/IT, and venture investing. Plan Predictor™   Paul Menig  •  CEO 971-222-5683 LEARN MORE Call or E-Mail NOW Drive better discussions -- Fuel better decisions -- Generate better results Copyright 2013 Tech-I-M, LLC All Rights Reserved