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Condition based maintenance


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Prognostics or Condition Based Maintenance is just another way of talking about gleaning information from massive amounts of data--Big Data.

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Condition based maintenance

  1. 1. Condition Based Maintenance FUTURE OR TODAY! 2012 February 20
  2. 2. 1980's Signature Analysis • Automatic diagnosis of electrocardiagrams! • Engine head torque and angle measurements! • Drill monitoring! • Bearing monitoring! • Colgate-Palmolive Irish Spring soap! • Deming and statistical process control! • Modern or Model based control theory! • Kalman Filtering! • Self learning systems
  3. 3. TODAY • Siri voice recognition! • Facial recognition! • Doran Manufacturing and SafetyTrax AVL! • NormNet pattern recognition by Frontier Technology! • $16,000 per minute for assembly at auto factory! • Machine in factory that does not move versus truck
  4. 4. TRUCKING • ABS/ATC/ESP! • Collision Mitigation! • Engine software monitors for emissions! • Even more with 2013/2016 regulations! • Detroit Virtual Technician! • What causes a truck down? Engine? Transmission? Brakes? (annual inspection) Light? Mudflap?! • Tire pressure, temperature and time
  5. 5. Future Truck or Today's Trucking News?!