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4 Public Speaking Tips From U-2's Bono


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4 public speaking tips from U-2's Bono. What a great way to overcome fear of public speaking by learning from Bono. Bono is not only a rock star but he's also a world class public speaker. In this slideshare learn about 4 of the public speaking techniques that Bono uses. Of course Bono isn't acutually doing the talking, that's just me having fun and trying to make the brief more interesting. They are however techniques that he does use in his speeches to make them more interesting and lively. Learn from a pro and rock it the next time you have to give a speech.

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4 Public Speaking Tips From U-2's Bono

  1. 1. 4 Rocking Public Speaking Tips From U-2’s Bono
  2. 2. Ever Seen me Speak?
  3. 3. Did you know I’m an outstanding public speaker?  
  4. 4. I’m not just good; I’m absolutely phenomenal. 
  5. 5. Not because I’m famous, but because I use public speaking techniques we can all use.  
  6. 6. Here are 4 awesome public speaking tips!  
  7. 7. Take time to connect1.
  8. 8. I take time at the front end of my speeches to connect with my audience. 
  9. 9. I thank the host. 
  10. 10. Crack a quick joke at my own expense.
  11. 11. And provide a personal insight. 
  12. 12.   I like to ask a question that’s on everyone’s mind. 
  13. 13. At the National Prayer Breakfast I asked, “If you're wondering what I'm doing here, at a prayer breakfast, well, so am I.” 
  14. 14. It’s totally disarming. 
  15. 15. It breaks down barriers and sets the stage for a great speech.
  16. 16. Know Your Audience2.
  17. 17. It’s a maxim and I take it seriously.  
  18. 18. It also a way to overcome fear of public speaking.
  19. 19. And it helps me connect with my audience further still. 
  20. 20. When I addressed the students at Georgetown I referenced local pubs and student hangouts. 
  21. 21. I also poked fun at the university’s administration. 
  22. 22. Needless to say, “I Rocked It!”
  23. 23. Seriously though
  24. 24. Because I cared enough to learn inside information I gained additional credibility. 
  25. 25. Tell Personal Stories3.
  26. 26. Telling personal stories is an excellent way to connect with an audience
  27. 27. It draws them in. 
  28. 28. They’re easy to remember.  
  29. 29. And they’re easy to tell using a conversational tone.   
  30. 30.  I like to weave in personal, humble stories, not about my rock star life, but my personal life. 
  31. 31.  This is powerful.
  32. 32.  “We all have a story”
  33. 33. Inspire4.
  34. 34. I like to talk about lofty ideals like justice, the end to poverty and solving world hunger.  
  35. 35. But that’s my thing, what’s yours?
  36. 36. Tie your message back to a larger more strategic picture. 
  37. 37.  The trivial can interest, but the grand inspires.  
  38. 38. Use the inspiration to close with a motivational call to action. 
  39. 39. I’m not the only one who uses these techniques.
  40. 40. Many great speakers follow this same pattern.
  41. 41. “U-2 can do the same”
  42. 42. Ok, sorry about that. In summary…
  43. 43. Take time to connect Know Your Audience Tell Personal Stories Inspire 2.1. 3. 4.
  44. 44. Thanks, good luck and don’t forget to share!