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Corprate Brochure


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Corprate Brochure

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Corprate Brochure

  2. 2. 2PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  3. 3. W elcome to St. James’s Place Wealth Management.We are a FTSE 250 company with over £25bn of client funds undermanagement, specialising in the provision of face-to-face financial adviceto individuals, trustees and businesses.We believe we are uniquely positioned in the wealth management marketbecause of the strength, depth and experience of our dedicated adviserteam – the St. James’s Place Partnership – and our distinctive approach toinvestment management.The following pages expand a little more on both of these aspects ofour business and explain what you can expect if you become a client ofSt. James’s Place. I hope the content is of interest and look forward towelcoming you as a client in due course.In the meantime, if you would like to know more about us, please do nothesitate to get in touch with me, or with one of our Partners; or visit ourwebsite at you for your interest.David BellamyChief 3 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  4. 4. The St. James’s Place PartnershipT he St. James’s Place Partnership plays the leading role in deliveringour wealth management service. The Partners, so called because of theway they work in partnership with you, have, on average, over 17 years’experience in their field and include some of the most experienced andable professionals working in wealth management today.Whilst all of our Partners are experienced advisers, some have expertise inspecific and highly technical areas. If your circumstances require additionalexpertise, your Partner will consult with, and if necessary introduce,a specialist colleague. Partners often work alongside your other professionaladvisers, providing a complementary service and a fresh perspective.We have chosen to promote our services exclusively through thePartnership. This reflects the confidence we have in a Partner’s ability toprovide clients with sound financial advice and to build and maintain long-term working relationships with them.Relationships are important. Being able to call upon the services of anadviser who understands your personal circumstances enables you tobenefit from a source of trusted advice as your financial needs evolve overthe years.We are committed to supporting our Partners’ ongoing professionaldevelopment to ensure that they remain appropriately qualified andtechnically able. As a result, we are happy to guarantee the advice thatthey give when recommending any of the investments and other servicesprovided by companies in the St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group. 4 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  5. 5. The St. James’s Place Partnership includes some of the most experienced and able professionals working in wealth management today 5PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  6. 6. Knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities available to you is key, making our advice essential 6PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  7. 7. How we can helpA t St. James’s Place we offer wealth management advice to individuals,trustees and businesses, which is specifically designed around theirindividual circumstances. Our services include:InvestmentsThe right investments can offer real opportunities to enhance your wealthand protect it against inflation. St. James’s Place has a broad range of fundsto choose from and can provide you with expert advice to help you buildan appropriate portfolio. We can also help to ensure that your investmentsare arranged as tax efficiently as possible, whether you are investing foryour own benefit, for your family, or for other beneficiaries.Retirement planningFor many, retirement will last as long as, if not longer than, their workinglives. While making plans for a long and prosperous retirement is likelyto involve investment in pensions, the range of strategies has never beenwider. Knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities available toyou is key, making our advice essential to both private individuals andbusiness owners.Protecting wealthProtecting the wealth and financial future of our clients’ families is a keyelement of our service. We are specialists in providing solutions to meetexceptional insurance needs, such as unusually high levels of life coverneeded to protect estates from Inheritance Tax, or to protect companiesand the people who own and manage them.Other servicesIn order to complement and enhance our own range of services, Partnersalso have access to carefully selected external providers. We believe theseproviders represent the best of breed in their respective fields and arecapable of delivering the high standards of service you would expect. Moreinformation on these products and services is available from your Partner. 7 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  8. 8. St. James’s Place and youO ur relationship-based advice service means that we are committed tohelping you to manage your wealth in a way which reflects your personalcircumstances. Putting you firmly at the centre of everything we do is coreto our culture and enables us to run a genuinely client-focused business.If we do this well, we believe that not only will you remain a client, butthat you may also become an advocate for the company.We aim to deliver on our commitment to you by:• Providing personal face-to-face financial advice from an experienced St. James’s Place Partner• Giving you the opportunity to review your financial affairs regularly• Ensuring that your investments are managed effectively• Ensuring that our correspondence and literature is clear and easy to understand• Listening to your feedback• Ensuring that our dealings with you are sensitive to your needsWe want your experience of St. James’s Place to be positive in everysense and for all of your dealings with our organisation to meet with yourcomplete satisfaction. 8 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  9. 9. Putting you firmly at the centre of everything we do is core to our culture 9PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  10. 10. Getting to know each otherbuilds trust and establishes a long-term relationship 10 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  11. 11. Becoming a clientH owever you come into contact with St. James’s Place, our first prioritywill be for us to get to know each other. This will involve you meetingwith one of our Partners, so that they can spend time understanding yourpersonal circumstances and your future financial objectives.It may take several conversations before we know enough about you toadvise on the appropriate course of action and before you know enoughabout us to want to become a client.Taking time to get to know each otherin this way builds trust and helps us to establish a long-term relationshipwith you.When your Partner fully understands your requirements, theywill recommend options that will help you to achieve your goals.They will also consider whether additional planning, for example taxplanning or the use of Trusts, could help you to arrange your investmentsmore efficiently.Our approach is to be open in all of our dealings with clients. Therefore,your Partner will explain our charges, your statutory rights, any protectionsthat apply and will also confirm all of their advice in writing.When you invest, we will confirm back to you the full details of theinvestment you have made. Should you wish to, you can then monitor theperformance of your investment daily via our internet site, or by using theweekday price updates provided in the Daily Telegraph.We all prefer to do business with someone we both like and trust. Wehope that your St. James’s Place Partner can be that person for all of yourfinancial planning needs. 11 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  12. 12. Our approach to investment managementS uccessful investment is critical to your future financial wellbeing,but it is a field which presents a unique problem: future performance isunpredictable. As a result, when you choose an investment manager, nomatter how successful, you can never be sure that you have made the rightchoice. And even if you have, it may not continue to be the right choiceover the years to come.We believe that our approach to investment management addresses thesechallenges. We do not place your money in the hands of our own team ofinvestment managers: indeed, we have no investment managers of ourown. Instead, we are free to choose any investment manager from anyfund management firm anywhere in the world.The responsibility of selecting the range of funds and fund managers thatare made available to St. James’s Place clients at any one time falls upon ourInvestment Committee, advised by the respected independent investmentresearch consultancy, Stamford Associates.Stamford Associates share their extensive research of the global investmentmarkets with a small number of companies. We are particularly proud tohave them on our team, as St. James’s Place is the only company they workwith that provides wealth management advice to private individuals.The Committee meets regularly to review performance and considerdetailed reports from each investment manager. If a change in themarketplace calls for the addition of another manager, the Committee willselect one. Equally, if the Committee loses confidence in the ability of anexisting manager it will replace them. This process is described in moredetail in the next section.By selecting a number of leading investment managers and investmenthouses with their own distinctive styles, we are able to offer our clientsthe opportunity of aiming to obtain consistent, superior investmentperformance over the long term. 12 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  13. 13. We believe that our approach addresses the challenge of investment manager selection 13PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  14. 14. Whatever the level of your investment, it is as important to us as it is to you 14PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  15. 15. Our ongoing relationshipT hroughout this document we have talked about our desire to buildlong-term relationships with our clients. While we will keep in touch withyou directly, your primary relationship will be with your St. James’s PlacePartner. From the moment that you decide to become a client, we aimto demonstrate the value of this relationship through the service that wedeliver to you.Whatever the level of your investment, it is as important to us as it is toyou. We will keep you informed of the way in which we are looking afteryour wealth by giving you access to on-line valuation services, as well asan annual valuation report. We recognise that your satisfaction as a clientwill depend on how well we look after your investments and how well wekeep you informed.Deciding where to invest your money is only the first step in buildingand protecting your wealth. It is what happens after you invest that willdetermine whether the outcome meets your expectations.This is where your relationship with St. James’s Place really is different.The Investment Committee, aided by Stamford Associates, continuallymonitors the fund managers who are charged with the responsibility ofmanaging your money. This process begins with a detailed analysis of themanager’s investment style and approach, supported by a stock-by-stockanalysis of each underlying portfolio.As part of this process, they hold regular meetings throughout the yearwith the managers to assess the impact and quality of their underlyinginvestment decision making. If at any time the Investment Committeeloses confidence in a manager, we will replace them. This happens quicklyand efficiently, at no cost and with no tax implications for you. 15 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  16. 16. The Investment Committee produces a written report twice a year, whichis made available to clients and explains the steps taken and the changesmade in the previous six months.In addition, our investment specialists produce regular investment andeconomic bulletins throughout the year, along with a weekly marketreport, all of which are available to you. This information, together withinterviews with the investment managers, recorded exclusively for ourclients, and our Investor magazine, ensures you are kept fully informed ofhow your money is being managed.Your Partner will also discuss the level of ongoing service you would like.Primarily this will involve holding regular review meetings, either face-to-face or via the telephone, to discuss your investments and personalcircumstances, thus ensuring that whatever decisions you have maderemain appropriate and continue to meet your objectives.Whatever your ongoing requirements, your St. James’s Place Partner willdo their best to satisfy them and will agree with you at outset what youcan expect and when.In order to help your Partner to keep up to date with our ever-changingfinancial world, we give them access to a team of specialists who help themto interpret government policy, tax legislation and changes to economicfactors and investment markets. This means that your Partner is ideallyplaced to provide you with regular information and advice on how tomake the most of the financial landscape in which we live.Whatever the frequency of the regular contact with your Partner,you should feel free to contact them at any time to discuss any aspect ofyour investment.As we said earlier, putting you firmly at the centre of everything we do iscore to our culture. At St. James’s Place, your relationship with us starts,rather than ends, at the point you decide to invest. 16 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  17. 17. At St. James’s Place, your relationshipwith us starts, rather than ends, at thepoint you decide to invest 17 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  18. 18. Your viewsA s you will be in regular contact with your Partner, we would encourageyou to discuss any feedback that you have with them in the first instance,whether this is positive or negative.We make sure that we give Partners plenty of opportunity to pass on yourviews to us. For example, we make the personal contact details of theentire senior management team available to Partners in a spirit of openness.This means that at any time, even outside of normal business hours,a Partner can swiftly and easily contact any member of the managementteam from the Chairman downward if they need to.We encourage Partners to solicit client feedback, as it helps us to monitorhow we are doing and lets us know what we may need to change in orderto provide a better service.We also consult with clients directly through satisfaction surveys, focusedresearch and client events. Outside of these processes, you should feel freeto contact us directly at any time, which you can do by phoning our mainHead Office switchboard on 01285 640302 or by leaving your commentson our internet site at under ‘contact us’.We believe that focusing on the strength of the relationship between Partnersand clients, and building on the success of our approach to investmentmanagement, has made St. James’s Place the company it is today.We are committed to developing these two principles further, as theycreate an environment which makes St. James’s Place a great companywith which to do business.Now that you have a greater understanding of what you can expect shouldyou become a client, we hope that you will see St. James’s Place as acompany you would trust with your investments and all of your financialplanning needs.We look forward to welcoming you as a client. 18 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  19. 19. 19PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H
  20. 20. Members of the St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.The St. James’s Place Partnership and the title ‘Partner’ are the marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives. St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group plc. Registered Office: St. James’s Place House, 1 Tetbury Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1FP, United Kingdom Registered in England Number 2627518 20 PA RT N E R S I N M A N AG I N G YOU R W E A LT H SJP570-VR17 (01/11)