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Semrush SEO Surgery APAC #2.1


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SEO Surgery APAC (Australia, Asia & Pacific), is a one hour webinar, where we do “Live SEO Check” to see how your website is performing, and how it can be improved. We bring together the best SEO professionals from around the world for the benefit of Australia and APAC and run through 3 selected websites, bringing up issues and insights.

By picking up ideas from our experts, this can also be a good learning exercise for you. SEO is a very broad field, and we aim to highlight the most important issues and enlightening insights.
Paul Lovell: specializes in international SEO, SEM, SEO, and PPC. He is well known for growth hacking and log analysis.

Sona Bulgadaryan: She is an SEO analyst at Agile SEO (Israel) and a volunteer in Help Armenian Children NGO. She is also a blogger and specialist in reputation management.

Dejan Mladenovski: He is an SEO specialist at Prosperity Media, he focusses on technically and in-depth SEO, and authority link acquisition. He also runs Sydney's authority urban development website called Build Sydney.

Hosted by Peter Mead

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Semrush SEO Surgery APAC #2.1

  1. 1. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell SEO AUDIT
  2. 2. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell
  3. 3. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell SEO AUDIT Internal Linking to 404
  4. 4. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell Links to images that a 404
  5. 5. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell Internal Linking to 301
  6. 6. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell SEO AUDIT Linking to Development area And HTTP
  7. 7. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell SEO AUDIT No follow on Internal Links
  8. 8. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell SEO AUDIT Sitemaps Not Valid
  9. 9. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell Page Speed
  10. 10. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell
  11. 11. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell Serve Scaled images
  12. 12. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell Image compression
  13. 13. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell
  14. 14. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell
  15. 15. Paul Lovell @_PaulLovell Summary 1. Fix internal linking problems 404/301 2. Look at Page Speed 3. Image Compression and Scaled Images 4. Use ALT tags 5. Move to HTTP 2