News 20111220 rwe


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News 20111220 rwe

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News 20111220 rwe

  1. 1. News December 20th, 2011 German giant RWE to return to Romania Germans were licensed energy supplier. In the past, RWE was more involved in the construction of reactors 3 and 4 of the Cernavodă plant and 2 wind farms. Nothing practically was done, however. RWE Supply and Trading, a subsidiary of RWE Corporation, a German company of utilities with turnover of €50 billion, received a license to supply electricity from the Regulatory Agency of Energy (ANRE). RWE enters thus among energy traders with big names like Energy Holding, Alpiq, Alro or Electromagnetica. The act issued by ANRE is also a return of the Germans on the Romanian market that they left a year ago however, without a major investment. "Buy and sell energy. You need a desk, a computer, 2-3 employees and a secretary. There are dozens of licensed traders, but there are not many active", believes Alexandru Săndulescu, director of energy policy in the Ministry of Economy. RWE was the state partner in the construction of reactors 3 and 4 of the Cernavodă plant but was withdrawn last year, citing the financial crisis and the lack of government decision. Together with the Germans were also withdrawn GDF Suez, Iberdrola and CEZ. Also last year, RWE gave up 2 wind farm projects, one of 150 MW and another of 68 MW, both located in Constanţa county, which would represented an investment of around €600 million. The company sold the wind farms while still were in draft. "Maybe they decide this time to do something serious because in the past, they just confused us. They have left EnergoNuclear (the project company which was to build reactors 3 and 4 at Cernavodă); they said that they want to buy Luxten (one of the largest local energy traders). None of this was done", says Tudor Şerban, advisor to the Minister of Economy, Ion Ariton. RWE is one of the biggest integrated energy companies in Europe with activities in electricity, gas and oil. It is one of the companies involved in the Nabucco project and last year achieved a turnover of €47 billion. Another German group, E.ON, is activating for several years in distribution and supply of energy and gas in Romania. Recently, appeared in press rumors that they would like to leave the local market, dissatisfied with regulatory policy. But rumors were denied by the company. RWE AG was sought for answers on the companys decision to become a supplier of electricity in Romania. Details will be published once they are available.Eng. Paul Keisch Page 1